Tuesday, 15 November 2016

4 beauty aylesbury

as a beauty therapist, it's my job tomake people look and feel fantastic. does that look all right to you?yes. excellent! some people can be quite shy andare embarrassed by coming in, so you have to be a littlebit sensitive towards them. just the slightest bit --if you take the slightest bit out, just under there,you know -- the better. most of our customers arewomen but more and more guys are starting to takecare of their appearance. it's great to see a guywho looks after himself.

just close your eyesfor me, please. my day usually starts at8.30 in the morning. i have to set up all the equipmentand turn things on. i check messages ... i can actuallybook you in for one o'clock. ... return calls,put the sign out. hmmm, think i might havea cuppa before i start. no time for that, elena.keep moving. my job can be pretty full on at times.some days can be very draining if youhave a lot of clients.

the job is both mentallyand physically demanding. you at school, annette, or are you ...? at tafe. at tafe. i love having a chat and enjoythe variety in my work. an eyebrow wax and tint. aneyelash tint, thank you. we don't get to pick the type oftreatments we do for the day. the client tends to choose the beauticianthey want and we go from there. ok. we just want a light colourjust to go over the whole eyelid. i do all sorts of beauty work -- nails,waxing, pedicures, facials and even make-up. you could say i beautify everything-- from your head to your toes.

ok, now this is just the lipliner i'm going to put on. there's no one treatment that's my favourite.i like them all. i do a lot of waxing and acrylic nails.they seem to be very popular. what can i do for you today?eyebrow shape and wax. it's always good to learnnew skills in the salon, so we can offer our clients agreater range of treatments. the next thing i'll probably learnis bowen therapy or reiki. i've wanted to be in the beautyindustry ever since high school. i did work experience at a beautysalon in year 10 and loved it.

ever since then, i'venever looked back. i'll just get you to closeyour eyes for me. beautiful. to become a qualified beautytherapist, i studied at tafe for two years and completed adiploma in beauty therapy. alana dawn potts. i'm also a qualified nail technician, thanksto the traineeship i did here at dazzlers. you're alwayslearning in this job. even now i've qualified, i'mstill asking sue questions. paraffin wax ... she's beena really great mentor.

there's a lot of theory whenyou're studying. you have to know all about the bones andmuscles and how the skin works. i didn't realise you had to learn allabout this but it's really interesting. hmmm, your legsare very dry too. been moisturising? not too bad?no, not really. to be successful in this job, youneed great communication skills this is half the funof going to a ball. yeah, that's it -- getting allpampered and your make-up done.

we share life experiences andchat about anything from beauty products to beautyproblems with our clients. i actually pluck that oneoccasionally but it comes back. just need a trim people tell you all sorts of things, soto survive in this job, you have to learn not to take too much on board and tryto keep things on a professional level. hi, elena. how are you going there? your next client's in.do you want a hand or ... ? on the job i've learnt how to manage my timeeffectively and how to be a team player. the pay is not too bad to start with. asyou grow in experience, so does your pay.

all right? so we'll see you then.yes. bye. see you, tim. there's always someone in theworld that needs pampering, so this line of work is greatif you want to travel. i might do the travel thing but my goal for thefuture is to end up owning my own salon. it's been a busy day for me todayso the girls are giving me a treat. it's nice to be on the other sideof the table every once in a while.

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