Thursday, 10 November 2016

3 beauty must haves

hi guys, welcome back to my channel!today, i am going to do my top favorite nyx cosmetics picks.i did a video on my top 5 or top 6 i believe, a while i thought it would be fun to update that video and give you some updated pick's ofmine. i still love all the products that i mentionedin the other video, but i have more products. and i'm not going to give you a number, becausei have a pretty good number amount of stuff here.i do want to mention some of the things that i think are worth it to add on your wish list!so, let's get started! we are starting off with the face.i am going to mention this nyx illuminator.

this one is in ritualistic - ibb04this is a highlight. i'm wearing it on my cheeks today and i love this highlighter somuch! i've been using the city color cosmetics highlighter a lot.i just love the gold that it gives on my face. it does look white, like an off white color— in the pan. but when you apply it to your face, it isjust perfect! i love the glow it gives me. and i'm going to be rocking this during thewinter time too! i don't care! fall/winter, i'm going to be glowy! next, i'm going to mention a concealer fromnyx — i love concealers! this concealer is not a skin tone concealer,this is the orange clay concealer… is that

what it's called?"dark circle concealer" its like a clay. i mentioned this before in a few videos, thati absolutely love this and i still do! it's in a jar. it has an orange tint to it,so it's going to help remove any dark circles under your eyes or any discoloration thatyou have on your skin. — like, acne scaring or anything like that. and i used that alsotoday to cover up some acne scaring i had here and underneath my eyes.this is perfect! its long lasting, long wearing and easy to blend! add this to your wish listif you are on your way to ulta! it's going to be great! now, i have to mention these two babies, theyare the only one's i have. i definitely want

to get more of's called the ulta pearl mania — these are pear pigments from nyx.the color rust is my all time favorite color ever!i am wearing it on my lids, like, i applied it on my lids in a foiled type of method.i basically just put this on a brush, sprayed my brush with some face setting spray andjust packed it on to give me more of a metallic look.and i have it on my eyelids right now — and i love it!i also got the one in… what color is this? i don't even know! its like a purple color,i haven't had much time to work with it yet. it's not as pigmented as this one, it's moreof an iridescent color; i'm sure i would put

this on top of a different shadow.but for the most part, on these two that i've tried, i absolutely love them! so i highlyrecommend that you add these to your cart! now, i've had this pencil for a very longtime. this is the jumbo eye pencil in milk.every body and their momma loves this pencil. including myself! i love it so much!you can use this as a eyeshadow base, which i do all the time! you basically just applyit to your lids and blend it out with your fingers or a's going to make whatever color that you are putting on your lids or whatever areayou are putting it on face, that much more vibrant.

this is called the roll on shimmer.this is the first one i've ever tried. i don't have anymore.i love the color payoff it gives me! it's so shimmery and so beautiful! this coloris called almond, it's so pretty! you can layer it on top of an eyeshadow, you can wearit alone you can use it as a highlight, you can use it on your lips!you can use it on so much! and it is just perfect!so basically, what you can do is, roll it on the back of your hand, tap it on the lidswith your finger, or you can use a brush. just spray it with some mac fix+ or even aface setting spray like i do — because i don't have fix+ nad it's going to be perfect!

so now, we are going to move on to some lipproducts that i have been loving all summer long!this one is my ultimate favorite lip gloss. this was the very first lip gloss i've evertried from nyx. — not this particular one, but the color.this gloss is a nyx mega shine lipgloss and it's one of the perfect nude glosses.this was actually the only nude i could find that really worked with my face, before iwas introduced to city color cosmetics. i love this gloss so much! i can use it aloneand its perfect! the scent… it smells really good! it doesn't smell bad at all!i love the way it glides. it is a little sticky, i don't like that, but i'm willing to sacrificestickiness for the color that matches my skin

tone. next are, the butter glosses by nyx.everyone loves the glosses, so i have to mention it if you haven't tried nyx before.check out the two colors specific, creme brule and vanilla cream pie. they're just so perfect, easy everyday lipproducts; but the colors are so beautiful! it's easy and creamy to blend. it's not stickylike the mega shine lipgloss. they're actually not sticky at all to me.and they don't dry out my lips. and like i said, perfect for every day!check out these lip glosses! next, are the matte lipsticks these are theround lipstick i believe.

this one is in the color hippie chic? i don'tknow! its like a nice peach, coral color and it is so beautiful! its matte, so you haveto make sure that you exfoliate your lips before applying this color. and the next oneis forbidden. i like to mixx these two together, to makethe perfect look for my skin tone. and the last product… i know! the last product,is a butter lipstick. this one is in the color lollies! (sings:she says she wants my lollies… okay,i need to stop!) this is my first time trying a butter lipstick,i didn't really care for the butter lipstick thing, but when i tried it, i understood it.sometimes you don't understand until your

try is perfect! it is like the butter glosses, but in lipstick form.thats all it is. so if you get one or the other, it's no bigdeal. this one has more of a satin type of finish.and they are more sheer than the matte lipsticks or the round lipsticks that nyx carries.but i really do love it no less! it's hydrating to the lips, it blends outeasily and its perfect just like the butter lip glosses! alright, my loves, hopefully you enjoyed thisvideo and you found some new products that you would want to add into your cart. if youhave any questions, leave them in the comments

down below! and for the question if the video,i would like to know what your favorite nyx product is!leave it in the comments, cause i want to know! i'm always looking at the nyx section…when i go into ulta, that is the first place i go — to the nyx section, because i wantto see if there is anything new and anything worth it to bring to you guys! so, if thereis anything you want me to review, or you thought about purchasing but just, wasn'tsure… leave it in the comments! i will link my firstvideo for my favorite nyx products, down below in the description bar! make sure that yougive this video a likety like! if you did enjoy it! and please share it with your google+!as you always do! and thank you to everyone

who shares it with their google+! i appreciateit so much! and make sure that you are subscribed for new videos, every tuesday and thursday!i'll see you in the next one! byessss!!!!

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