Friday, 7 October 2016

03+ beauty products

ready? hello. hi, i'm tata harper. so i just want to begin bysaying that i am a latin woman. i actually grew up in colombia. and for us, we seebeauty very differently. like for us, it's really not a luxury. it's just something that youdo like brushing your hair,

brushing your teeth. so i became really committed withnatural ingredients and an all natural lifestyle after mystepfather got diagnosed with cancer. and i ended up going withhim to so many clinics, so many doctors, so manyacupuncturists, herbalists, you name it. he really did a lot ofeastern and western. but there was always this recurringtheme about lifestyle and reducing one's toxic load. and we started changing,me and my family,

started changing ourlifestyle along with him and incorporating more of thesenourishing, healthier behaviors into our life. so we've had the farmnow for almost 14 years. my husband and i actually bought theproperty before tata harper skincare was even in the horizon. there was no plans fortata harper skincare. so it actually enabledus to be able to be our own producers of our own products.

there's a couple of certificationsfor skin care, especially natural skin care, andecocert is one of the biggest. they're a european thirdparty certification. and it's something that we do, andwe go through the trouble of doing, for our clients to assure themand give them that peace of mind that yes, what they'rebuying is 100% natural. and it has this exactamount of organic content. and it's something that weare actually really proud of, even though it's extremely complicated.

they come and audit us fromfrance almost every three months. but at the same time, it's just away to do business in the future. that's how i see it. the least mysteries, the better. so it's actually beengreat being at the farm and being able to haveso many barns that were used before to do organic dairy. and now they're doing organic skin care.

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