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[music] . he knew them. he felt the presenceof deliberate unbelief, of crafty hypocrisy. he heard the derisionin their voices. he sensed their growing hate. he recognized them, and warned, "heaven and earth may pass away,

but my words willnot pass away. behold, your house,your nation, your religion is leftunto you desolate. forsaken. cursed." and yahushua, the anointedmessiah, turned and walked away. but then he paused,just a moment, and with tears in his eyes, shook the dustfrom off his feet.

faced with malice,scorn and hatred, yahushua knew preciselyof what heart these jews, fighting against him were. he knew their origins. he said, "ye are ofyour father the devil, and the lusts of yourfather ye will do. he was a murdererfrom the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there isno truth in him.

when he speaketh a lie,he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar,and the father of it." "ye are of your father,the devil". no harsher words, aimed at any othergroup of people, are recorded in scripture. yahushua loved the israelites! but it was preciselybecause he loved them, that he would not abandonthem without adequately

warning them of their origins and what was in their heart. the israelites werethe worst of the worst. it was for this reason thesaviour was sent to them! had the messiah beensent to others, they would havegladly received him. scripture recordsvarious instances of the saviour being accepted and welcomed by the samaritans,the syro-phoenicians,

the greeks andeven the romans. however, after yahushuarevealed his divine mission to the israelites, scripture records, "after these thingsyahushua walked in galilee; for he would not wantto walk in jewry, because the jewssought to kill him." the very ones chosen toreceive the messiah, were the very same ones whorejected him and killed him.

many believers have beenlead to view the jews as yahushua's chosen people, as though they are somehowmore favorite, more special than any other race. but this is not so. scripture declares, "all have sinned and come shortof the glory of yahuwah." there is no one race that can claim a higherlevel of righteousness

than any other by virtueof its lineage. nor is any otherrace totally evil. the jews are no exception. this video is aboutthe crypto-jews: jews that are united in a covertagenda to dominate the world. some of these crypto-jewsare the descendants of abraham; and are hebrews by blood. others are not, althoughthey call themselves jews and are the first tocomplain of antisemitism

to silence those who oppose their secret agenda for global control. today's jews are: 1. pharisees 2. khazars 3. the seed of the serpent no other class opposed thesaviour as did the pharisees, and no other class was assoundly denounced by him for their man-made traditions,vain hypocrisy,

and the hidden intentsof their evil minds. even the disciples weredeceived by the pharisees outward appearance ofspiritual devotion. yahushua however,clearly discerned what was hiddenin their hearts. he boldly declared: "woe unto you scribes and pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are as graveswhich appear not, and the men that walk overthem are not aware of them."

today's jews are thespiritual descendants of these pharisees. this is no secret. the jews themselves admit it: with the destruction ofthe temple (70 a.d.) the sadduceesdisappeared altogether, leaving the regulationof all jewish affairs in the hands of the pharisees. henceforth, jewish life wasregulated by the pharisees;

the whole history of judaismwas reconstructed from the pharisaicpoint of view, and a new aspect was givento the sanhedrin of the past. a new chain of tradition supplanted the olderpriestly tradition. pharisaism shaped thecharacter of judaism and the life and thoughtof the jew for all the future. a man's religious beliefs shape his attitudes,opinions and actions.

jews today are inspiredby the same spirit that actuated their ancestors: the spirit of pharisaism. many of today's jewsare not, in actuality, descendants of abraham. they are khazarian, "a turkic people who originatedin central asia." despite not beingdescended from abraham, khazars are the firstto cry racism

whenever their goals or agendas are met with opposition. harold rosenthal, was again a jewish administrative assistant to us senator, jacob javits. in 1976, rosenthal gave aninterview to walter white, jr., in which he was asked aboutthe khazarian ancestry of many of thosewho claim to be jewish. white said, "according to thelatest scholarly research, your ancestorsare not israelites

but mongolians and asiatics from eastern europeand western asia, so your ancestors werethousands of miles away from the holy land. they never, eversaw the holy land... proving that your people werenot the chosen people of god." "so what?" rosenthal demanded. "what differencedoes it make?" white responded:

"we have been taught thebig lie for many years that jews aregod's chosen people, so it does makea difference. a very grave difference." rosenthal appeareddeliberately obtuse, asking, "what grave difference?" white knew his historyand laid the facts out plainly: "does it not prove that thegreat majority of jews today are khazar in origin.

your ancestors never trodthe lands where christ walked. they never knew jerusalemand palestine so how could..." rosenthal interrupted, shouting, "what the hell differencedoes it make now?" this is the attitudeof the crypto-jews. benjamin freedman,an influential jew who recognized the wrongscommitted by the crypto-jews and sought towarn others, wrote: "relentless researchestablished as equally true

that the so-calledor self-styled "jews" in eastern europe atno time in their history could be correctly regarded asthe direct lineal descendants of the legendary "lostten tribes" of bible lore. the so-called orself-styled "jews" in eastern europein modern history cannot legitimately pointto a single ancient ancestor who ever set even a footon the soil of palestine in the era ofbible history.

research also revealed in eastern europe were never "semites",are not "semites" now, nor can they everbe regarded as "semites" at any future time by anystretch of the imagination. exhaustive research alsoirrevocably rejects as a fantastic fabrication the generally acceptedbelief by christians are the legendary"chosen people"

so very vocally publicized by the christian clergyform their pulpits. it is interestingto note that, as the truth ofthe khazarian origins of many of today's jews hasbecome more widely known, there has beena growing attempt by the jews tocover up the truth and deny the facts of history. however, eran elhaik,

an israeli molecular geneticist soundly refuted suchattempts to change history. in an article published inthe december 2012 issue of the genomebiology and evolution, elhaik says he hasproved that ashkenazi jews' roots lie in the caucasus a region at theborder of europe and asia that lies betweenthe black and caspian seas - not in the middle east.

they are descendants, heargues, of the khazars, a turkic people who livedin one of the largest medieval states in eurasia and then migratedto eastern europe in the 12th and13th centuries. in his interview,rosenthal boasted: "anti-semitism does notsignify opposition to semitism. there is no such thing. it is an expression we jewsuse effectively as a smear word

used to brand as abigot, like you guys, anyone who bringscriticism against jews. we use it againsthate-mongers." the sheer arroganceof these people who claim specialrights as "god's chosen" is mind-boggling. many of themare perfectly aware that they can claim nophysical descent from abraham, but as long as their personal quest for power is achieved,

they do not care. crypto-jews are theseed of the serpent. yahushuahimself called them: "serpents! brood of vipers!" and asked, "how can you escapethe condemnation of hell?" they are theseed of the serpent that did indeed bruisethe heel of the saviour. these facts shouldsurprise no one, yahushua could not havemade the truth more clear,

declaring, "ye areof your father the devil, because there isno truth in him." this is the real reason for the jewish contemptfor all gentiles. rosenthal stated: "you and we are so apart. you're another breed. you're not our kind. it's not secret thatwe do not respect you,

and of your kind." walter white asked: "are you referring to justour kind as 'christians'?" in reply, rosenthalsaid, "no, you gentiles. all of you areour enemies." this conceded opinionof the rome superiority is a deeply held convictionamong the crypto-jews. rabbi dov lior gave the funeraleulogy for baruch goldstein, the jewish mass murdererwho gun down 29 muslims

on february 25, 1994. lior stated, "our race is the master race. we are divine godson this planet. we are as differentfrom the inferior races as they are from insects. in fact, comparedto our race other races are beasts and animals,cattle at best. other races are consideredas human excrement.

our destiny is to ruleover the inferior races. our earthly kingdomwill be ruled by our leaderwith a rod of iron. the masses will lick our feetand serve us as our slaves." jews todaydominate the world. they directly control, orindirectly influence, the world's finances,military, education, scientific research,governments, non-governmentalorganizations,

the media and entertainment,to name but a few. they do thisunder three guises: a) the nation ofisrael (and their mossad) imposes its willvia the us military with which ithas close ties; b) jewish bankers exercisetotalitarian control via the us federal reserve and the rothschilds'banking dynasty. c) zionistscontrol and influence

religion and entertainment. individually and collectively, these crypto-jewsare the masterminds behind a vast global conspiracy to dominate and ruleover all gentiles. to further their agenda, the crypto-jews fomentedthe bolshevik revolution. winston churchill wrote: "there is no need to exaggerate

the part played in thecreation of bolshevism and in the actualbringing about of the russian revolutionby these international and for the most partatheistical jews. it is certainlya very great one; it probablyoutweighs all others. with the notableexception of lenin, the majority of theleading figures are jews. moreover, theprincipal inspiration

and driving power comesfrom the jewish leaders. in the soviet institutionsthe predominance of jews is even more astonishing." numerous researchers havealso documented the fact that the crypto-jewswere behind both world war i and world war ii in which they willinglysacrificed their own people. this provided them withperpetual permission to do whatever theywanted under the slogan:

"never again." this may be shocking to those who have been indoctrinatedto believe six million jews lost their livesin the holocaust but as rosenthal explained: we have always beenready to sacrifice a few thousand jews inexchange for world leadership. it is a small price and there was nothingwrong with that.

you know we laugh aboutthe six million story just like the storythat christ was a jew and the god'schosen people story. this should show peoplethat we have a solidarity like none otherin the world. jews have a closeness to otherjews whom they have never seen or perhaps even heard of. rosenthal was correct. european censusrecords taken before

and after the warrevealed such a number to be a sheer impossibility. by controllingfinance and education, the crypto-jews havebeen able to mold the thinking of millions. rosenthal boasted: by controllingthe banking system we were able to controlcorporation capital. through this, we acquired

total monopoly ofthe movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developingtelevision media. the printing industry,newspapers, periodicals andtechnical journals had already falleninto our hands. the richest plum was laterto come when we took over the publication ofall school materials. through these vehicles wecould mold public opinion

to suit our own purposes. the people are only stupidpigs that grunt and squeal thechants we give them, whether they be truth or lies. but the crypto-jews'most effective means of influencing thinkingand molding policy to further theiragenda has been found in their vast influenceover religion. "through religionwe have gained

complete controlof society, government and economics. no law is ever passedexcept its merits have previously beentaught from the pulpits." an example of thisis race equality which led to integration and ultimatelyto mongrelization. the gullible clergy inone breath instruct their parishioners that weare a special, chosen people

while in another breathproclaim all races are the same. judaism is the parentstock from which has grown both islam andchristianity. some sources suggest that thejews were behind the corruption and molding of christianityinto the roman catholic church and, throughthe catholic church, the creation of islam. in an interview given topastor james wickstrom, rabbi abe finkelstein admitted:

"we formed the jesuits." crypto-jews havecertainly infiltrated every denominationwithin christianity by offering an enticing apple: their supposed connection to and knowledge of thehebraic roots of christianity. religion, too,must be taught, and through this necessitywe have labored. with our control of the textbookindustry and the news media,

we have been able tohold ourselves up as the authorities on religion. many of our rabbis nowhold professorships in supposed christiantheological seminaries. we are amazed by thechristians' stupidity in receiving our teachings and propagatingthem as their own. judaism is not only theteaching of the synagogue, but also the doctrine of every'christian church' in america.

through our propaganda the church has become ourmost avid supporter. this has even given us aspecial place in society, their believing the lie that we are the 'chosen people'and they, gentiles. christian theologyhas been shaped by the crypto-jews to furthertheir own self-serving agenda! christians today look to thejews for spiritual insights. they have been indoctrinatedwith the belief

that the jews are"god's chosen people." the jewish race has alwaysbeen known for being quick to take advantage ofothers' misfortunes and grow rich in the process. empress maria thã©rã¨saof the austro-hungarian empire and holy roman empressrecognized that the practices of the jews tendered to bankruptthe citizens of whatever countrygave them refuge.

she ordered them toleave her empire stating: "i know of no othertroublesome pest within the statethan this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending andcommits all deeds which an honorableman despises. subsequently they have to beremoved and excluded from here as much as possible."

australian premiere,billy hughes also expressed concern over the impact thejews' business practices were having on australia. "the montefiores have takenaustralia for their own, and there is not agold field or a sheep run from tasmaniato new south wales that does not paythem a heavy tribute. they are the real ownersof the antipodean continent.

what is the good of ourbeing a wealthy nation, if the wealth is all in thehands of german jews?" henry h. beamish, widely blasted by jews for beingan "anti-semite," observed: the boer war occurred37 years ago... many criticized a greatpower like britain for trying to wipeout the boers. upon making inquiry, i found all the gold anddiamond mines of south africa

were owned by jews; that rothschild controlled gold;samuels controlled silver, baum controlled other mining, and moses controlledbase metals. anything these people touchthey inevitably pollute. the crypto-jews have verysuccessfully promoted themselves as "god's chosen people." their power, influence,and wealth has grown exponentially

with this self-aggrandizing propaganda. the crypto-jews claimed that allwho want yahuwah's blessing must in turn bless israel. they based this on apromise made to abram: "i will bless themthat bless thee, and curse himthat curseth thee: and in thee shallall the families of the earth be blessed." this self-serving doctrineoriginated with the crypto-jews

who infiltratedchristian seminaries, producing religious leaders who teach this false doctrineto their followers. multitudes ofchristians now believe that it is their christian duty to support israel in two ways: 1) political agreement;and 2) money. christians are exhortedto "stand with israel and receiveyahuwah's blessing." this belief hasbecome so widespread,

that there arescores of christians who believe america'srise or fall in prosperity is directly linked to whether she supports or opposes israeli foreignand domestic policies. christian pastors preach: "god blesses thosewho bless israel, so bless israeland be blessed yourself". entire christianministries are devoted to collecting moniesto send to israel.

john hagee founded christiansunited for israel (cufi). it is the largestpro-israel organization in the united states withover 2.5 million members. their stated goal is "to educate christians on thebiblical and moral imperatives to support israel and to build christian supportfor israel throughout america." they also hold an annualsummit in washington, d.c., which "enables cufi members

to personally speak withtheir elected officials on behalf of israel." at one such summit,hagee clearly revealed the self-serving agenda behindthe hidden crypto-jewish, and christianpromotion of israel: "i'll bless thosethat bless you and i'll curse those thatcurse you," said hagee, quoting from thebook of genesis. "that's god's foreignpolicy statement,

and it has not changed." the executive directorfor christians united for israel is david brog,himself a practicing jew. brog told a reporterfor the washington post that many evangelicals "have a profound sense ofguilt in the christian era, and how the holocaust happened and christians didn'tdo anything about it." the arrogance of such astatement, made by a jew,

is mind-boggling when onecombines the following facts: 1. it is documented,historical fact that worldwide jewry declaredwar on germany in 1933, years before there wasa second world war. 2. at that time, jewishnewspaper, natscha retsch, published this statement: "the war againstgermany will be waged by all jewish communities,conferences, congresses... by every individual jew.

thereby the war against germany will ideologically enlivenand promote our interests, which require that germanybe wholly destroyed. "the danger for us jews liesin the whole german people, in germany as a wholeas well as individually. it must be renderedharmless for all time.... in this war we jewshave to participate, and this with all thestrength and might we have at our disposal."

3. the jewish rothschildsfinanced both sides of the war, reaping billionsin blood money, profiting from thesuffering of multitudes. rabbi felix mendlesohn stated: "the second world war is beingfought for the defense of the fundamentalsof judaism." as early as 1934, crypto-jew emilludwig cohn admitted: "hitler will have no war(does not want war),

but we will force it on him, not this year, but soon." hitler himself, later said: "it is untrue that i or anyone else ingermany wanted war in 1939. it was wanted andprovoked solely by international statesmeneither of jewish origin or working for jewish interests. nor had i ever wished that afterthe appalling first world war,

there would ever be a second against eitherengland or america." but the winners writethe history books. christians are among themost generous people on earth. it is part of theiringrained morality, part of their religion,to do good to others, to sacrifice self forthe benefit of others. this was the strength andthe beauty of yahushua and it is emulated by allhis true followers.

the crypto-jews arejust the opposite. they feel nothing butcontempt for the goyim. aaron cohen states: gentile (non-jewish),or shall i say goyim, altruism is somethingthat every jew should fear. whenever goyim haveforsaken their own vices for the greater goodof their own ethnicities, communities and nations, the jewish people have historically suffered,

usually in theform of expulsion... a small amount of controlled, gentile altruism can be good. the only time...and i mean the only time... gentiles can be allowed tobehave altruistically is when they sacrificethemselves and their freedom for the greater good ofthe jewish people or israel. the less thanfinite war in iraq (and future wars withsyria and iran), demonstrates that this artificialform of gentile altruism,

once guided towardour own interests, can actually serve thejewish people well. and, it also allows thealtruistic type of goyim to feel somewhat true totheir own in-group instincts, however misguided, adding a slight texture ofrealism to the fantasy world painted by our other loyal jewson the entertainment front, red summerstone (alsoknown as murray rothstein), michael eisner and spielberg.

one of the biggestadvantages the crypto-jews have in advancing their agenda is that the mind ofthe average person cannot grasp thedepths of evil to which they will resortwithout hesitation. the crypto-jews boldlycommit the worst deeds, the most heinous crimes. they lie, break oaths,steal, start wars, they murder in the mad pursuitof world dominion...

and it is all justified by their "sacred writings,"the talmud. far from being a holy book, the talmud is acesspit of evil. it is therefore shocking that a growing number ofsincere christians are turning with increasing frequency to thejews for spiritual light, adopting jewish traditionsand practices as their own, as though somehow morepleasing to yahuwah.

what they fail to realize is that the jewish traditionsand rites they are adopting have been filteredthrough the talmud! the talmud is nothingmore than oral tradition. yahushua knew the talmud! he was familiar with thetraditions of the elders and he had no use for theseman-made rules and regulations. then the scribesand pharisees who were from jerusalemcame to yahushua, saying,

"why do your disciples transgress the traditionof the elders? for they do not wash their handswhen they eat bread." he answeredand said to them, "why do you also transgressthe commandment of yahuwah because of your traditions? the jewish customs many christians todayare incorporating into their spiritual practices

of the very samerites and traditions, yahushua denouncedwhile on earth. rabbi louis finklestein, head of the jewishtheological seminary of america wrote a world-famousclassic on the pharisees in which he stated: pharasaism became talmudism [but] the spirit of the ancientpharisee survives unaltered. when the jewstudies the talmud,

he is actuallyrepeating the arguments used in thepalestinian academies. the spirit of the[pharisees'] doctrine has remained quick and vital. from palestine to babylonia; from babyloniato north africa, italy, spain,france and germany; from these to poland,russia, and eastern europe generally, ancientpharasaism has wandered.

jewish traditionshould have no place in the hearts, mindsand practices of any bible-believing christian. yahushua saw no spiritual light in the traditions of the pharisees, exclaiming: woe unto you, scribesand pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like untowhited sepulchres, which indeed appearbeautiful outward, but are within fullof dead men's bones,

and of all uncleanness. even so ye also outwardlyappear righteous unto men, but within ye are full ofhypocrisy and iniquity. christians are notembracing hebrew rites, they are adoptingpharisaic tradition which is gaining inroads into christianityand corrupting it. the talmud derivesits authority from the position heldby the ancient academies

(i.e. pharisees). the teachersof those academies, both of babyloniaand of palestine, were considered therightful successors of the older sanhedrin. at the present time, the jewish people have noliving central authority comparable in status to the ancient sanhedrinsor the later academies.

therefore, any decisionregarding the jewish religion must be based on the talmud as the final resume of theteaching of those authorities when they existed. it is a principleof psychology that by beholding,one becomes changed. the jews are a reflectionof what is in the talmud; and the talmud is aself-portrait of evil. no obstacle discouragesthem; [the jews],

they persevere throughout theworld, throughout the centuries, the unity of their race. the talmud has given thema powerful organization which modern progress hasbeen unable to change. deep, ineradicablehatred of everything that is not jewishstimulates them in war which they wage against christian society, which is too dividedto be able to fight with the necessary energy.

as the observant readersstudies the talmud, a horrifying reality beginsto dawn on the stupefied mind. the talmud is the carnal attemptto break the divine law, while still being able to claim the rewards of obedience. harold rosenthaltold walter white: "we jews never possessed anyreligious institution which developed out ofour own consciousness, for we lack anykind of idealism. this means thata belief in life

beyond this terrestrialexistence is foreign to us. as a matter of fact, the talmud does notlay down principles with which to prepare the individual for a life to come, but furnishes only rules for asumptuous life in this world. it is a collectionof instructions for maintainingthe jewish race and regulating intercoursebetween us and the goy. our teachings are notconcerned with moral problems,

but rather with how to get." an excellent example of this isfound in the talmudic teaching that if a jewloses something, his property must be returned. however, if a non-jewloses something, the jew may keep it: a jew may keep anything he findswhich belongs to the akum, for it is written:return to thy brethren what is lost[deuteronomy 22:3].

for he who returns lostproperty [to non-jews] sins against the law byincreasing the power of the transgressorsof the law. it is praiseworthy, however, to returnlost property if... by so doing christianswill praise the jews and look upon themas honorable people. yahushua taught: "all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you,

do ye even so to them: for this is the lawand the prophets." but according to the talmud,only jews are accounted men. therefore, since gentilesare non-human animals, they claim it does notbreak the law of yahuwah to keep or otherwisesteal anything that belongs to gentiles. "for it is written,""and ye my flock, the flock of mypastures, are men;

only ye are designated 'men'." the talmud does three things: 1. the talmud givesthe jews permission to commit their many heinouscrimes against humanity. 2. the talmud takes the truthscontained in the books of moses and filters them throughpharasaic traditions. 3. the talmudblasphemes yahushua in the grossestways imaginable. the traditions of the pharisees, as codified in the talmud,

are the justificationused by the crypto-jews to perpetrateall manner of evil. it actually gives themtacit permission to commit crimesagainst gentiles. since, however, it is notalways and everywhere possible to affect thisextermination of christians, the talmud orders thatthey should be attacked at least indirectly, namely: by injuring themin every possible way,

and by thus lesseningtheir power, help towards theirultimate destruction. wherever it is possible ajew should kill christians and do so without mercy... a jew is commanded to harmchristians wherever he can, both indirectly by nothelping them in any way, and also directly by wreckingtheir plans and projects; neither must he save a christianwho is in danger of death. among other things the talmudallows on the following:

jews can lie to gentiles. jews can pretend to bechristian in order to deceive. sick or injured gentilesmust not be helped. gentiles in dangermust not be helped, especially if not helpingthem results in their death. jews may lie and evenperjure themselves to condemn christians. the law of yahuwah, governshow every soul should live. but the jews believe the divinelaw only applies to them,

since onlythey are human. thus, the talmud actuallygives them permission to sin. this is why, although thelaw of moses spells out a number of capitolcrimes including murder, the talmud changes it. the talmud states that ifa gentile kills a jew, he must be put to death, butif a jew kills a gentile, there is no death penalty. the talmud teaches,"everyone who sheds the blood

of the impious is asacceptable to god as he who offers asacrifice to god." this belief is reflectedin the israeli attitude toward the treatmentof the palestinians. israeli prime ministermenachem begin wrote, "the palestinians are beastswalking on two legs." another israeli prime ministervitzhak shamir stated, "the palestinians would becrushed like grasshoppers... heads smashed againstthe boulders and walls."

rabbi yithak shapira,unashamedly declared, "there is a reason to killbabies [on the enemy side] even if they havenot transgressed the seven noahide laws because of the futuredanger they may present, since it is assumedthey will grow up to be evil liketheir parents...." rabbi dov liorwent still further, "there is no such thing ascivilians in a wartime...

a thousandnon-jewish lives are not wortha jew's fingernail!" this bloodthirstinesshas always been characteristic of the jew's. they are the realliars and bloodhounds who have not only perverted and falsified theentire scriptures from beginning to end and without ceasing withtheir interpretations

and all of theanxious sighing, longing and hopingof their hearts is directed to thetime when some day they would like to deal with us heathen as theydealt with the heathen in persia atthe time of esther... oh how they lovethe book of esther, which so nicely agreeswith their bloodthirsty, revengeful and murderousdesire and hope.

the sun never did shineon a more bloodthirsty and revengeful people as they, who imagine to bethe people of god, and who desire to andthink they must murder and crush the heathen. the arguments of thepharisaical jews over how to interpret every finepoint of the law of yahuwah are nothingmore than filters. they strain outunimportant matters

and leave huge errors behind. yahushua saw this and,in horror, declared: "ye blind guideswhich strain at a gnat and swallow a camel!" ultimately, every last particleof truth is strained out and only error remains. well did yahushua say: "woe unto you, scribes and pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea andland to make one proselyte,

and when he is made,ye make him twofold more the child of hellthan yourselves." the reality is jews do notwant to share truth with others. first, because if others knew the truthof their teachings, and how their tradition hascorrupted the law of yahuwah, non-jews would bewise to their corrupt, deceitful dealings. secondly, they do not wantto share even the books of moses

or torah withnon-jews because they jealously guard salvation as something belongingonly to them. the talmud states: "a heathen who studiesthe torah deserves death, for it is written, moses commanded us alaw for an inheritance; it is our inheritance,not theirs." those looking to the jewsfor spiritual truth

will never find it. they do not possess it, filtering everythingthrough their "traditions of the elders"; what they do have they are verycareful to hide from non-jews. it has always been thisway, for the jews have always been actuated bythe spirit of satan. yahushua recognizedthis when he said: "but woe unto you, scribes andpharisees, hypocrites!

for ye shut up the kingdomof heaven against men: for ye neithergo in yourselves, neither suffer ye themthat are entering to go in." worse than anything elsethe talmud claims or teaches, however, is the blasphemy inhow it refers to yahushua. peter schã¤fer, himself a jew, wrote a book discussingthe passages in the talmud where yahushua is mentioned. the talmud teaches thatjesus christ was illegitimate

and was conceivedduring menstruation; that he had the soul of esau; that he was a fool,a conjurer, a seducer; that he was crucified,buried in hell and set up as an idol eversince by his followers. the talmud refers toyahushua in a variety of ways and under an assortmentof insulting names, names that are clearlyunderstood by the jews as referring to yahushua.

it seems as though some spirit from the deepentered the rabbis, inspiring their imaginationsto ever new depths of depravity for, according to them,yahushua is even now in hell, being punished inboiling excrement: the jews have nothing butthe grossest blasphemies, the lewdest insinuations and grossest insultsto heap on the saviour. the jew's hand was ever,like ishmael's,

against every man but thosebelonging to the synagogue. his fierce passionsand fiendish cunning, combined with abnormalpowers of intellect, with intense vitality, and with apersistency of purpose which the worldhas rarely seen, and whetted moreover bya keen thirst for blood engendered by defeatand subjection, combined to make him thedeadly enemy of all mankind,

whilst his unsocialand iniquitous oral law [the talmud] contributed toinflame his wild lust of self, and to justify the crimes suggested by spiteand superstition. the belief that the jews today are yahuwah's special,chosen people, and that the nation of israel has special standingwithin heaven does not comefrom scripture.

it is a new doctrine, originating with thecrypto-jews themselves. they know the gentiles'values and honor. by getting gentiles tobelieve the jews are still yah's chosen people, they can convincethe "cattle" to send them tithesand offerings. the rallying cry,"stand with israel" allows the israeli military

to get away with themost atrocious crimes against humanity and the rest of theworld looks on in silence. this belief in and widespreadsupport for the jews as yahuwah's chosen people really only gained prominencein the 20th century. earlier christians didnot share this belief, they knew what the jews were, and were not afraid todenounce them for the evil

that flowed from theirteachings and traditions. in his last sermonbefore his death, martin luther declared: "they are our public enemies and incessantly blasphemeour lord jesus christ, they call our blessedvirgin mary a harlot and her son a bastardand to us they give the epithet of changelings and abortions." in another place

luther clearly linked the teachings of the jews to the talmud, saying: "they should be deprivedof their prayer-books and talmuds in which suchidolatry, lies, cursing and blasphemiesare taught." john chrysostum,an early christian father, was even more blunt in his strongly worded denunciation of the jews: the synagogue is worsethan a whorehouse.

it is the den of scoundrels and the repairof wild beasts... the temple of demons devotedto idolatrous cults... the refuge of debauchees,and the cavern of devils. it is a criminalassembly of jews... a place of meeting forassassins of christ... a den of thieves,a dwelling of iniquity, the refuge of devils, a gulfand an abyss of perdition. i would say the samethings about their souls.

in revelation 3, the church of philadelphia receives a veryinteresting promise: "behold, i will make themof the synagogue of satan, which say they are jews,and are not, but do lie; behold, i will make themto come and worship before thy feet, and to know thati have loved thee." "synagogue" is afascinating word choice.

"churches" are distinctiveto the christian faith. "temples" areattended by everyone from hindus, to buddhists,to christians and more. but only jewsattend synagogues. how curious that thetrue witness says that those of the synagogue ofsatan "say they are jews, and are not, but do lie." there could not be a clearermore accurate description of the zionist,khazarian crypto-jews.

earlier, yahushua evenreferred to the gross blasphemy of the crypto-jews when he told thechurch of smyrna, "i know thy works,and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and i know the blasphemy ofthem which say they are jews, and are not, but arethe synagogue of satan." there are plenty of jews that recognize the evil of thezionist, crypto-jewish agenda.

some have raised theirvoices in warning against the unholy dealingsof the jews with the gentiles. so if sincere jewsthemselves see the evil, why do so many christianspant after all things jewish? it is not possible to separatepharasaism from judaism because judaism is pharasaism. the same pharasaism thatyahushua fought against while on earth. benjamin freedmanclearly understood this

and rejected theoff-repeated claim. "jesus was a jew." to allege that"jesus was a jew" in the sense thatduring his lifetime jesus professed and practiced the form of religiousworship known and practiced under the modern nameof "judaism" is false and fiction of the mostblasphemous nature. if to be a so-calledor self-styled "jew"

then or now the practiceof "judaism" was a requirement then jesus certainlywas not a so-called "jew". jesus abhorred and denounced the formof religious worship practiced in judeain his lifetime and which is knownand practiced today under its newname "judaism". that religious belief wasthen known as "pharisiasm". no child of yahuwah can,in good conscience,

send monies to support theagendas of these evil, power-mad entities. they cannot defend them, vote to support theirmurderous policies, or in any way look to themfor spiritual guidance. the synagogue of satan isthe "seed of the serpent." they do not haveany spiritual light. rather, having rejectedthe light of the world, their "house is leftunto them desolate."

they have no light. "if therefore the lightthat is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!" a vital component tothe crypto-jews claims to superiority inthe sight of yahuwah, is the belief that, as theso-called "seed of abraham," they are the inheritors ofthe promises made to abraham. the truth, however,is very different! the promises given to abrahamare available to all...

but only through yahushua! the promises do not come through some real or imaginedconnection to abraham as the crypto-jews wouldhave everyone think. the promises toabraham come to all through christ yahushua alone. know ye therefore thatthey which are of faith, the same are thechildren of abraham. and the scripture,

foreseeing that yahuwah would justify theheathen through faith, preached before the gospelunto abraham, saying, in thee shall allnations be blessed. so then they which be offaith are blessed with [not through]faithful abraham. that the blessing of abrahammight come on the gentiles through christ yahushua; that we might receivethe promise of the spirit

through faith. now to abraham and his seedwere the promises made. he saith not,and to seeds, as of many; but as of one, and to thy seed,which is christ. the "seed of abraham"is yahushua. period. the seed of abrahamis not the jews. it is not even believers.

the seed of abrahamis yahushua through whom allblessings flow. these blessings areaccepted by faith in abraham's seedwhich is yahushua. the sincere christianlooks to yahushua's life as the ultimate exampleof righteousness and it is buta short leap to look also to thepractices of the jews. the saviour, however, denounce

the religiouspractices of the day. no true follower of yahushuawill venerate the jews, seeking to copytheir practices. there is no spiritual light tobe gained from this group who is behind some ofthe worst atrocities of the last 2,000 years and who were rejected of heavenfor their stubborn refusal to accept thesaviour of mankind. everyone whobelieves in yahushua

as the divine seed of abraham, must take a stanceagainst judaism. were there noother reason, it is enough that the talmudblasphemes against the saviour. but more than that, the very essence of judaismis based on talmudism and is diametrically opposed tothe law of yahuwah which states: love yahuwah youreloah with all your heart, with all your soul,

and with all your mind and your neighbor as yourself. do not align yourself withthe seed of the serpent. "can two walk together,except they be agreed?" be ye not unequally yokedtogether with unbelievers: for what fellowshiphath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hathlight with darkness? and what concord hathchrist with belial?

or what part hath he thatbelieveth with an infidel? and what agreement hath thetemple of yahuwah with idols? for ye are the templeof the living eloah; as yahuwah hath said,i will dwell in them, and walk in them; and i will be their eloah, and they shall be my people. wherefore come out fromamong them, and be ye separate, saith yahuwah, and touchnot the unclean thing;

and i will receive you. the woes to the phariseesare said to all who embrace the traditionsof the rabbinical jews, because the rabbinicaljews are pharisees. woe to you, scribes andpharisees, hypocrites! for you cleanse theoutside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full ofextortion and self-indulgence. blind pharisees, first cleansethe inside of the cup and dish, that the outside ofthem may be clean also.

world's last chanceexhorts you to "beware and take heed of theleaven of the pharisees... [which is] the doctrineof the pharisees." seek yahuwah'sface for yourself. do not acceptany "truth" filtered through the corruptchannels of judaism. yahuwah has pledged the veryhonor of his eternal throne that he willsupply every need, including the need forgreater spiritual insight.

turn to yahuwahand him alone. and he will supplyall your needs.

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