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1 beauty & essex

the place that finds all the beauty in the world. this is the office of the best beauty magazine, “beauty bible”. professional beauty director, junga. she’s always friendly, but there’s something that makes her mad. wedding invitations from her friends. beauty editor juyeon knows all the new trends. she says she’s a trend setter,

but she has a lot of credit card bills to pay. this is rookie editor, eyoung. she works hard, but she always gets scolded. next... okay, the youngest of “beauty bible”, kaeun. she spends all day running errands. she just arrived. editor uie joined recently.

she’s not interested in beauty and doesn’t know much about it. i don’t know how she ended up here. we’re always looking for something new. we can’t sleep and we have gastritis because of the deadlines. aren’t you curious about the real stories of the “beauty bible” editors? i’m editor b.

i’ll tell you our story. “beauty bible” building girls... what should the theme for this volume be? you planned proposals, right? probably. sure. you didn’t? you seem to be avoiding my eyes.

- you’re avoiding my eyes. / - it’s here. - right here. / - you go first. mine’s right here. spring season has a girl’s image. how about girlish beauty? isn’t that too obvious? yes. isn’t there anything with edge? come on. get with it.

don’t just buy clothes for yourselves. why are you blushing? our magazine has to sell. it’s wedding season. a bride looks pretty with make-up and the wedding dress. we should shift the attention to the guests. so... terrible guests.

- you see that. / - yes. how about comparing ways to make guests look pretty. i don’t think so. - why not? / - i don’t think so either. this week... it is wedding season though. i received two invitations this week. oh!

well... you shouldn’t be receiving them. then? i should be sending them? why is everyone getting married at once? will i be the only one left? there is a lot of news about dating and weddings among celebrities. yes. i envy them. don’t they look really pretty

when you hear such news? - right. / - yes, really. people get 10 times prettier when they’re in love. - 10 times? / - yes. juyeon doesn’t look that pretty. what about me? nothing. are you dating? i’m not dating. no.

are you going to be in the news? just a minute. forget it. why? why do you get prettier if you’re in love? i’m really curious. there was a time when i was prettier. again? i don’t remember.

it’s been too long. when you’re in love, estrogen... estrogen? how do you spell that? a lot of estrogen is secreted. it brightens your face, expands your pupils and makes your lips red. it expands your pupils? i need that.

photoshop! you know how that looks. photoshop. red lips and round eyes. will i have a fair complexion, too? you’ll have that milky effect. think about it. fair complexion, large eyes, red lips. you’ll have an adorable look. i think it’s really true. you were in love before.

you didn’t look that way. it must not have been true love. oh, boy. your body looks nicer, too. the satiety center is stimulated. you will feel full even if you don’t eat. i had that experience. - you did? / - yes. - really? / - yes.

i was never in love. i never felt full without eating. they say you’ll live 4 years longer if you kiss often. what? - really? / - there’s a study. over 4 years? junga. you’re going to live long.

i’d like to live long. should i go get a man? if she’s 4 years younger, she’ll be the same age as us. wow. when we like someone, we want to look pretty. we’re having a meeting right now. who you like is important, too. this is helpful for the magazine, right?

how about vicarious satisfaction through... - who we like? / - who we like. yes, yes. nice. we can invite them. invite them no matter what. you know a lot of people. who do you want it to be? - who do i want to interview? / - yes.

how can i say it? it’s just an interview. listen. we’re not talking about kissing to get younger. it’s not dating. it’s an interview. not dating. we have to sell the magazine. you must have an ideal type. an interview?

asking questions. can i go later? let’s just go on. me. jo seungu. “gift of god”. i like charming men with pretty smiles. i love watching “gift of god”. what will i do? i have someone, too.

lee minki. i was going to say that. i’m ruined. he was great in “monster”. you, too? fight. no, go ahead. you must have a lot to say. i’m curious about uie’s ideal type. me?

who is it? me... everyone is so aggressive all of a sudden. i really like someone these days. who? are you curious? are we doing to interview them? no. tell us first.

tell us. - am i blushing? / - no. - who is it? / - hurry up and tell us. these days... kang haneul. oh... it’s the first time my heart fluttered when i saw a child actor. he’s alright. right?

juyeon, what about you? be careful what you say. you’d better not say you don’t have one. say who you’re thinking. exo. what... i must be old. - younger guys. / - i must be getting old. all twelve of them?

yes. they’re so cute. let’s go on. junga, what about you? i like yu ain. he’s... my favorite drama. you want to date a younger man? no. no! what’s wrong with you?

i don’t even know that he’s younger. how about this for the theme? you get prettier when you’re in love, so beauty for love. we can explore that. - nice. / - right? let’s go with that as the theme. okay. beauty for love.

flowers blossom and so does love in this beautiful season of spring. secret stories for women who want to be in love. it will be your love charm, flower make-up. a brighter face increases the probability of finding love. do you know that? if you’re ready for love, watch “beauty bible” now.

i’d like to look into the make-up trend for this season. did you find anything out? expressing the skin. adding spring colors to eye make-up and lip make-up. how? the skin expression should be neat, but not thick.

natural? as natural as possible. - skin expression? / - yes. the spring trend is a nudie look. people are using a lot of bb cream and cc cream. nude? nudie look. a natural look without excessive make-up.

like what juyeon said earlier. making the most of your natural skin tone and color. natural. since the skin looks natural, you can emphasize your eyes or add a point to your lips. a vivid color like this orange i’m wearing. or pink.

adding a point to your lips is the trend for this spring. let’s do a page on spring trends. we’ll do another page with a pictorial. what about the concept for the pictorial? is there anything you want to do? it’s spring, so mini dresses. or slip-on or flat shoes. shoes sound alright.

that’s more fashion than beauty. true. fruits that suit spring. oranges? strawberries? make-up with such colors. like juyeon said. orange. weddings are... - are you interested? / - no. you’re only interested in weddings.

that’s not it. we understand. we don’t get it, right? it’s the season for weddings. i told you earlier. with a male model. that sounds good. do you have other intentions? i’m not saying i’m going to do it.

you keep suggesting men. a spring background. spring make-up for the woman. it can show a woman being loved by her boyfriend. i think we should have flowers. how about props with flowers? flowers. flowers blossom in spring.

spring flowers. isn’t that a bit stale? oh? it is the editor’s job to turn something stale into a trend. don’t you know that? flowers are so stale. flowers are so stale. what is this? it’s stale.

your gestures are stale. she must have a different idea. tell us then. you seem to have an idea. do it. fine. i will. what if i’m good? you’d better not use flowers. i thought we decided to go with flowers. i’ll do it.

you do it, too. how about a competition? a competition. i’ll do a page with my style. you do one in your style. we can have two concepts. that’s nice. let’s do two pages. - we can vote. / - nice.

okay? good. i should beat juyeon. i have more experience. stay on your toes. i couldn’t sleep if i couldn’t beat her. love expressed with flowers. junga is planning to express the charm of love with flowers.

juyeon prepared flowers to express the purity of love. their pride is on the line. i can’t wait. junga has many connections. she went to see a famous make-up artist who does make-up for top actresses. hello. hello, junga. it’s been a long time.

how have you been? kim miso the keywords for the pictorial are flowers and love. that’s nice. it’s spring. i want to go with sexy make-up. something like this. this looks nice. with flowers. we have a lot of flowers.

it would be nice to drop it or just to hold it. that sounds nice. why white flowers? i thought it would bring out the face if you’re wearing sexy make-up. that’s a good idea. isn’t it? if there is an abundance of white flowers,

they will bring out the make-up and you will look bright. red roses are too common. that’s senseless. right. it’s spring, so a bright look. make-up that expresses a bright look. bare skin make-up. juyeon doesn’t want to lose either.

she goes to a make-up artist she worked with for a long time. hi. mu jin i’m doing a pictorial. the concept is flowers and love. i have to express loveliness with flowers. personally, i think these carnations with gradations are nice.

why? what’s the reason? i want to express the purity of love. love isn’t just about heart fluttering. you feel nervous and anxious, too. sure, there are many aspects. it is completed through such a process. i think the gradation is nice. it’s a feeling like this. a lovely feeling. wouldn’t blooming make-up be alright?

show me what bare skin make-up is like. it has to look like it comes from your skin. blush and lipstick. it’s adorable in a way and it can be sexy if you emphasize the eyes. after the basics, dab some color with a lip lacquer. blend it naturally with a sponge. it will be a natural blush.

isn’t it pretty? babies’ cheeks get like this after a bath. - they’re very pretty. / - right. it’s adorable. that’s the key to bare skin make-up. simple make-up is in these days. this is very natural. use your hands. - use your hands? / - yes.

there are sponges and brushes, but if it’s watery like this, you can make it look natural with your hands. apply it like lotion. if you don’t apply the base make-up properly, your face and neck have different colors. it looks a bit strange. it’s because you didn’t choose the right color. choosing seems to be difficult.

the easiest way to choose is to look at the tone of your neck. if you choose a color that is similar, even if there is a difference in base, there will be a connection. it won’t look that awkward. if you have a hard time with base make-up, there is an all-in-one top coat which has foundation, ample and primer.

it’s much easier to use. if you have a dark complexion, choose a natural color. if you have a light complexion, choose a light color. that makes it easy to use a base that suits your skin tone. - i’ll apply the base make-up. / - okay. shake it like this.

just dab it on. i tell you all the time. from inside to out. after you apply a thin layer, if you need more cover, add another layer in that part. even if it’s a thin layer. base make-up is as natural as possible. it looks nice even without powder.

it’s a top coat with everything in it. you don’t have to use powder to complete it. doesn’t she look bright already? with innocent make-up like this, how should the eyes be done? you don’t use a lot of color for innocent make-up. if there is an excess of color, it won’t seem so innocent or lovely. i’ll add a point with eyeliner.

there are several color pencils. you have a lot of colors. i’m going to use this color. it’s purple with a subtle pearl shine. it makes your pupils look pretty and adds a mysterious feeling. the purple color will shine when you blink. i think it will be pretty. here’s another tip.

you usually do this and curl your eyelashes. it’s like curling after applying mascara. it will bend. curl your eyelashes before applying eyeliner. it will be easier to apply mascara. - the eyelashes will look prettier, too. / - really? with gel liners... - they spread. / - yes. with pencil types,

it’s hard to make delicate expressions. a gel pencil liner like this is easy to use and doesn’t spread easily. it doesn’t come off that easily. it would be good for the pictorial. don’t you think so? the flowers have a pink color. pink and purple go well together. open your eyes.

one of the trends is to use double lines for the eyes. colorful is good for double lines. i’ll show you. this is silver. this has diamond pearl. it shines. it has depth and edge. what a unique color. blue has depth, too.

it’s really pretty. what colors will you match today? nobody would imagine this. red. and aqua. it will have edge and be sexy. it’s a double eye line. apply aqua blue about halfway. then red. continue with the red.

i think it will look really fancy and deep. black is the base. the diamond pearl expresses each color. it’s a mysterious look. it’s very shiny. use aqua blue for below. under the eyes. only aqua for under? give the edge a bounce.

now, do the lips. we think of red when we think of sexy. orange has a bohemian feeling. it is natural, but it can be sexy. apply it on the lips. a lip lacquer has the color of lipstick, the lasting of tint and the shine of gloss. you know more than i do. i’m going to do her cheeks before her lips.

apply it as if it’s spreading. it’s like the gradation, right? it makes the make-up lovely. it brings it out. it’s very subtle right now. you need to add point to the lips. i want it to be a color that looks like flowers in the lips. this is azalea.

if you only use this, it might be too strong. many people worry about that. you like gradation today. i’m going to mix two colors. gradation? that’s good. a softer color as the base. this is like a lacquer, but it looks moist. it looks moist and has a subtle shine. i’m going to apply the azalea now.

don’t apply it all over. i want to make it look like a petal is being dyed from the outside to out. same with the upper lips. the inner part should be darkest. just by adding point to the lips, it makes a large difference. doesn’t she look bright? this is perfect for the pictorial.

with her hair done and those flowers you brought, she will look really pretty. like this. editor vs. editor. shall we look at make-up that calls for love? add cheek blush with lip lacquer before using a top coat for base. use different colors for the eyeliner.

that will complete a sexy look. add orange lip lacquer to complete the bare skin make-up. for blooming make-up, apply base make-up with a top coat. use purple eyeliner. add gradation with two lip lacquers. that completes the blooming make-up. got it?

how did the photo shoot go? captivating love / pure love i think it would be better with one tone. one tone? let’s start with two. should we just do one? the hand won’t show. one, two, okay. you have to make it a sexy look.

overwhelm me with your eyes. one, two. can you fix her hair? the flowers bring out her face. look the other way. that’s really pretty. i’m glad i chose white flowers. look at me. don’t bunch them up.

hold it the opposite way. she looks like a bride. it’s pretty. if you don’t have enough flowers, there’s something that can add abundance. the flowers should be in front of her. like this? a lot more. - like this? / - yes.

two, three. the flowers won’t be in focus. it might look a little blurry, but... i did a good job with the flowers, didn’t i? i’ll win. what do you think? beauty for love it’s never easy to choose an item. it’s always turned down for not being new.

it looks like today will be that day. are you back? are you still thinking? i envy you. we finished the pictorial. really? you’re still thinking? did you do a good job? of course.

what did you do? no items? i thought of a few things. how about nail art that calls for love. that was done before. it’s a hot issue these days. we can’t do what someone else did. what about a special on perfume? lovable scent to appeal to a man. that was done, too.

it was? something new. this is about tips to receive love. we have to find a style that men like. men like women who have bright faces. - basically. / - right. we need whitening. yeah? this is new.

is it alright? you thought about it a lot. i was about to get mad. i’m going to be patient because of you. thank you. let’s find out about whitening to make the skin look clear and bright. uie and kaeun should do that. - me? / - yes.

with her? why does uie look so dark next to her? they must not be confident. uie, you have to do it. you can receive whitening treatment. okay. let’s go. are you confident? i’m trusting you. they go for an interview

we’re here from “beauty bible”. we have an appointment with kim seongryeong. please wait. ask all the questions, okay? i’m going to. we’re from “beauty bible”. hello, it’s nice to meet you. i’m uie. you don’t have to know her.

i’m kaeun. i have some questions. let me ask about whitening first. the skin gets dark and develops many spots these days. why is that? the skin can turn dark and spots can form if you are stressed or have irregular routines. if you don’t manage scars or acne well,

you can get spots from pigmentation. - scars? / - yes. the largest cause is ultraviolet rays. you should use sun block all the time. you also need whitening care. about sun block. does it last if you apply it once? no. you have to apply it often. i didn’t know that.

why didn’t i know that? it’s her first time dealing with beauty. i know a lot about everything else, but not much about beauty. what is the whitening trend these days? one trend is fermentation. - fermentation? / - yes. the advantage is less stimulation on the skin with natural ingredients.

the fermentation process helps the ingredients absorb well. it increases the effect. yes, there are many basic products with natural ingredients. bamboo, lotus, pearl, iceberg water, etc. there are many unique ingredients. i think i heard of lotus. there are many kinds.

is there a season that particularly requires whitening? all four seasons are important. spring is a changing season and the sun suddenly gets hot. your skin can get dark from a short outing. you have to pay attention in spring. what daily habits would you recommend? eat fruits and vegetables with vitamin c.

you should drink over 8 cups of water a day. as i told you earlier, be sure to use sun block every day habitually. and give constant whitening care. i’m really curious about something. my skin is darker than hers. can my skin get whiter, too? yes, you can use lotus and lemon. i’ll tell you how to make a whitening toner.

it won’t change your skin tone, but it will make your face look brighter. i’m all set now. please come this way. i heard lotus is good. but i don’t know why. the lotus is a purifying plant. it discharges foreign matter in the skin and helps with whitening.

it also supplies moisture. let’s make it then. remove the petals. the petals. wash the lemon and lotus petals. cut the petals. put the lotus leaves and lemon slices in a sealed container. together?

add enough water. age it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. that’s it. isn’t it simple? that’s it? that’s all that goes in? yes. isn’t it really simple? we could do a 3-step. it will be awesome. 3-step? one, two, three.

it’s simple to make. wash lotus petals and lemon and cut it. add water and ferment it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. the lotus and lemon toner is complete. tell us about whitening care. i’ll tell you how to make your face look bright like a lotus. whitening care for bright skin

begin. white lotus has a whitening effect and lemon has vitamin c. by fermenting them, the natural toner is absorbed really quickly. an expert’s touch. shin mina gets whitening care all year round. with a high concentration serum to enhance dark skin tone.

you know scarlett johansson, right? she was going to study skin care because she had so much trouble. she eats a lot of lemons, strawberries and kiwis which have vitamin c. really? eating can solve the problem? she even pays attention to food. you know a lot. thanks.

what are you doing? this is a massage move. i’m giving her the ample. it looks like you’re performing magic. memorize those gestures. doesn’t it look like coffee drizzling? what did you say? i’m sorry. i’d like to look white, too.

does constant massaging help with whitening? a massage is good for blood circulation. oxygen is supplied, so your face could look brighter. we can’t get skin care all the time. is there anything we can do at home? i’ll tell you what you can do at home. - write this down. / - yes. this is our key.

write well. whitening home care the basics of skin care is cleansing and exfoliation. dead cell skins and foreign matter can make your skin look dark. i’ll begin with exfoliation. that must be why i look dark. on the back of the hand. let’s see.

that’s neat. cleaning with peeling gel we need steam towels. uie, will you get two? two? it’s hot. be careful. here. if you use a steam towel, the dead skin cells get softer.

foreign matter is discharged and the product is absorbed faster. is warm water better for washing, too? use warm water. i always washed with cold water. i heard it will make your face smaller. where did i hear that? what’s next? toner.

you’re using your hands, not cotton pads? both are alright. if you use a cotton pad, it helps remove foreign matter and dead skin cells. if you use your hands, it helps supply moisture better than a cotton pad. both are good. use the lotus and lemon toner now? you can use that.

if you don’t have any, you can use a whitening toner. i have dry skin. i’m a little afraid to get whitening care. what should people with dry skin do? many people have such a bias. essence has capsules these days. they have moisture and vitamin. you could use whitening essence like that.

massage the facewith whitening essence it has capsules. it supplies moisture and vitamins. it also has a whitening effect. i could look whiter, too. this is home care, but it would look like i received skin care. after applying the essence, wrap your face with your hands.

the body temperature helps with absorption. exfoliate with a peeling gel and open up the pores with a steam towel. apply whitening toner to calm the skin. apply whitening essence and use the palms so it will absorb. isn’t that easy? - a bunch of essence was applied. / - yes. apply a little more where needed.

it helps with a whitening effect. my entire face. 2-3 times. all done. is that it? so, this is whitening care. i see. thank you very much. it isn’t easy to challenge a new area.

but you can’t hide because you don’t know. uie is still a bit clumsy, but she’ll be a useful editor soon. whitening home care by uie. mix water with lotus petals and lemon slices, honey and flour to make a whitening pack. drink lotus and lemon water with honey as tea and you’ll feel better, too. press where the ears and chin meet,

the end of the cheekbone and the side of your nose. it will clear your skin tone. with whitening care, increase the absorption rate for a minute a day and make your skin shine. what should we do? i’m tired. i slept really late last night.

- what should we do? / - what’s a good item? one more would be nice. i can’t think of anything. i think we did everything. make-up, whitening... think of a good idea. you do. you’re the junior. what will we do? oh! hello.

it’s been so long. have a seat. - he’s like a savior. / - really. isn’t he our savior? what are you doing? you look terrible. we didn’t get much sleep. uie, your hair looks terrible. it looks really strange. we’re trying to come up with an item.

something about love since it’s spring. we can’t think of anything. what color comes into mind when you think of love? color? red? you’re old. love should be passionate. - right? / - passionate.

pure pink? are you choosing colors like your looks? well, when it comes to love, it can be romantic like pink. it can be passionate and powerful like red. people who are just falling in love might think of a light green like new buds. the color changes according to the image. think about what could bring out

those colors the best. what is the most basic color? white? white. put orange on white. it stands out more than on your skin, right? - yes. / - right? you’re wearing a white t-shirt. a white t-shirt is a basic item.

with jeans, it can look casual. try a romantic princess skirt with it. how lovely. how about a black suit with it? it will look sophisticated and chic. really. he thinks a different way. if you think about the basics, you’ll come up with a good idea.

the basics... i’m getting a call. yes, editor. i’ll be right there. no! the basics, okay? the basics? the basics. the basics... sit down.

let’s think about this. i think this is good. think about the basics. he gave us something to go with. what are the basics of beauty? the basics of beauty? i think it is caring for the pores. the pores. how about combining beauty to the basics?

you’re good. let’s go with this. they planned beauty class. welcome to beauty class for pore care. if you’re bare faced, you’re worried about blackheads. what can we do? cleansing to keep your skin healthy deep inside. that’s important.

don’t give up. from inside to outside. i’ll tell you things you never thought of. aren’t you curious? everyone says this. no matter how they look, there isn’t anyone to love or time to love. but you know what? you don’t have to give love to others. look at yourself.

you don’t even love yourself. who would love you? love yourself. then the season of love will begin. this is editor b for “beauty bible”.

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