Tuesday, 18 October 2016

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hey curlfriends! welcome back! today i'm going to show you guys exactly howi created my middle part wig featuring my beauty supply store closure from outre. i grabbed 3 bundles of some virigin humanhair as well as a closure from outre. this is a 16" natural color. this closure is marketed as a hand tied laceclosure and i got a middle part for this closure as you can see here. there's just enough lace to create that middleparting.

the rest of the closure is pretty much justtracks. i got the 16" closure as well as 3 bundlesof the queen by ali body wave hair in 18" 20" and a 22" body wave texture. as always, with all of my virgin hair, i wentahead and washed these bundles. i used some shampoo as well as conditionerto get them nice, fresh and clean and i let them air dry. i also went ahead and co-washed my closureas well. so here are my 3 bundles. this is what it's looking like.

the pattern pretty much loosened up once iwent ahead and washed it. but this is exactly what it's looking likepre-wig construction. i grabbed my dome cap as well as a mannequinhead. i'm going to go ahead and lay down this closure. the closure does have a few little securelittle tags at the bottom. i went ahead and cut those off and braidedthe actual hairs on the closure. you don't want them to get in your way whenyou're laying down your closure or sewing around the lace. get that closure sewn down!

this closure from outre gives you a ton ofwiggle room when it comes to the lace. there's more than enough lace to be able toget the closure down and not have to puncture where the actual lace for the closure is asfar as the parting. once i went ahead and got the closure down,i went ahead and took down the hair and put it away using a clip. i'm going to get my longest bundle which wasmy 22" body wave. i'm going to lay down this hair in that order. i'll do the 22" first, the 20", then the 18". i wanted more of a shorter, face framing layerstowards the front and the back was going to

be my longest length. as always, i'm using the fold over methodwhen it comes to my tracks. i wanted to have as minimal shedding as possibleso i didn't want to cut my wefts. i'm just folding over the tracks wheneveri get to the end of the cap. now i'm going to stick the opposite way. so it's pretty simple and easy guys! here's my very first bundle that is complete. this is one full bundle and what it's lookinglike. here is where i saw that the actual bundlesthemselves, after being washed, were not as

thick as they were straight out of the package. so i didn't keep the hair the same lengththat i got it in; the 18", 20" and 22". i went ahead and cut the hair because thoseends were just driving me insane. they seemed very thin to me and i was notfeeling that look. now i'm working on my very last bundle whichis the 18" bundle. here's the final results of my wig construction. i'm just going to go ahead and start workingon that closure. like i said this is from outre simply. it's a beauty supply store closure.

it's super affordable if you cannot afforda virgin, well constructed closure. i just went ahead and split that closure downthe middle where i wanted the part to lay. i'm just going to begin flat ironing all ofthe hair. i want the hair to be super sleek and smoothbefore i start working on the closure that way, i can see exactly what i'm doing. i'm just using some oil by arvazallia. it's their argon oil, to coat the hair anduse it as a heat protectant before i apply my flat iron to the hair. the bundles were pretty thick but just fromthe root to the mids.

the ends were super thin. the top of the hair looked pretty fine tome. i went ahead and tried the wig on. i saw all of the straggly ends. it was really driving me insane. so i wanted to go ahead and just cut off thoseends to make it a little bit more even. the top half of it looks decent to me. it looks okay for the price of the hair. but we're going to be working on those endsin just a bit.

but let's go ahead and work on that closuregirl! i put the wig back on the mannequin head andbegan to pluck that middle part. i'm just using a tweezer and i'm just goingto pluck a little bit of the hairs. it was decent looking to begin with. i just wanted it to be a little bit more widerto match the natural density of my hair and have it nice and see through to look likean actual scalp. i used a little bit of the mac nc45 concealerunderneath the cap at the bottom. here is where i'm going to be cutting. i tried on the wig.

i figured out exactly where the hair was thinning. i used a little rubber band. popped that bad boy on! i'm just going to cut right above that bandto give me my guideline for making this hair one, even cut. i feel like it already looks healthy sincewe just did that major cut. now i'm just going to go back in and refinemy cut. i'm just pretty much making sure that thehair is nice and straight and cutting those ends straight across.

i'm bringing all of the hairs from the frontto the back to give it a nice, even, one length cut. here's what it looks like right after thecut. it looks so much more healthier. it's more even from root to tip. i'm just going to go back in an refine thewig. i just used a little bit more of the arvazalliaargon oil to coat the hair and straighten it. now i'm just going to go ahead and apply thewig to my head.

i'm using a little bit of the got2b gluedultra glued invincible styling gel. i'm just putting that at the front of theclosure. just a little tiny piece and just hold itdown to let it air dry. i'm using this #laid edge control to lay downmy baby hairs and make it a little bit more sleek. here are the final results, a nice, even,one layered cut. if you ever end up with some bad bundles orsome really thin ends, it's super easy to fix. it can make a world of a difference when itcomes to your final hairstyle.

i hope you guys enjoyed this. be sure to checkout queen by ali hair reviewto checkout this hair that i used in today's video. i love you guys and i'll see you guys in thenext one!

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