Monday, 21 November 2016

4 beauty miami

it is one of the rarest gems in the world, it will go to the highest bidder at a jewelry auction in geneva. eventually, estie lauder, to beauty powerhouses with incredible power, and this is for then 100 -- or than 100 years, and both staying up with

the times, cbs fours -- cbs4 unpeeled that secret. it is one of 70 major brands of fashion, beauty, and spirits division. or, the louis vuitton. these are the folks behind the big brands. they are into categories, fashion and cosmetics.

it all began with a man and his best friend. in the early 1950s, the founder and designer, started the brand, and it was really about aristocratic elegance, and the style. on this day, they launched their lip line.

aside from the stylish packaging, when they can't keep off of the shelf, it goes on more stained feeling smooth and natural on the lips. this is something, that is almost impossible to keep in stock. over at neiman marcus another beauty powerhouse,

estie lauder, the stylus image director. she started 1946, and she had the incredible sense of drive, passion, and dreams. and, she really wanted to create a beauty brand. through the years, other brands were created like

clinique, and origins. and they brought in michael kors to the brand. i would always challenge but, also thinking outside of the box. she has recently launched her own brand, keeping the family name on top of the

business that has meant so much to so many. i think if you have a great brand, you can market it to a consumer. you have a brand that was not only luxurious, but just as relevant if not more relevant than today.

that is extraordinary. there are a handful of brands that can claim to have the. they are timeless beauty brands that continue to develop

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