Wednesday, 26 October 2016

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hi youtubes! welcome to a new video for deborah milano and today i'm going to show you a manicure that is perfect for summer. i'm going to do the gradient manicure and i'm going to use a makeup sponge and these three blue polishes. for the basecolor i've used number 96 cotton candy now apply some sticky tape around yournail so you don't have to do that much cleanup when you're done. you can also use vaseline but becareful that the vaseline doesn't get on your sponge

and on your nail design. to blend the polishes i'm using a makeup sponge it doesn't have to be a makeup sponge but make sure that the sponge you are using is soft and smooth. now i'm going to apply the polishes on the sponge. first i'm going to applynumber 96 cotton candy now i'm going to apply number 29 blueparadise and last i'm going to apply number 98totally denim when you've applied the three colorsstart blending the polish on the sponge

this makes the blending on your nailseasier. make sure that the nail polish brush isclean before putting it back into the bottle take the sponge and start dabbing it onyour nail i'm sorry you can't see everything, it's almost impossible in front of the camera. make sure that you don't press too hard on your nail you don't want to damage your base color now apply some new polish and start with the second layer if you're still not satisfied you canalso do a third layer make sure that your polish has some time to dry in-between the layers.

when you're done remove the sticky tapeand start doing the cleanup as you can see i don't have to do thatmuch cleanup because the sticky tape did its job very well remove the excess polish with some nailpolish remover and your clean up brush now it's time to apply the top coat let the polish dry before applying the topcoat and make sure that your apply it floating so keep the brush above the nail and don't put any pressure this way you're design doesn't get smudged.

i am done with this nail but still havesix more to go. i have used three colors in this video but if you think it's too hard or your nails are short you can always start with two and be really careful with what topcoat you're using that's why i recommend the brilliant topcoat because it didn't smudge my design, i don't want blue stripes all over my nail. als i've applied two layers of topcoat at the end to make the design last longer. so i really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and i will see you in my next video. bye bye!

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