Friday, 28 October 2016

2 beauty shop

[police siren] guess who's back. welcome to calvin's. if you like it, you pay. if you don't like it, your ass will pay anyway. how much you charge for them weaves? if you want to be destiny child's beyoncã© that's gonna cost you 200 dollars and if you wanna be beyoncã© featuring jay-z boom boom

the ol' lady here, she ain't safe nowhere [laughs] in every neighborghood, there's a place folks get together. to talk about their dreams. to share their frustration. and maybe even tell a joke or two. excuse but i don't like to get involved in petty arguments yeah you do - that's primarily what you do

yeah that's pretty much all you do it's a home away from home. turn that up! and these aren't just friends. come here, girl! they're family. check her out. oh, there is a god send me that

the only man that you can trust is the one of above. each one of y'all want a super thug that's got 3 degrees from harvard meanwhile you pass up corny dudes like jerrod everyday. don't no woman want no moist duncan hines ass dude like jerrod. guys i'm standing right here, i can hear you. [gunshots] i don't wanna die a virgin. stop playing, get down!

aw hell it'd take me too long to get back up i don't even recognize the neighborhood no more. i tried to get that call in the middle of the night, saying my son is locked up or worse. them people dowtown they ain't moving for us. we gotta fix our problems ourselves. the barbershop is the pillar of the neighborhood so we turn the shop into our safe space with free cuts and styling. check some of this work. i'll bet you he won't be talkin' back to his mama no more

hittin' it george jefferson we'll never give up. your father would be proud of everything that's going on here. #barbershopsavestheneighborhood is trending on twitter can i get a selfie with you? what the white girls want? they lost? did you tell them it was awesome? white people love when you go "awesooome"

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