Wednesday, 2 November 2016

3 beauties review

(warm piano music) - so i'm going to be trying three online style boxesfor plus size women. basically, you give acompany a lot of information about things you like towear, don't like to wear, your measurements, and thenbased on that information, they curate a little box for you that's full of clothes that you presumably would want to buy.

plus size style boxes area relatively new thing. so the three services i'mtrying are gwynnie bee, dia and company, and plvsh. a lot of the allure behind these boxes is that you don't have to go shopping. you do have to pay astyling fee for these boxes, so i'm wondering if i'mgonna get my money's worth. it could go really well,it could go really poorly. i really want somebody to succeed.

(upbeat music) so i picked out the stuff in this box, so it's not really a surprise, but i've already forgottenwhat i picked out, so it's a surprise to me. look at this card. what are... woah! oh this is way cuter thani thought it would be.

the print is adorable, 10 out of 10. the thing i like most about this dress? pockets. my nipple's supposed to be up here, and instead, it's down here because i'm an underachiever. the whole dress just looks a little bit too tent-like from the side. like there's a big ol' circushappening under there...

which there is. from the hourglass body shape collection, i got this little tea wrap dress. oh. (laughter) it is large. like, to wear this, you'd need either bigger boobs or more courage, and i have neither.

so i got this skirt from theoval body shape collection. this is a little moreadministrative assistant than i think i'd like. hey, look at this. i just wanna wiggle in it! it was really cool to be totally wrong about an article of clothing. time to open my dia and company box. skinny jeans!

normally not a big fan of pants, but i wanted to give pants a chance. there's like two arm holes,then like a leg hole? this sure is sheer. you can see through it. the jeans are awesome though! they're really soft. they're like the softestpuppy at puppy camp. the taylor claire dress.

sleeveless, fit and flair. actually, the colors are gorgeous. it's made for someonewith bigger boobs than me. it is a little frustrating that a lot of retailers assumethat if you're bigger, you have like z cup boobs. overall, i think withthe dia and company box, if they had one more crack at it, they probably would have gotten it right.

just got my third style box from plvsh. zip pocket culottes. if you can wear culottes effectively, good for you. every ten years or so, fashion is like, "you know what we should do? culottes." and we buy them because we're ridiculous. round neck blouse.

there's a lot of blouse. i look like the red m&m's grandmother. it's a bag, but it's a red bag, so people still notice you. these culottes are basicallyjust short bell bottoms. lotus print tank. it is at least the rightheight for me, sort of. it's very grandma summer vacation. why does this shirt come with a leash?

i feel like plus size women honestly have spent a lot of timetrying to not dress like this. lacey blue dress. it's well-made, it fits nicely. i enjoy the pattern,it's kind of my style. i would pay that much money if it was in a color i liked, which for someone who's styling me who'snever met me before, is pretty good.

kimono style black maxi. i already have a black wrap dress. i like it a lot. you can wear a black wrap dress anywhere. brunch, coven meetings. it is dope. i love the slit, got some kick action. just kinda flows. the plvsh box was the highest highs

and the lowest what the(beep) of plus size fashion. (serene music) i was able to find at least one thing i liked in every box. my personal favoritewas the gwynnie bee box because i enjoy controlling things. however, if you are a ladywho's on more of a budget and you enjoy the traditional surprises that come with the style box,

the dia and company boxis probably for you. if you have a littlebit more money to spend and you're willing to take more of a risk, then try the plvsh box. overall, i was super excited to get three plus size styleboxes, let alone one. so the fact that these existare excellent and great. it's totally worth the fun surprise. you learn things that you might not know

about what you like fashion-wise, and i have some new clothes now.

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