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4 beauty types

- my fear is that i'm gonnalike the way that i look when professionally photographed. that it's just a reminderthat i don't look that way. - [voiceover] what are youmost insecure about physically? - what am i most insecureabout physically? - growing up, i thought i was too pudgy. i didn't wanna take myshirt off at the pool. then now that i'm an adult, i think i'm, like, too thin and scrawny.

intellectually i know thati'm now any less of a man because i'm not big and strong, but it's hard sometimes to not look at the people aroundyou and feel less than. - what i think makes a manattractive is athleticism. i have a scar that goesup my knee right here. when i cut my knee open,i was in the hospital for like two and a half weeks, and i was recovering for months.

i resent the fact thatit's made me weaker. - i am proportioned like a skinny person but i have no muscles,instead i just have fat there. i don't have big arms. and i'd rather stay under the sleeves that go all the way to my elbows. i'm always in sleeves thatgo all the way to my elbow because then that coversup every part of my body where there's supposedto be muscle definition.

- yeah, if i have to open up here, i don't really like the waythat i look most of the time. i grew up in an environment where i was beat up a lot and i was made fun of, and i was kind of toldeveryday that i was ugly. and then in the home life,you know, being korean, i was also told that i couldalways be improving how i look. i don't talk about my feelings openly.

one wouldn't expect me to havea lot of issues about my body when i'm just riddledwith body insecurity. - normally, when we do shoots, we always get really,really beautiful models, so when we do--- [keith] okay. - no, no, no, but i'm saying--- [keith] alright. - i'm recreating a johnkrasinski men's health magazine photo where he looks fucking fine as hell. i'm a comedian, right, i'm a funny guy.

and i've always thought growing up like, funny guys get to look however they want, and that's not it anymore. like chris pratt was like my body type, and now he's an action star. - try and make thoseshoulders a little tough, though, look tough. - how do you look toughwith your shoulders. john krasinski, same body type.

now he's an action star. you are supposed to havethis masculine-ness to you, even if you're a clown. - you have really, like,feminine lips, i like that. - i know i have very feminine lips. - i never felt that attractiveuntil i met my wife. so today, i'm recreatinga cristiano ronaldo ad. and he looks freaking delicious. - you got some big shoes tofill, he's really good looking.

- yes, i know. (groans) muscle, everywhere. yes, i would absolutely wannalook like cristiano ronaldo. he's a greek god. okay, here's my belly. (grunts) - oh, okay. - now i just gotta staylike this for an hour.

being in good physicalshape is so attractive to me because it's the oppositeof this horrible period of time in my life when i was injured. - we need people to believe that i'm sexy. - we have to make you a belieber. - i'm recreating a justinbeiber photo today. he's hot, bieber's hot. i assume we were born withsomewhat similar assets. he was a small-ish guy, very skinny.

you know, to his credit,he worked out a lot. but, this photo got a lot of heat because it was photoshoppedpretty heavily. i dunno who decided, butthey made bieber more ripped and they made his bulge bigger. they gave him a bigger dick. - [yuichi] you went from a four to like a seven and a half now. - i was at a four?

come on, man. - getting makeup professionally done only confirms my greatest fearthat i have a big fat face. so i'm recreating themagic mike xxl poster. channing tatum, front and center. triple threat. really good looking, can model, can act, can dance. films like magic mike series,it is part of this enjoyment of the perfect male physique.

every guy wants abs, butthey're just so hard to get. first you have to eat a certainway, then you can't drink. - [yuichi] do you drink beer? - i drink everything. i'm of the opinion thatthese things are attainable if you have the time and the money and the team to constantly work out and get that eight pack abs. it's just, no one's that rich

or has that much timeexcept for celebrities and actors and models. it's not our job to look that good. - let's take some photos. masculine, masculine,masculine, masculine. - [macey] i want you to walk into it. so first one, so try to makeit look a little more natural. - i don't think i've ever looked at myself and then like, fuck yeah,boy you are hot as fuck.

i feel like i'm not masculine enough. although i was told that ilooked good in the tank top which is great cause i'mterrified of wearing a tank top because a tank top shows your arms off and if you don't haveany arms to show off, then you're just like, hey, look at me, i'm out of shape. look at the gangly noodle man. - less sad, you look really sad.

now you look scared. - we're gonna have to, maybe define the musclesa little bit more, make him look more rugged. good, good, that looks great. - yeah. asian channing tatum. i just know that there's so much about me that is not up to par. - [macey] that was really close.

- this is tough. whether people think youlook good or you don't, like, anyone can haveproblems with how they look. hopefully we have at leastone that looks kind of like the channing tatum photo. - so when we send this to the re-toucher, they're probably gonnahave to stitch his body from different framesand put them together. - so he wasn't actually jumping?

- he's also a natural thruster. - yeah. yeah. yeah. right now, we're comparingourselves to this image of someone who's likebeautifully sculpted. that's not the most healthy thing to do. - [macey] just like be cristiano. - hey, i look pretty good. amazing what makeup andlighting can do for you. this is the way his body looks,

not because he's an underwear model, but because he is aprofessional sports player. - [macey] kind of looks like he's looking at something inthe distance. like sexily. - like he's better than it? - [macey] like he's better than it. - like he also wants it it's hard to do all this butalso have a neutral face. i might feel dismayed that i am not that,

but seeing the fantasy ofthat might be really exciting. i need positive reinforcement. - you look great. - okay. - that would be prettyimpossible for anyone, actually, to be as perfect as cristiano. props to ned. - i'll put the photo next to the place where i'm doing push ups.

- [macey] you look good, kid. - [ned] and that's before photoshop. - i feel like i'm definitely killing it and have no self doubts about this moment. i'll tell you growingup, i never felt hot. i felt like a nerd. - [voiceover] you look huggable. i feel like bieber's supposed to look fuck-able, not huggable.

- [macey] so try to look more fuck-able. - okay, that's it? i'm sorry.- [macey] why're you laughing? - it's harder than i thought it would be. hopefully, i think thatit's alien and weird and i'm like, nah, fuckthat, my body's beautiful, i should love me, but i might prefer it. i might prefer it. how much work do youthink the photoshop artist

is gonna have to do it tomake me look like that? - if bieber's wasn't enough,they're definitely gonna have to do something to yours.- [zach] yeah. - his bulge probably hasto be a little bigger. (rock music) - now we have the photoshopped results, so we're gonna check them out. - i have this fear ofseeing the final photo and being crushed and knowing

that i can never achieve that ideal. i think i look awful. i hate this photo. i look like a surprised baby. i think a lot of guys usehumor as a coping mechanism. if i don't laugh at this photo, then the only other optionis to feel bad about it. you haven't seen it? okay.

(laughs) oh my god. i look like an action figure. everything that i'm insecure about has been erased in this photo. looking at this photo now, i feel like i should look like this. like should i not be okay with my body? should i be striving for this?

when i think of my attractiveness, i think about my personality. but as guys, you don't oftenthink of your body as sexual. - i think a lot of men out there, especially straight men, don'tnecessarily confront that as openly as lgbt men, but for me, having to always constantlydeal with my relationship with my body and navigate that, this'll be really, really eye-opening.

huh. i was just struck witha really great epiphany. i've always wanted to look like this, but seeing this now in front of me makes me realize i'll alwayshave a problem with my body cause i just thought thatmy stomach still looks fat. it really shows how me beingso hypercritical of myself won't translate intobeing more self-confident. if you have a problem with how you look,

that's a way deeper issue thanjust changing your outsides. - i'm excited to see it. i wanna see how i look, you know, all swole and sexy, like mr. krasinski. but i'm also afraid that maybe it will make me feel worse about myself. let's see what a perfectkeith would look like. oh, man, look at those arms, those arms are huge.

man, i look strong as fuck. this is terrifying. i don't like that at all. no one wants to be friends with this guy. this guy looks like a jerk. this is brad. they put muscles on my shadow. my shadow could beat me up. while i lament that my body's not better,

i don't know if i reallywanna look like that. maybe i like my softbody more than i thought. - having good muscles means that you're also healthy and strong. that is what i want to be as a man. healthy so that i canprovide for my family, so that i can carry children up stairs. oh, damn. i look like a god among men.

there's muscle there that i do not have. cristiano ronaldo is so rare, he's like 0.01% of thepopulation that looks like that. if i wanted to look likethis and have my job and, like, spend time with family, there's just not enough hours in the day. you're just seeking to attain something that you can never get. earlier i said that the stronger you are,

the more healthy you are. there's a lot of other aspects to health that strength doesn't encompass. if i did all the things i would need to do to have this sort of body, idon't think i would be healthy. - i will always haveissues with how i look. but maybe i can lessen those issues by focusing on things that really matter. people aren't gonna just remember you

because you have six pack abs. they're gonna remember youbecause you're a good person. - i'm happy with my life. why is one photo making me think that i'm not happy with my life? i'm totally fine with who i am. improve yourself because you want to, and because you enjoy it, not because you're tryingto achieve an ideal

that someone has told you you should fit. - lots of people out there think that like, if you're a guy, you should just, you should work hard and be strong, and if you're unhappy withyour body, you change it. it's like, if you'reunhappy with your body, maybe you should justlearn to love yourself for more than just your body. - i call these lines penis cleavage.

so my dick cleavage looks great. - [macey] one, two, three. - yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah.

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