Friday, 11 November 2016

3 beauty spots in a row

hi everyone! i'm super happy to have anothernail art video for you today. we are going to make 5 cute designs and the only tool you'regoing to need is a toothpick. so, we're going to make a flower, a splatter design, gradientdots, leopard print, and googly eyes. sounds great? let's get started!you can make countless different nail designs using a toothpick. as said, i am going toshow you five of them today. let's kick off by applying a base coat to protect our nails- this must be a first step in any manicure. first design is a leopard print, but to makeit a bit different and funky i am switching usual brown shades for something brighter!apply two coats of white polish to begin with. while we are at it, let's learn a little toothpicktrick: toothpicks normally have a very pointy

end, which is great if you want to make tinydots. but if you would like to create larger dots, simply cut one end with scissors. makea few bigger red dots on your nail, leaving enough space between each. the circles don'thave to be perfect! dot several times in a row to make the print big enough if you needto. now, go in with a black polish and outline the red dots by making some brackets and somec shapes around them randomly. here, i am making brackets around the dot, but here idecided to make a c shape. don't worry if some larger areas appear blank, we are goingto fill them in a sec! leopard spots grouped in circles are called rosettes. leopard'shead and legs are covered in black spots only, while the rosettes, which are those bracketsand c shape patches, cover the rest of the

leopard's body. just make black patches anddots where you find an empty space. the spotted coat allows leopard to blend in with surroundingtrees and bushes. if you want a fun design which never goes out of fashion leopard printis the way to go! lastly, apply a generous amount of a fast drying top coat. i paintedan entire hand in this design. i switched the red for different colors on each fingerand it looks amazing, don't you think? now let's make a splatter design! start offwith any background color of your choice; i went for a minty green which is one of myfavorite colors. then pick two colors for splatters. my first color is white. try choosingsomething in contrast with the background. if the splash is too similar to the backgroundcolor the design won't turn out as pretty.

draw a splash by gently dotting and draggingthe toothpick. i'm basically painting a rounded shape with thinner splashes reaching out.keep the ends of splashes rounded to get this cute cartoon splatter. around the splatterdraw a few dots here and there to represent the drops. then make another splatter on theother side of the nail! i have place for only two but you can make more splashes if youwant! for any design in this tutorial, you don't need to have the same colors of polishesas me, just use what you have at home and the final results will be just as gorgeous!here you can make splashes on all of the nails or just on one as an accent nail! this oneis just so old school! i love how this nail design turned out, so summery and fresh!third is this lovely flower design, perfect

for all you girly girls out there. i thinkit looks absolutely adorable! apply two coats of white polish to start off. then make afew larger hot pink dots all over the nail and make sure you leave enough space betweenthem for leafs. they don't need to be perfect or same sizes. we can find flowers of allshapes and sizes! next draw smaller lilac dots on top and make a swirl so that the twocolors mix together in a spiral shape. you can add a few more petals to make the flowersa bit bigger and bolder like me. time to draw some leafs. take a green polish and draw twooval patches next to each flower, one on each side. for some highlighting add a hint oflight pink to each flower, this will give some dimension and the flowers will look morerealistic. same with leafs -- highlight them

with a slightly different shade of green.i am using minty green this time, but if you have a darker green the effect will turn outeven better. on my to do list: - need to buy some dark green polish! seal the design witha fast drying top coat! this one is the most girly and vintage looking out of the five!i like it a lot! for my next design i am making googly eyes!start off with any darker nail polish color. i am using this medium blue as i think blackwould be a bit too harsh for the summer. then draw pairs of white dots with a can make as many pairs as you like. i like a lot of them as you can tell! you canmake the eyes bigger if you prefer too! now you need to make smaller black dots insidethe white ones. i like to point both black

dots of each pair in the same direction sothat you can see which eyes belong to a pair. don't worry if your toothpick is not rounded- mine has actually a triangular shape. dip it in a polish a few times and let it dry.your toothpick will get a perfect rounded tip! apply a fast drying top coat and yourgoogly eyes design is complete! lastly i am making this gradient dots design, which isso cute and summery because of the bright colors. start off with two coats of whitepolish. i am using two colors of polish for the dots, but you can use as many colors asyou like. start making larger dots on the tip of the nail. dots must be smaller andsmaller as you move up. also, make sure that dots are more concentrated on the tip andless concentrated towards the top of the nail.

this will create a nice gradient effect. switchthe nail polish color and dot it on the blank areas, still making larger and more concentrateddots on the tip. don't worry if some dots overlap! i think the combination of this peachyorange and green polish is so beautiful! you can already stop here and leave the upperpart of the nail white! i like it so much already. anyway, i decided to show you howthe design looks if you dot the whole nail surface! see how i am making tiny little dotshere. after dipping the toothpick into the polish, dot a few times on a piece of a plasticbag or something, this way the majority of polish is gone and with what is left on thetoothpick you'll be able to create very small dots. finish the design with a fast dryingtop coat!

this design is so easy, and it's done in notime! perfect for girls that want something special on their nails but don't want to sitfor hours to make it! like myself! these were my five nail art designs usinga toothpick as the only tool. pretty cool, ha? i really hope you'll try out some of thesedesigns yourself and if you do so, please share your recreations with me on twitter,facebook or instagram. also if you want me to do more nail art designs using a toothpicklet me know in the comments down bellow. thank you for watching, take care and bye bye!

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