Tuesday, 1 November 2016

3 beauties photography

- i think today will be full of surprises, which is great because i hate surprises. (upbeat music) - finding something thati wanna wear in a store on a daily basis is nearly impossible. - there is a huge advantage to being able to try on clothes beforeyou purchase them. - a bunch of times i've gone online, ordered in my size, and when i get it,

i don't even know what it is. - typically, i'm a size 22, 24 according to the sizing chart, i'm supposed to be a 28. - i hate these shorts. why are they baggy andat this awkward length? - they fit, technically, but there's like so much room down here. - i can like, pull them off of me.

- are they supposed to be high waisted? who knows? - send these shorts back to hell. - this is a fashion tofigure size 3x skirt. - it fits great, clearly, if you're supposed to wearskirts below your foofa. - i can actually seethe seams coming apart. - in the ideal world, this fat would be distributed very evenly

around my whole body, but that isn't how a lot ofpeople are naturally shaped. - i'm normally a 3x in everything, but the skirt doesn't fit, so i couldn't really wear it. - these are the fashionfigure millennium pants, which is weird because it looks like they were made for my mother. - i can't believe this size 3x pant

came from the same store as the 3x skirt. i could literally fold these over. - the waist feels ok, but the butt is like here, and my crack is like, here. - i am suffering from saggycrotch syndrome right now. - if i were super cold, i could climb inside this for warmth. - this is a forever 21 dress in size 3x.

- according to forever 21's size guide, my waist is a 3x, but my boobs and my hips are a 2x, which means that nothingever really quite fits me. - i feel like this dress's main problem is that it was made forsomeone who wasn't very booby. - if i were to wear it out, i would actually unzip it. - as a whole, i can breathe,which is always nice.

- i like the dress. i would probably buy it i wasn't really surprised by the fact that some things fit and some things didn't. - just because it fits the measurements, doesn't mean that it'sgoing to look good on us. - please, clothing companies, i promise i will give you all of my money.

just make the clothes, put them in stores, so that we can try them on. i promise you will make money off of it. - if you're struggling to findclothes that work for you, be patient. - get your measurements taken properly, and also, unfortunately,try a few different sizes. - if you're willing to dothe work to really dig, you can find a lot of cool stuff,

cuz there is a lot ofcool stuff out there. this is currently like my favorite dress. it's a little bit more low-cut than what i'd normally wear, but if you don't tell, i won't tell, so.

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