Friday, 4 November 2016

3 beauties

the concept of this trip is "overcome our fears special." - i won't do it. / - let's try. let's overcome our fears together. "overcome our fears special!" (he's satisfied.) it was like "family game show." (they head to ulleung-do to shoot the special.) every time you accomplish a mission,

stickers will be given according to your performance. it's like a chinese restaurant menu. (the race to overcome fears starts now.) doesn't this special sound grandiose? (what kind of fears will they be facing?) what do you want to eat the most? me? i want to eat bulgogi. i want deodeok squid bulgogi. i want spicy seafood noodle soup.

it has abalones in it. (mouth-watering) i want all of them. how many stickers do we need for that soup? we need more than 50 stickers. - for what? / - for the soup. how many do we need for an a la carte menu? - a la carte? / - they're not served separately. - they don't serve a la carte menu. / - they don't?

we'll earn our stickers. we're almost there. (meanwhile, team onae onae is nearby.) - what is that? / - isn't that the one? i think i saw it earlier. maybe it's the gombawi rock. i think that one is gombawi rock. - look. they look exactly the same. / - is it right? that's right.

- look. / - that's gombawi rock. (gombawi rock resembles a bear.) (the two teams enjoy the trip in their own ways.) i think we're almost there. (they are near their destination.) there he is. turn left. he suddenly appeared from nowhere. he startled me. (what is the mission?)

let's go. - this place is quiet. / - it's too narrow for cars. where are we? - do we need to hurry up? / - let's go quickly. should we arrive there first? we're all here. - was this a race? / - why are you so late? - were we competing? / - please come this way. (the members have arrived)

(at a quiet beach surrounded by the blue ocean.) - what is the mission? / - i think it's about strength. - is it? / - why is everything related to donggu? - what is it? / - it must be about the marine corps. he didn't go to the sea much while he was on duty. we've finally arrived at the first destination. what kind of fears are here? the fears we should overcome first is that something everyone has.

(the fear that everyone has is...) it is "fear of fishing." (fear of fishing!) fishing? (nervous) (to the members, fishing is...) it's your fault! it happened because of you. (fishing is the last thing they want to do.)

(they have to work hard) (against the angry waves.) - let me see. / - wow, look at this. (and they eventually) (end up getting seasick.) (this is why we chose it.) - no one wants to go fishing. / - i hate it. i've never caught anything. - what if there's a shark? / - can we catch sharks?

we'll record the highest viewing rate if you catch one. - i hope it happens. / - and if the shark bites you, it will go down in the history of variety programs. i really hope it happens. (he will be a hero.) each team will be doing different jobs in this place. - i see. / - okay. team onae onae. i heard it is

- the breeding season of the pacific saury. / - saury? you want us to catch sauries? they live in deeper sea, don't they? - that's ridiculous. / - i've never done it before. one of the traditional fishing methods in ulleung-do is hand-grabbing. grab sauries with bare hands? - where? / - how can we do that? - are we primitive men? / - they have teeth.

- they have teeth! / - what? you could lose your finger. we have 10 fingers, so it should be okay. (as long as it's not mine...) we could catch at least 10. you can use your toes. - we could catch at least 30. / - we can use our feet. who catches sauries with bare hands? i have a video clip to show you.

- really? / - do you have a video? - are you serious? / - come watch it. - is he serious? / - i can't believe this. - it was on the news. / - let me see. using the habits of saury, they put water plants in the sea and put both hands in the water. - what? / - what? then they quickly snatch the saury

that swims into the hands. - what? / - my gosh. the silver-colored thick sauries - are flopping / - he just picked them up. - it was real. / - i can't believe this. we are in trouble. (must we do this?) you will fish with a rod at the same time. how many fish do we need to catch in total?

i will give you two stickers per fish. - really? / - let's just catch 50 at once then. - yes. / - let's use a bowl to scoop them up. - it's that simple. / - get a bowl to scoop. i will give you 40 minutes. what about our team? do you know what this is? - what is it? / - is it barnacle? is it a true limpet?

(barnacles are found on rocks at clean beaches.) (their mission is to collect barnacles.) i will give you 40 minutes for that as well. two stickers will be given per 100g. - oh no. / - so, four stickers for 200g and six stickers for 300g and so on. - it won't take us long. / - we need 1kg of those. - they don't weigh much. / - when will we fill up 1kg? - they're light. / - let's just fill up the bucket.

let's just scrape them up. we will scrape them up quickly. - they are everywhere. / - where? - i can't see anything. / - look over there. are we going out to the sea on a boat? yes, you'll go to the rocks on the seashore on a boat. once you are done, i will measure the weight. they'll be on moist surfaces. look for those rocks. some rocks may be moist while others may not.

(will they succeed in their mission?) team onae onae will go first. (we're now leaving.) - good luck! / - see you later. go slowly. (they're off to the sea, full of hopes.) - it's already deep here. / - it is. i think this is the place. (they arrive at a suspicious place.)

- are we doing it here? / - is this a saury? can you see any sauries here? it is under the raft. (they are under the raft?) grab the raft. (they should get on the raft.) should i grab the raft? - i don't think i can do this. / - i'm scared. - should we get on it? / - yes.

do we get on the raft? - why are we getting on it? / - this is where you fish. we are not robinson crusoe. we're not in the movie, "cast away." i can't believe this. oh, my gosh. (he's nervous.) be careful. it's scary, joonyoung. i don't see any sauries.

- i'm getting seasick. / - watch out for the fish hook. i got it. give me the bait. i don't see anything here. (moving) oh no, it's sinking. (the raft is about to sink.) we should spread out. (reeling) - stay still. / - should we take off the microphone?

microphones are not our primary concerns. joonyoung, let's be equal. (he can't even speak properly.) let's be equal. oh no. - the waves are too strong. / - i'm giving up. - the waves are too strong. / - we can't do anything. step back. we should stand on each corner. - move back. / - we should scatter. (they've calmed down a bit.)

- give me squid. / - squid? - give me shrimp. / - shrimp? (it doesn't seem to be going well for them.) here you are. - okay. / - get on the boat. - shall we get on it? / - yes. - let's go. / - row with jongmin. - one, two. / - let's go. the water is so clear.

- it's moving. / - are we going to that rock? - where are we going? / - over there. keep rowing. one, two. (under defconn's lead, the boat is sailing smoothly.) i think it'll take us about 40 minutes to get there. - let's keep rowing. / - let's go. there is a rock. we will hit the rock. we should row with momentum.

(what are they doing?) - what should we do? / - we're about to hit the rock. - we're stuck. / - what's going on? the waves! (to make things worse, the waves are getting stronger.) (they're struggling with the waves.) - oh no. / - when do we start collecting barnacles? we shouldn't be here. we shouldn't have come here. - please don't say that. / - keep rowing.

- let's row! / - keep rowing. - i can't believe this. / - give me two baits. (he rummages through the water plants.) (would he be able to catch sauries easily?) (however) (what is that?) there is nothing in the water. we can't catch anything. there is nothing. how can we catch sauries when there is nothing?

i can't see anything. there is nothing we can catch. (they keep complaining.) - is there anything? / - no. not at all. (they can't see anything under the raft.) it's windy today. sauries aren't caught in this weather. (there's no saury?) (oh, my gosh.)

- i can't believe this. / - this is ridiculous. it is unbelievable. what are we doing? (unpredictable wild fishing) - what are we doing? / - what is this? (now they have to use fishing rods.) - i knew it. / - we can't fish with bare hands. (he's never fished before.) - give me one. / - hang on.

- is this right? / - give me one more. (the fishing line is tangled.) one more? (fishing is hard.) (he tries again,) (but the fishing line snaps.) (he fails again.) - give me one more. / - the fishing line snapped. - give me one more. / - hang on.

(he's not a good fisherman.) - what are we doing? / - hang on. put it down. (joonyoung is absorbed in fishing.) - let's go! / - i fished halibut last week. okay. (fishing is joonyoung's new hobby.) (i'm the master of fishing.) joonyoung.

(he casts the fishing plumb) what should i do with this? (to catch sauries.) (it's joonyoung's fishing line.) (there is no fish around the line.) (there they are!) (the fish gathers.) (he's doing his best to catch his first fish.) (he's trying his best.)

(it looks like he caught something.) did you catch something? (joonyoung, the self-proclaimed master of fishing) already? (did he catch his first fish?) i caught something. (he caught one!) - can you get it off the hook? / - hang on. - come on. hurry! / - take it off.

get it off. (this is what fishing is all about.) take the whole thing out. (the older guys couldn't be more thrilled.) this is crazy. i know. joonyoung, hurry up and fish. - hurry. / - joonyoung. i think you can catch 50. what did i tell you?

let's finish our mission and go. - there you go. / - let's see. (they throw the hook right away.) (will he be successful twice in a row?) i got another. i got another. call me the master of fishing! call me the master. (he immediately catches another one.) (they watch joonyoung in awe.)

call me the master of fishing! (team onae onae is doing well.) - master joonyoung! / - all right! they must have caught a fish. i think they did. - let's go. / - they've already caught a few. - hang on. / - hold on. (team pumpkin candy are still at sea.) row, everyone. in one, two.

- come on. one, two. / - why aren't you rowing? - i'm looking at where we're going. / - one, two. (time keeps passing.) - one, two. / - hang on. stop. - we're going in circles. / - around and around. (we always go in circles.) (that is where they left off.) - oh gosh. / - we're going in circles. - hurry. / - we've traveled less than 30m.

we should stop. can't we transfer to a speedboat? we can't make it in this. rowing a boat is no joke. maybe with the help of the wind - nice. / - we should've done this earlier. i'll quickly pick the barnacles when we get there. all right. - we have to pick like crazy. / - i know.

(they soon arrive at the site.) (barnacles are here.) - we're here. / - align the boat. i see seaweed. here we are. let's anchor the boat. are we anchoring? - okay. / - gosh. can you tie the rope? we need to tie the boat.

(only donggu is working.) he's tying the rope. - i'll get off now. / - not yet. wait a second. (they arrived safely at the barnacles picking site.) i just saw one. but these are all true limpets. that's not what we're here for. (they must pick the right one.) i only see true limpets here.

- i found barnacles. / - where? over here. - i can't see it. / - here. that's not it. - aren't these barnacles? / - they are. - we're right. / - these are true limpets. no, they're not. (we'll sort it out later.) (we only need a certain amount.)

(donggu works quietly at one side.) (can team pumpkin candy meet their goal?) (the other team is on a roll thanks to joonyoung.) (they take on the fish for another round.) gosh. (joonyoung's bait keeps moving up and down.) (will they fall for the bait or not?) (joonyoung is toying with the fish.) my rod is too short.

extend it. (he keeps on luring the fish.) hang on. - i'm the master of fishing. / - all right! (all hail to the master.) (joonyoung's victim.) - you're the best. / - i'm the man! - yes, you are. / - look! (the fish shows its slick body.)

i caught one. taehyun, look. - you're the best. / - take it off for me. did it eat the bait? - gosh. / - wait. (i can't believe i got caught.) (team onae onae is happily fishing.) the fish ate the bait. (junho gives it a go with a decent form.) (i can't let joonyoung beat me.)

- i got one. / - all right! - yes! / - you're a master too. i'm a master of fishing too! - i can't believe it. / - no way. - swing it over. / - i finally caught one. - you did great. / - finally. - great job, junho. / - thanks. (this is what really happened.) (a while ago, joonyoung caught a big one.)

- i caught another. / - that's great. here. i'll take care of it. - are you done? / - no, they're all tangled. (what is he doing?) (he put the fish on his own rod.) make it look like i caught it. what did you just say? (the world's most brazen con artist) - look! / - he's the master of fishing!

(just leave me alone.) (he seems to be back at work.) (he isn't moving at all though.) - junho, what are you doing? / - how is it? are you dozing off? stop it, that's enough. (you're embarrassing me.) i'm a statue. (i'm a statue of a fisherman.)

a statue of a fisherman. a man who hasn't caught a single fish in 10 years. (a story of master junho) (as junho snapped out of his game...) time's up! - time's up? / - that's right. let's count how many you caught. (thanks to joonyoung) - there are six here. / - and six here.

(meanwhile, team pumpkin candy) you have five minutes left. - what? / - you have five minutes left. there seem to be more true limpets here. - i know. / - just get them all for now. we don't have enough time. (he's worried.) (what's jongmin picking?) look at all these true limpets.

(why is he picking them though?) (slipping) (he throws true limpets into the basket.) i just want to show these to the others. (we see right through your lie.) there are a lot over here. - where? / - here. (defconn and jongmin are working hard.) (i'm donggu, the icon of integrity.)

(i need to do something for the team.) what if we add a few stones? i may be an actor but i can promise you this. i just want to play the game fair and square. (donggu is now different.) jongmin! - this was... / - why did you pick true limpets? i added a few stones. (he did what donggu suggested.)

time's up. you're done picking barnacles. please return to the boat. now let's see how many barnacles you picked. i saw your baskets earlier and there are other things in there. why would you be so picky? - come on. / - should i do it? how many stones did you put in here?

- they're barnacles. / - when did you get so smart? you're not as gullible as before. - unbelievable. / - come on. look at what you're throwing out! - stop it! / - they're all stones. let's see how much this weighs. the basket and the contents weigh 750g. if we subtract the weight of the basket, that leaves you with 580g.

for every 500g of barnacles, - you get 10 stickers. / - that's right. - so that's what you get. / - nice! good job, everyone. - what's next? / - we can catch up. it's time to move to the next location. (they let go of the fish they caught) (before they go.) look!

(a seagull snatched the fish they let go.) that was incredible. (awesome) (thanks for the fish.) (they gave the seagull a gift.) - isn't this remarkable? / - it is. (it's as if the rocks were trying to touch the sky.) (let's head to where our next mission awaits!) we're here.

(what lies ahead?) this is incredible. where are we? (at first, you'll see the sparkling green sea.) (follow the coastline and) (you'll see an incredible sight of bizarre rocks.) (this is the hakbawi rock.) (they spot random numbers.) - that one says 4m. / - no way. - we can't do this. / - we can't.

- this is insane. / - we can't do this. - are you kidding me? / - you're all crazy. this is absurd. this can't happen. wait. (they climb onto the rocks anyway.) (they anchor the boat even without our instruction.) - how did you get up there? / - are we supposed to jump?

do you expect us to jump? - give me a rope. / - you're insane. have you tried it? this is where you'll overcome one of your fears. the fear you'll be challenged to overcome is the fear of heights. (fear of heights) have any of you tried it? this is insane.

you did? i jumped from the rocks myself. it's perfectly safe. i jumped from 4m and 6m. (what can we say to that?) (remotely high places make them dizzy.) junho, my gosh. this is crazy! i can't jump. i really can't.

you can jump from either 4m or 6m. we'll combine all of your records. you'll receive five stickers if you jump over 5m. you'll receive 10 if you jump over 10m and 20 if you jump over 15m. - let's check it out first. / - okay. gosh, this is quite high. (a scary height) - this is impossible. / - oh gosh.

just standing here makes my legs wobble. there's no way we can jump from 6m. no way. that's insane. (joonyoung goes up to the 6m mark.) (he walks carefully.) (my gosh.) (even the tough joonyoung is scared.) this is crazy! (it is very high.)

the height from 6m is insane. it's ridiculously high. (screaming) i'll first jump from 4m. - what? / - gosh. - i'll jump from 4m. / - we all need to jump from 6m. let's jump from 4m first and think later. think later? it might give us confidence.

- so jump 12m combined first? / - you may be right. this couldn't be scarier. (this couldn't be scarier.) i'm so scared! i'm really scared. let's play rock-paper-scissors. (it's to see who goes first.) ready or not, rock-paper-scissors. (junho won so he'll go last.)

- someone help me. / - rock-paper-scissors. - gosh. / - rock-paper-scissors. yes, i won! (taehyun will jump first.) (he takes out his anger on the wrong person.) are you kidding me? (on this beautiful island) i had no idea that they'd make us dive into the sea.

me neither. seagulls, shut it! (we're so scared.) i'm terrified. (stop making a scene.) (he looks defeated.) (taehyun takes a step towards the end.) (peek) oh my gosh.

(he sits back down.) i'm so scared. i can probably jump from 5m but not 6m. (taehyun gets ready to jump from 4m.) - i'm ready! / - all right. (taehyun's ready.) - let's overcome our fear. / - let's overcome our fear. i've said this already but i'm terrified. - i'll jump now. / - okay.

joonyoung, you have to jump from 6m. - i can't. / - you're our only hope. that's insane. i'm ready! - in one, two. / - my gosh. (he jumped.) my gosh. (he wakes the water up from its sleep.) i don't see him.

it must be deep. (taehyun jumped from 4m.) he quickly rose up from the water. do you think you can jump from 6m? - what? / - from 6m. i can't do that. how was it? it didn't hurt since i covered my face. it's my turn now.

(suchan's father has overcome his fear.) (meanwhile, joonyoung starts to get nervous.) just jump from 6m and get it over with. (i'm scared.) - can i jump now? / - sure. joonyoung, are you ready? i'm ready. - just jump from 6m. / - no. it's terrifying up here.

- what? / - it's terrifying. - it's so scary. / - i can't tell how high it is. isn't it fine after you jumped? standing at the edge drives you crazy. exactly. (while joonyoung hesitates,) - what are you doing? / - what's going on? you've got an audience. what's going on up there?

- joonyoung. / - jump! - jump now. / - you might die. (a devilish laugh) - why are you excited? / - i love it! i hate this. - should i jump? / - jump! - jump. / - i'm still scared. - jump. / - let's go! (he jumps as if nothing fazes him.)

(the moment he overcame his fear.) (that tingling feeling you get when you overcome fear.) there's no way i can jump from 6m. (joonyoung jumps from 4m.) what are we supposed to do? well... - did you jump? / - it's terrifying. - it's scary. / - did you jump? once you look down from the top,

the 6m point won't seem so high. (really?) (taehyun goes up to the top.) (nothing compares to this.) how can anyone jump from here? (he's currently 15m high.) you'd have to be insane. (he can't even stand on his two feet.) (it's too high.)

(he is petrified.) (meanwhile junho...) i can't jump from here. - this is insane. / - i would if i could. my heart's pounding even faster than when i met han hyojoo. junho, when are you going to jump? will you jump from 6m? jump from 4m first and then come back up.

(he goes back down to jump from 4m.) this seems like a piece of cake now. - what? / - keep looking down from here and the 4m jump will seem easy. are you going to jump from 6m? if you don't jump, everything won't make sense. you jump from 6m and i'll jump from 5m. (but it's too scary.) can we jump from 5m?

okay, i'll allow it. did you hear that? now jump. - junho. / - let's get this done. my heart's jumping out of my chest. you can easily jump from 5m. can we go first then? donggu will go first. where will you jump from? - here. / - from 6m?

- really? / - are you insane? - no way. / - let's go! - donggu, let's go. / - you can do it. check out this height. (this man at the edge of the cliff) (has just been discharged) (from the marine corps and nothing scares him.) salute! - no way. / - unbelievable.

(he jumps without hesitation.) (nothing scares the man of steel.) no way. (he gets the full points!) (take-off, form, technique, flight, entry) he didn't even hold his nose. are you good? i'm fine. all right, let's do this.

come on. jongmin, hurry up and jump. come on! can he do it? - junho, jump. / - i can't. can i jump from 4m? - jump now. / - please? you can't. our combined record won't be 15m. - i'm going to jump. / - defconn's jumping.

- i'm jumping from 6m. / - you can do it! jump then. i'll do it. - you can do it. / - let's go. here i go. (the diving pig does a 360 flip.) he almost made it to the bottom. check out the huge splash. (splash)

that was insane. (a splash like no other) (he can't balance himself.) that was very manly. you're a real man! (defconn jumped from 6m.) (the pig swims to shore like a frog.) (now there's only one left on each team.) - oh gosh. / - yes, that's how you do it.

you can do it. - jongmin. / - the team that finishes first will get to leave first. who wants to go first? our team! we will... well... - come on. / - you can do this. - i'll go first. / - okay. if jongmin jumps from 4m,

you'll receive 20 stickers. (jongmin only has to jump from 4m.) what's he eating? - i can't do it. / - what? don't be like that. - let me help you. / - i've thought at it and... (i've thought about it and i can't do it.) - i really can't. / - don't think about it. look up over there.

my legs are shaking and i can't jump. my goodness. (after a while...) (even the seagull is tired of waiting.) junho, will you jump if i do? look. (of course.) he says he'll jump if i jump. - will you attempt to jump 6m? / - yes.

- all right. / - i'll jump from here. yes, you can jump from there. - i'm going. / - okay. - junho, jump right after me. / - you need to jump. a man should keep his word. (a man should keep his word.) (i trust you, junho.) come in. (he jumps again to encourage junho.)

- junho. / - jump in. - jump in. / - this is driving me crazy. i can't do this. i can't. junho, come on. you just need to jump from there. (if junho jumps from 5m, they will get 20 stickers.) you can do this! jump! now! can't i jump from 4m?

you can do this! (junho, you got this!) we will give you a minute. if you don't jump, we'll assume that you've given up. junho, come on. jump. (sighing) - it looks low from the ground. / - that's right. - hold your nose. / - you should have jumped first. - you're right. / - you should have gone earlier on.

- nobody jumped then. / - hold your nose and jump. - you have 30 seconds left. / - junho, jump. you need to overcome this. - you're a man. you can do this. / - jongmin. (jongmin plucks up his courage.) (jongmin, really?) - you're jongmin. / - i can't! you can do this. you're jongmin. you have 10 seconds left.

should i jump with you? (you have 10 seconds left.) - should i jump with you? / - ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, - four, three... / - give me one more minute. give me 30 more seconds. junho. (although he tries, he can't take his feet off.) this is your last chance. we'll give you 10 seconds.

if you don't jump in 10 seconds, we will assume that you've given up. you can do this. - i'm going to go. / - that's it. you're nearly there. just look in front of you. just jump. (jump like this.) (if you overcome the fear of that moment,)

(you will feel thrilled.) (whether you jump lightly) (or you jump heavily,) (you can overcome the fear once you jump.) i'll count from five. this is your last chance. in five, four, three... jump. close your eyes. in three, two,

one. (i will neatly overcome my fear of heights.) i imagined myself jump. why would you imagine that? fail. i'm tired. - i can't. / - i thought i could. (both teams only receive 10 stickers each.) we'll count the stickers.

in the fear of fishing, since you caught six fish, you receive 12 stickers. you made up your mind. why couldn't you jump? it's just... - i just can't. / - goodness me. you should have jumped early. in the fear of heights, you jumped 10m. - can we? / - so you receive 10 stickers. we can only eat squid at the moment.

- don't we have 22 stickers? / - yes, 22. - squid. / - we can only have dried squid. whatever the next game is, do your best. i'll give it my all. you receive 20 stickers. what can we eat with that? - squid. dried squid. / - squid? - we can make soup from it. / - you're right. - let's aim to collect 50 stickers. / - that's right.

how many stickers do we need to eat the spicy seafood noodle soup? - we needs 50 stickers for that. / - 50 stickers. - that's the final. / - we need at least 45 stickers. we're on the boat a lot today. what's that? look at the cave. oh, my. the nature looks beautiful.

it's impressive. it looks like something cut through. (ulleung-do is a marvelous and beautiful island.) this is nice. it helps me relieve my stress. (you can relieve stress instantly.) (everywhere they go, they spot magnificent scenery.) can you see the peak in front of you? that is needle peak, the heart of ulleung-do. - needle peak. / - because it's sharp like a needle.

in front of that is the elephant rock. - elephant rock. / - it really looks like an elephant. (it is one of the magnificent sceneries in ulleung-do.) it really looks like an elephant. it even resembles the skin of an elephant. that's incredible. usually, rocks look like a figure from afar. but this looks like one from up close as well. - we have arrived at the third location. / - oh, my.

- here? / - yes. - this rock... / - i'm scared. we won't go in the water again, will we? why are we here? why are we in the middle of the ocean? this is the third location to overcome your fear. (what fear will they need to overcome now?) the third fear that you need to overcome is...

(what will you make us do in the open sea?) elephant quiz. - quiz? / - quiz? i will leave if we have to go in the water. - you startled me. / - i thought we were headed to a deserted island. - you have a fear of knowledge. / - that's right. i'm ashamed. my kids are watching this.

(to the members, a quiz is...) - begin. / - exterminate the beauties? they aren't bugs. why exterminate them? - if you meet a boar... / - attack first. (it's crucial to be funny but their image is at risk.) attack first. - hitting first is important. / - hitting first. - i'll test your knowledge on elephants. / - elephants? you're going to ask us about elephants?

spell out "elephant" in english. - correct. / - okay. - the answer is number four. / - it makes no sense. it was number four. - now, two, four, six and eight. / - my goodness. we can only eat dried squid. - what's that? / - let's begin. i'll give you the first question. elephants that weigh five tons in average

get pregnant once in four years. if so, how long is their pregnancy period? (that's a tricky question.) number one, 10 months. number two, 12 months. number three, 15 months. number four, 22 months. number five, two years. (there are five choices in total.)

how can we get that correctly? - you want us to guess, right? / - is it because we're in front of elephant rock? since it is once in four years, perhaps it's possible. - i don't think it's 10 months. / - me neither. i think elephants take longer time to grow. since it's five tons. i think it's either 12 months or two years. - it must be longer than human. / - it must be.

i think it's more reasonable for it to be two years more than humans, than two months. - let's go with two years. / - two years? we choose number five, two years. they are pregnant for two years? from what i know, you need to subtract two months from a full number of years. i asked my tour guide when i was in thailand.

you have to subtract two months. i think it was subtracting two months from a few years. - okay. / - that was quick. you're an expert on elephants. - not at all. / - still. let's trust donggu. - donggu, we trust you. / - we trust you, donggu. - you're the only one that rode an elephant. / - okay. (will it be 22 months or two years?)

it's 22 months. - oh, my. / - my goodness. (we got it right.) - he's brilliant. / - it's amazing. i passed it on to him because i didn't know. i would've scolded you if you were wrong. - that's a relief. / - since he has experience. my goodness. that's ambiguous. you shouldn't separate 22 months and 24 months.

haven't you seen an elephant pregnant for 24 months? - we will take away one sticker. / - we worked hard. taehyun jumped from 6m high. will you proceed to the next question? - yes. / - yes. the amount of fart that a person emits ranges from 250ml to 300ml. what? 300ml? - yes. / - i emit 500ml.

i might emit 1,000ml. then how much fart will an elephant emit in a day? - number one, 300ml. / - that's nonsense. number two, 100,000ml. number three, 200,000ml. number four, 300,000,000ml. number five, it doesn't fart. it only snorts. (that's ridiculous.)

i think it's number five. (thinking) i saw it poo. it poos a whole lot. i can't get a grip of the numbers. i don't understand how much they are. it can't be 300,000,000ml. - if so, it'll die. / - 300,000,000ml. that's hard to measure. how can you measure that?

an average man is 60kg. - we fart on average 300ml? / - yes. since it weighs five tons... 1,000kg is - a ton. / - yes. if you divide 5,000kg by 50. it's 100. then it's 100,000ml. - it's 100,000ml. / - are you sure? - aren't we scientists? / - we choose 100,000ml.

from what i know, elephants - defecates about 14 times a day. / - 14 times. since humans go to toilets about two times a day... how much is that? it's seven times more. let's say it's 10 times. is it two million ml? - i'll go for number three. / - i'm not sure. i think we should double the number. 100,000ml is not enough.

- number three! / - one, two, three. - number three! / - number three! elephants fart two million ml a day. - how amazing! / - you made a good analysis. - he's right. / - wow. elephants fart two million ml a day. why do they fart so much? (my goodness.)

how did they even measure it? i wonder who measured it. i'm sure several people must have died from it. (is it a fart attack?) i think ulleung-do doesn't like me. (both teams scored from two following questions.) - you know tangsuyuk game. / - yes. one of you will play with me using the word "elephant." - donggu. / - i'm in.

- donggu. / - you play it. - donggu, go for it. / - i'll give you the know-how. - no, please. / - do you know the know-how? - we learned it from joonyoung. / - you're right. (when they played tangsuyuk game in namwon,) (joonyoung passed on his know-how to them.) i'll give it a try. - hang on. / - in one, two, three. - in one, two, three. / - we don't have much time.

- we don't have time. / - in one, two, three. - you're not supposed to do it like that. / - let's go! - it's not difficult. / - you can't do that. - yes, we can. / - i'll start first. - el. / - el. - el. let me start. / - el. - do rock-paper-scissors. / - rock-paper-scissors. (the staff wins!) - good. el. / - e.

- phant. / - phant. (he was supposed to say "el.") (he doesn't even know he got it wrong.) you lost. - what are you doing? / - i should've done it. - give one back to us. / - it's all right. this is hard. - i'll do it. / - okay, you do it. - this game is for joonyoung. / - all right.

- shall i start? / - you picked the wrong person. - let me start. / - he'll definitely win. (we will see.) - el, phant. / - e, el. (it's a close match.) - el, phant, e. / - e, el, phant. (you're good.) (he's concentrating.) - el, e. / - e, e.

(he was supposed to say "phant.") - wait, someone said it wrong. / - you said it wrong. he got it wrong. - see? / - he said it wrong. - he doesn't even know what's wrong. / - he lost. - he doesn't know. / - he had no idea what he said. he doesn't know exactly but he realized it was wrong. (they get three stickers, thanks to joonyoung.) - joonyoung is the best. / - i knew it.

- you're awesome. / - i knew it. ulleung-do seems to fit you. you win. (the mission at the elephant rock is over.) the scenery here is beautiful. (they take a picture.) (we overcame the fear of quiz.) - let's go to the last mission spot. / - another one? (before they go to the next place...)

of course we should experience the elephant's nostril. it's 300m high. - it's huge. / - wow. (its surface looks like elephant wrinkles.) get the energy of the elephant. (they go with the energy of the elephant.) (the sunset glows red.) (samseonam is) (one of the three beautiful sceneries here.)

(it looks amazing.) (they pass by samseonam, which has an amazing story.) what is with this bridge? that bridge looks awesome. we're now at today's last mission spot. yeondo bridge connects ulleung-do and gwaneum-do. this is another island. (yeondo bridge connects ulleung-do and gwaneum-do.) (this 140m high bridge is only for pedestrians.)

there's a bridge over there. - what? / - it's connecting the islands. (they can see yeondo bridge clearly from a distance.) we're going to that bridge. why? the bridge is called yeondo bridge. are we bungee jumping there? you'll know when we get there. you failed the diving mission earlier.

no way, jongmin. it can't be true. (they're getting close to the bridge.) i can't believe it. why are we going there? i was right. i said they will make us jump - on a bridge between two islands. / - i can't do this. the last fear to overcome is fear of exercise.

what? (overcoming the fear of exercise) (they're incredibly physically weak.) whenever you climb, run or play soccer, you suffer and encounter difficulty in breathing. you wanted to avoid such activities. from now on, you're going to fight back the fear and train your lungs and heart. we're going to play "yeondo relay."

we might run on here back and forth. this bridge is 140m long. you should pass a piece of snack to the next person. a seagull will receive the snack... (a seagull?) from the last person. (they need to give the snack to a seagull.) they're here. hurry up. give us the snack.

(team pumpkin candy is also here.) let's start now! - let's see. / - we should pick a good one. if the snack breaks, you should start over. - we should pick one piece. / - stop eating. (he checks if the seagull will like it.) i'm just checking the taste. give me one more. you're not supposed to eat it. (they eat under a cloak of caring for the seagull.)

it looks delicious. let's go! we'll go for it right away. - hurry up. / - what are you doing? - wow. / - what is it? if you make it within one minute, you get 10 stickers. if you make it within 50 seconds, you get 15 stickers. if you make it within 30 seconds, you get 50 stickers. - it means 30 seconds is an impossible record. / - yes.

- team onae onae will go first. / - okay. - let's go for 30 seconds. / - if you fail... we can make it in 30 seconds! a seagull is already waiting for us. great! (hurrah!) (he tries to communicate with the seagull.) ready, - steady, go. / - try your best. (the first runner, joonyoung starts running.)

- wow. / - go! (he hands the snack to the next person.) it's almost there. it's coming. stay there. take it. hey, come here. gosh, it's not coming. - it's not coming. / - come here.

(why do you not eat it?) - it's too far away, / - junho, how about this one? (this seagull has been watching the whole situation.) (wait there. i'm coming.) (i brought your favorite snack.) (well...) just give it to the bird. put it in its mouth. (i'll bring it to your beak.) (no thanks.)

it moved to the right. (the seagull knows how to play a game.) (i brought this from seoul for you.) (please eat it.) oh, it's coming. it will eat the snack. (please eat this so that i can have dinner.) (it's none of my business.) you failed.

- the game is over. / - how is this possible? they don't come. - let's go for it! / - let's do this! ready, go! (the first runner is donggu.) go! (he sprints.) he's so fast. (donggu passes the snack to jongmin.)

(he seems to run with his mouth.) (defconn makes a sound of seagulls.) you should be quiet. don't be loud. they won't come. (the seagull isn't friendly at all.) wow. (time goes by.) - here you go. / - time's up. you failed. - what is this? / - seriously, what is this?

we can't do this. it's just impossible. (to overcome fear of exercise,) (they sprinted through wind.) he's fast! (they're warriors of ulleung-do, fighting their fear.) oh, gosh. (they keep) (running.) (they're doing a lot of exercise today.)

(sun goes down.) (the seagulls are cold.) what is going on? (they can't do anything but watch.) seagulls must be blind at night. they don't see the snack. some seem to be interested but they don't eat it. we can't shoot when it's dark. let's change the rule. - okay. / - the prize is five stickers.

- five stickers sound good. / - you must feel bad. you should make up for it by winning this game. one of you will go into gwaneum-do. - they should do it. / - two of you... at least one person should make up for it. the two of you will close your eyes and will choose one finger. - sounds good. / - and, - one person... / - i will bite and cut it.

- i will seriously bite it and eat it. / - this is fun. this is going to be fun. i will chew it and swallow it. i'll eat your whole hand. which one should we pick? - you decide. / - okay. - don't try to play any games. / - we put it on. i also have the snack on. i have no clue.

what you were thinking just now is the answer. - what did you think just now? / - one, two, three... just now. no, the one before. - the one from five seconds ago. / - if i were junho, i would make it simple. - that's right. / - therefore... i'll go with this one. i've made my decision too. - go with it. / - in one, two, three.

- forefinger. / - thumb. - forefinger? / - forefinger and thumb? forefinger and thumb. show your hand. - bring the finger closer. / - where is it? wait. put it in on the count of three. - in one, two, three. / - which will it be? in one, two, three. (their finger might end up in the other's mouth.)

(they both failed.) (soon after,) (the tug of war with fingers begin.) (it feels like you lose if you let go first.) let go. it hurts so much. - it hurts too much. / - this is the second round. they'll guess right this time. they will.

they'll be able to find it this time. - thumb. / - ring finger. thumb and ring finger. - you guys are real rivals. / - thumb and ring finger. - open your mouth. / - get ready. go. (even with the snack) go. (their tug of war becomes fiercer.) (they came to overcome fear but they added another.)

it's a draw. - they gave it their all. / - of course. they're amazing. look at the bite mark. it hurts. look at the bite mark. let's go with toes this time. (he is skillful with words.) sit down. - let's go till the end. / - it hurts.

do left or right hand. (left hand or right hand.) it has a 50-50 chance. it makes me nervous. - left hand or right hand? / - yes. - like this? / - yes. (on the yeondo bridge where darkness has fallen,) (a game of left hand or right hand begins.) - where should i put it? / - go behind.

- you choose. / - no. you need to choose. it's up to you. - where? / - really? (oh, my.) - my goodness. / - if i'll try to be tricky, it's this. if not, it's this. (one more dish, please.) what are you doing? this is hilarious.

- defconn. / - my goodness. turn around. place your hands in front and turn around. hold your hands up. both your hands. we have nothing to lose. (laughing) (but jongmin does something too.) they think alike.

- what? / - you two are - the rivals of the century. / - in one, two, three. - left hand. / - right hand. left hand and right hand. (they both chose the finger without the snack.) get ready. - get ready. / - get set. go. (the nightmare becomes a reality.) no.

it was on your left hand? this is annoying. how can you two think alike? (what do you mean?) (that means...) - wet wipes please. / - use another one. wet wipes. - let's go clean this time. / - let's be clean. - let's go clean. / - yes. we were too dirty.

let's go clean. (they agree on playing clean.) - you two are just... / - let's go. they'll guess correctly this time. - they will. / - i think so too. it will surely end at this round. - left hand. / - left hand. in one, two, three. go. (what will it be?)

(junho guessed correctly.) we won. he is indeed lucky. he gets it right at least once. (he is an adventurer.) (he gets annoyed.) (team onae onae receives five stickers.) (overcome our fears special) i'm so tired.

we have overcome our fear, right? - we have. / - they should at least give one team yakso bulgogi. we need to introduce the food to the viewers. they would think there are only squids in ulleung-do. they won't come here. we need to try the spicy seafood noodle soup. - we should. / - you're right. then people would want to come here.

director. we agreed that we need to introduce yakso bulgogi and the soup. it's not just to enjoy but to deliver information. if we just show the squid, people will say... "i won't go there." - they won't come. / - "there are only dried squids." they won't come visit. (at that moment)

why are there so many police officers? did something happen? this makes me scared. (did something happen on the island?) (they end the long trip.) finally. it's 10 p.m. (let's go eat.) squid intestine soup.

- where? / - limpet kalguksu looks tasty. (squid intestine soup, yakso bulgogi,) (deodeok squid bulgogi, grilled octopus and pork belly) (and more) (we wanted to introduce the delicacies of ulleung-do.) both teams only have limpet kalguksu. (both teams earned till limpet kalguksu.) that's a pity. limpet kalguksu is ready.

where? (it's one of the best food in ulleung-do.) what is the soup made of? (limpet kalguksu tastes good.) - it smells good. / - it looks like curry. (although it is not a feast,) it tastes good. (they gulp down the dish.) (it's tasty.)

i usually don't prefer sweet food. could someone describe the taste? okay. i got it. (please show me how it's done.) (how will he describe the food?) oh, my. wait. i can't do it. you can't use that. (exclamations are not allowed today.) (jongmin takes another bite and tries again.)

it's refreshing. it opens my eyes wide. the taste... the smell of the ocean hits my nose. it opens my eyes wide. - it feels like that. / - it widens your eyes? what does that mean? what did he say? you need to be honest. though this is unfamiliar, my mother's grandfather...

my mother's grandfather. it reminds me of my mother's grandfather. i got a warm feeling towards it. only few dishes stimulate such feeling. donggu go ahead. (donggu is the only trustworthy person.) - i've gone fishing for limpet. / - you have. when i tried to catch it, - it stuck hard to the rock. / - yes, it did.

i can feel that strength. it tastes rewarding. it tastes like the ocean rock. (it tastes like the ocean rock.) donggu's description was the best yet. you told us on the way here that we need to introduce the delicacies of ulleung-do. unfortunately, you only got few dishes. it is quite unfortunate.

- we have another dish prepared. / - another one? do you mean the spicy seafood noodle soup? we have it prepared. (they won't be getting it for free though.) it's deodeok squid bulgogi. (it's an opportunity to try deodeok squid bulgogi.) that's it. shall we begin? - we need to get this. / - we do.

we need this no matter what. - how about word relay? / - let's go with word relay. - word relay? / - we'll go with word relay. it needs to be three letters. three letters? - once you repeat a word, it's over. / - okay. my house. postman. (it's time to attack.)

in three, two... primitive man. - primitive man? / - yes. insadong. - three, two... / - how can you think that instantly? club activity. - he said club activity. / - club activity. can it be a proper noun? no, it can't.

lee hyori. lee hyori. it was allowed in another program. are proper nouns allowed? - lee hyori. / - ri. - barbershop. / - that's it. (barbershop) - firehouse. / - yes. seo. seo hyorim.

- okay. / - hyorim. - rim kkeokjeong. / - rim. jung doohong. i've never heard of that name before. - what is he famous for? / - wooden roller. wooden roller. - wooden roller. / - ggae? frivolous. - jeong. / - jeong dojeon.

- jeon. / - jeon. (there are many words that begins with jeon.) in one, two. - three. / - jeon yeongsu. - what? / - you failed. who's jeon yeongsu? i know a person called jeon yeongsu. - i know a person. / - who is it? who is that person?

he's my uncle. - he was on two days and one night too. / - he was. she is his aunt. (when they all went to jongmin's hometown...) i take after my mother. he's famous since he was on two days and one night. you can't say that you've forgotten already. how could you not remember my uncle? he isn't famous.

thank you. deodeok. (it's spicy and it goes well with rice.) (it's deodeok squid bulgogi.) - my goodness. / - that's victory onion. please enjoy it with victory onion. (the scent of victory onion stimulates their appetite.) victory onion tastes great with meat. (thanks for the information.)

it tastes great. (it's good.) - is it tasty? / - yes. this is it. i think this is what they call "bittersweet." that's how i taste it. (i want to eat it.) it's really delicious. (do you want a bite?)

(you're not getting any.) (he's sad.) - we should never team up like this. / - right? - yes. / - never again. you shouldn't be the one to say that. (they both need to be avoided.) (it'll be the same thing either way.) will there be another team game for tonight? i guess there's none.

(are you telling me to sleep outside?) - defconn, we'll be a team forever. / - don't say that. (ulleung-do is covered with the night's darkness.) - camp fire. / - fire. are we going in the fire? - are we? / - who can stay in the longest? that's wrong. - wow. / - it's so nice. - wow. / - it's so warm.

- ♪ we'll gather around ♪ / - ♪ we'll gather around ♪ (they can't help but sing.) - ♪ our stories ♪ / - ♪ our stories ♪ (the night in ulleung-do is full of emotions.) today you came to ulleung-do and you looked around. - did you enjoy it? / - it was so good. - it was so eventful. / - it's so beautiful. i was surprised with the big rocks.

the boulders were outstanding. - it has beautiful layers. / - we were the only ones at the sea. it felt like we owned the island. (it's a day that they won't forget.) - we rode on a boat and... / - it was great. i was amazed by the beauty of nature. here at the mysterious ulleung-do, we have the "sleeping indoors or outdoors" game left. do we have to get over our fears to sleep?

it's known for five abundant things and missing three. it's five abundant things and three missing things. there are five things they have a lot of, - and three things they're missing. / - is it rocks? rock, water, wind, juniper, and beautiful ladies are the five. i thought it was victory onions. there were a lot of beautiful ladies. the three things they're missing are pollution,

- snakes, and thieves. / - they don't have snakes? - those are the three. / - no snakes? - what's pollution? / - bad climate. bad air. it's like fine dust. actually, there are more things they're missing. - they don't have wild boars, / - really? - rats, / - what about goats? - and also homeless people. / - the homeless.

there are abundant natural resources here. we'll play "sleeping indoors or outdoors" by selecting three things this island doesn't have. - did they bring snakes for us? / - no snakes. we might have to catch snakes. it's a game about what ulleung-do doesn't have. we'll play three games. - you'll play individually. / - individually? (disappointed and relieved)

(i don't care either way.) every winner from each game will earn a point. the top three individuals with most points will sleep indoors. - the rest will sleep outside. / - the room's nice. - yes. / - it's too cold today. i just told you that there are no thieves. today, there were two reports of theft

- to the ulleung-do police. / - i saw it earlier. to the ulleung-do police. i saw it earlier. (why are there so many police officers?) is it a violent crime? what is it? (what happened in ulleung-do?) we saw a lot of police officers earlier. - they were doing an inspection. / - yes. what did they steal?

then they have thieves. (that's not what i'm getting at.) - was it a coincidence? / - they do have thieves. i was thinking of catching the thief. - what? / - that's dangerous. what was that? you were acting? i'm speechless. the first game is called, "let's catch the thief." according to the report,

- one of you is the thief. / - there's a thief? really? did you prepare it without telling us? - did you choose someone? / - did you set it up? maybe they already said that someone's the thief. - no one said anything to me. / - then you're not it. - you're not it. / - i didn't hear anything. - me neither. / - they're so good at acting. - i didn't hear anything either. / - wow. it looks like you heard it.

- your acting's so bad. / - it's so obvious. we'll now have a draw. - they didn't start yet. / - no. - i'm sorry. / - i'm sorry. sorry. from the draw, you'll find out if you're the thief or the police. (thief or the police?) do we have to run? is it like tag?

what do we do? tell us. either you're the thief or the police. the thief must act like you're not one. the police must find the thief and point him out. you'll vote on the thief. - vote on who you think is the thief. / - yes, or no. yes, or no. if you're wrong, the thief gets a point. - the rest of you won't get any. / - nothing?

- should i go first? / - yes, go. then the thieves should communicate with each other. what if you get caught? then you're done. you have to do it secretly. (what will joonyoung pick?) okay, defconn. - i'm worried about jongmin. / - bang, bang, bang.

- why is he saying that? / - bang, bang. - why is he doing that? / - bang, bang. - what was that? / - this is so confusing. - can i have it? / - give it to me. (what will defconn play?) (tension arises.) - bang, bang, bang. / - bang, bang. (singing) (they keep making the sound of a gun.)

(taehyun goes next.) bang. (is taehyun a police or a thief?) - defconn is a police for sure. / - come on. (i'm certain about this.) (they're doing the same thing to avoid suspicion.) what is it? you're suspicious. - i think taehyun is a police. / - all right.

i think they are all police so far. why did you keep making that sound? - because i'm police. / - because we're police. do i have to do it, too? bang, bang, bang. donggu looked at his paper for too long. right? he has a high chance of becoming a thief. (what is junho's fate?) freeze. - everyone, freeze. / - he's a thief.

bang, bang, bang. (it's too funny.) i'm always like this. (what will bad actor jongmin play?) you should watch your words. it's dangerous. i can tell right away. (ulleung-do was peaceful) (until six strangers drafted here.) i'm sorry, but i have nothing to say.

you just gave him a sign, right? he's the thief. he's the thief. i'm looking at the people that accuse me. if you move, i'll shave off your eyebrow. why is the police trying to catch me? (the thief is among us.) now that you know your identity, - we'll... / - why did you touch your ear? - why did you do that? / - why did you touch your chin?

my ear is itchy. why do you have your hand like that? he's sitting just like him. there are two people with their hands like that. why don't you all do it then? - this is confusing. / - what's that? why the lips? i was touching my beard. - it's the beard. / - why did you two spread your legs? - their legs are spread. / - the angle's the same.

did it say what you should do on the paper? let's choose donggu. (did he just reveal himself?) donggu is suspicious. it's him. - why are you doing this? / - listen to me. i didn't make any sense and he answered me. - no, no. if it's going to be like this... / - he... i'm going to be voted out. i'll die. but,

you should watch people who accused me. - it's donggu. / - i'll just die. this guy started talking a lot. - me? / - this guy started talking a lot. he looked suspicious when he sang the song. why would he reveal that he's a police? - because i'm the police. / - i wouldn't have done it, but he did it. i felt like i had to. do the thieves know each other?

- do they? / - did they exchange - signals yet? / - maybe they didn't try yet. what's this? i don't think they gave signals yet. - why did you scratch your neck? / - what's that? - why did you scratch your neck? / - right. you two just exchanged glances, right? i saw him look at joonyoung. - is this love? / - what are you talking about?

- what's with you? / - it's love. i'm not the thief. he's definitely a thief. he's trying to corner me. he's a thief for sure. his chance of being a thief is 157,000 percent. i think it's defconn and jongmin. tell us a reason why you're not the thief. i'm really not a thief. (that's it?) that's your reason? is that it?

- who are you, then? / - hold on. - he could be dazed. / - he's so obvious. he could be dazed. - can you bet 1,000 dollars? / - if you doubt me... - can you shave your beard? / - 1,000 dollars. (we all know what the beard means to him.) (it's the rapper's pride.) this is really horrific. (his only fear is shaving.)

- it's horrible. / - if i'm the thief, i'll shave off my eyebrow. (why is he so random?) - he's the thief. / - he's the one. if i'm the thief, i'll shave off an eyebrow. prepare a shaver. - sit back down. / - don't do this to each other. - defconn was surprised. / - let's kill him. i think the one that always points out

someone is probably the thief. - why? / - who pointed me out the most? - we'll think about it after you die. / - don't. - you'll regret it if you do. / - did you send signs? how can you die without sending any signs? why did you ask him about the signs? are you asking him why he hasn't sent it yet? he's waiting for the sign. are you asking why he didn't send a sign to you?

it's taehyun. taehyun. - in one, two, three. taehyun. / - taehyun. - in one, two, three. / - in one, two, three. - kill him. / - everyone voted - that taehyun is the thief. / - identify yourself. - please identify yourself. / - in one, two, three. (is he really a thief pretending to be a police?) - are you the thief? / - i'm a police. (they attacked their own team member.)

(the result) i'll kill you all. he is definitely a police. why weren't you so motivated then? - why did you act like that? / - you weren't active. tell me about it. i asked just because i was curious. - what? / - what are you talking about? hey, this was too easy.

why didn't you show me the sign? are you sure you know the rules? his sign was... you should watch your mouth. - what happens now? / - now, you're killed. the game will be over if we kill one more police. (who are you?) - am i dead now? / - i think it's junho.

- i think it's donggu. / - seriously it's not me. i'm not the thief. listen. - let's sum it up. / - it's defconn, then. let's think about it first. i thought we were supposed to communicate with signs. - the one who knew how it's done was... / - hang on. if you think about it... i suddenly feel like it's donggu. i told you it's donggu. i think it's him.

he keeps pushing it. - i will bet then. / - what will you bet? the staff... - what? / - look! - he's flustered! / - look at him! - look. he's flustered. / - i mean it. bring me my wallet. - why do you need your wallet? / - come on. i just can't think of the word.

let's vote now. that thing you do when you go to the island. - that thing. i will do it. / - i'm sure it's him. (let's vote now.) - joonyoung. / - it's not me. - donggu! / - let me prove it. - donggu! / - i forgot the word. get back to your senses, donggu! - it's joonyoung! / - i'm not the thief.

- you're being tricked. / - it's donggu. - it's donggu. / - donggu! trust me. junho and i don't think it's you. - we're three and they're two. / - okay. - it's joonyoung. / - we should decide if we kill joonyoung first or jongmin first. it's defconn. - i get it. / - it's one of you two. - it's one of you two. / - i will shave my eyebrows.

- what will you shave? / - shave all your beard. i'll do brazilian wax! (i'll do brazilian wax.) i will do brazilian wax. (is it for celebrating the olympics in rio?) - i'll do brazilian wax. / - he's the thief. i will forgive your sins. if i'm the thief, i'll do brazilian wax. i've always wanted to shave his beard.

- i promise i'll do brazilian wax. / - it's not him. you are the thief. i'll shave my head if i'm the thief. take a seat. joonyoung seems to stay quietly. is taehyun not allowed to say a single word? he's not allowed to speak. i'm sorry. i don't have anything to say. i'm not even sure what's going on.

i don't know why i'm killed. i don't care who it is, - but i'd like to see someone shaving. / - the thief... let's spot one person each. who do you think it is? i'm a bit confused. i think it could be donggu or junho. junho doesn't say much. i think the thief will push others because he has nothing to say.

i saw jongmin eyeing him. i thought maybe it's out of love, but... - love? / - i think not. it looked like they were communicating. it felt like that. i think we should definitely vote for jongmin. - i'm definitely not the thief. / - me neither. we all look like thieves. donggu, who do you think it is?

i think it's defconn. i don't think it's defconn. - the thief must be quiet. / - no. i think it's him since he insists that it's me. - i think it's definitely joonyoung. / - it's him. do you know why? because i'm a police. - i'm a police. / - why do you say it's me, then? why do you say you're a police? you're strange. - i'm a police. / - i'm a police.

- hey! / - i'm a police. hey, what are you talking about? - you must be the thief! / - no, i'm not. - you're the thief. / - you looked suspicious earlier. - i said i'm a police. / - i was a police. - i was a police. / - i was talking to - the warden yesterday. / - it said, "you're a police." "please keep peace in ulleung-do." raise your hand if you read such a sentence.

(taehyun asks a leading question.) (he looks hesitant.) you were a bit late. - come here. / - you're late. seriously, i'm not. i didn't hear you. i think he's suspicious. he keeps accusing me. i think it's either those two or those two. - what are you talking about? / - let's kill him first.

it's you two. you keep helping each other. - but... / - don't you think so? - i was helping him? / - will you believe me now? show us then. - i'll believe you if you cut your hair. / - why? he's overreacting. he's the thief. (i got you, thief.) - he's overreacting. / - i got you. - what are you talking about? / - my goodness.

- we found the thief! / - i think it's him. you said you will shave everything if you're the thief. i did. this is an amazing pledge. - he's suspicious. / - seriously. - let's vote for defconn. / - yes! - let's do this. / - wait a minute. - what are you doing? / - you should be careful. you sillies, you should decide very carefully!

- you should be more careful. / - who is the police? - i'm not the thief. / - who's the police? defconn is the thief. in one, two, three. (they end up voting.) - in one, two, three. / - wait! (they all think he's the thief except jongmin.) oh, no! defconn is the police. - go back to your seats, please. / - he's a police.

if he's a police, the game is over. if he's the thief, we'll go on. - could he even be the thief? / - he's the thief. - he's the thief. / - he's the thief. you're the thief, right? this is frustrating. i'm... i will do brazilian wax! will you believe me now?

show us cutting your hair. he's overreacting. he must be the thief. (is he the thief who secretly sneaked into the police?) (if he's a police, the game is over.) (how is it going to be?) i'm a police. (they picked a wrong person again.) - what is that? / - it's confusing.

(defconn was a police.) tell me one reason you are not a thief. (he was not a thief as he said.) what are you saying? - defconn is indeed a police. / - i am a police. who is the thief then? the thief won this game. now the game is over, tell us who he is. joonyoung, are you a police or a thief?

(is he a thief or a police?) i'm a police. (joonyoung was also a police.) ("you're a police. please catch all the thieves.") (who is the thief then?) if i'm the thief, i'll shave my one eyebrow. he must be the thief. let's vote for donggu. - what are you saying? / - he looks suspicious.

i'm not the thief. i just couldn't think of the word. why do you say you're police? you're suspicious. the thief would push others. (identify yourselves.) - you're the thief, right? / - i'm a police. great job... great job with your right ear. see! i told you it's these two. (reconstruction of the ulleung-do theft case)

(those two were the thieves.) (they checked the secret sign to recognize each other.) did you confirm your role? (they touched their right ears to send the sign.) why did you just touch your ear? - it was scratchy. / - why do you touch your chin? - why do you touch your lip? / - i'm touching my beard. why are you two spreading your legs? even the angle is similar.

as soon as i touched my right ear, he asked me. (his heart jumped.) i just said my ear was itchy. i told you many times that it's donggu. i also told you it's them. i had a feeling it's them. he kept touching his ear. i tried to make it look subtle. when i was about to touch my ears, taehyun asked me

why i did that. i said it was itchy. it was really hard to help you when they suspected you. (they were close to being revealed because of donggu.) was it written what you are supposed to do? i'm sure it's donggu. then watch out for the people who find me suspicious. it's definitely him! i will bet everything on it. come to your senses, donggu!

- calm down. / - it must be joonyoung! i think it's definitely joonyoung. i kept accusing joonyoung to save him. taehyun, did you understand the game by the way? i don't understand. he doesn't understand anything. i'm so shocked that the funniest thing isn't happening. (he was looking forward to see him waxing.) i was looking forward to it.

(he doesn't have to do it because he's not the thief.) he's not a thief. since you were quiet, it was easy to accuse you. - you accused him, right? / - yes, i did. why did you not give me the sign? why do you not give us the sign? it's cha taehyun! tell us one reason you aren't the thief. i'm really not the thief.

(his question made defconn give a silly answer.) (donggu looked already awkward.) - i think i know it. / - defconn is the thief. ("ulleung-do," the men play an intensive mind game.) ulleung-do has no crime, but two thieves survived here. it's not a happy ending, but it's the thieves' victory anyway. - congratulations. / - awesome. are we going to sleep now?

(they're exhausted from the game.) (the game isn't over.) (next week) it's a summer special episode, "summer vacation." (the members are on a summer break.) (a childish summer vacation) (for today, they will be immature children.) (you're dead meat once i get you.) why are you interrupting our game?

push harder. (see you next week.) ("i like u too much" by sonamoo) ("a girlfriend" by vromance)

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