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4 beauty types

- my fear is that i'm gonnalike the way that i look when professionally photographed. that it's just a reminderthat i don't look that way. - [voiceover] what are youmost insecure about physically? - what am i most insecureabout physically? - growing up, i thought i was too pudgy. i didn't wanna take myshirt off at the pool. then now that i'm an adult, i think i'm, like, too thin and scrawny.

intellectually i know thati'm now any less of a man because i'm not big and strong, but it's hard sometimes to not look at the people aroundyou and feel less than. - what i think makes a manattractive is athleticism. i have a scar that goesup my knee right here. when i cut my knee open,i was in the hospital for like two and a half weeks, and i was recovering for months.

i resent the fact thatit's made me weaker. - i am proportioned like a skinny person but i have no muscles,instead i just have fat there. i don't have big arms. and i'd rather stay under the sleeves that go all the way to my elbows. i'm always in sleeves thatgo all the way to my elbow because then that coversup every part of my body where there's supposedto be muscle definition.

- yeah, if i have to open up here, i don't really like the waythat i look most of the time. i grew up in an environment where i was beat up a lot and i was made fun of, and i was kind of toldeveryday that i was ugly. and then in the home life,you know, being korean, i was also told that i couldalways be improving how i look. i don't talk about my feelings openly.

one wouldn't expect me to havea lot of issues about my body when i'm just riddledwith body insecurity. - normally, when we do shoots, we always get really,really beautiful models, so when we do--- [keith] okay. - no, no, no, but i'm saying--- [keith] alright. - i'm recreating a johnkrasinski men's health magazine photo where he looks fucking fine as hell. i'm a comedian, right, i'm a funny guy.

and i've always thought growing up like, funny guys get to look however they want, and that's not it anymore. like chris pratt was like my body type, and now he's an action star. - try and make thoseshoulders a little tough, though, look tough. - how do you look toughwith your shoulders. john krasinski, same body type.

now he's an action star. you are supposed to havethis masculine-ness to you, even if you're a clown. - you have really, like,feminine lips, i like that. - i know i have very feminine lips. - i never felt that attractiveuntil i met my wife. so today, i'm recreatinga cristiano ronaldo ad. and he looks freaking delicious. - you got some big shoes tofill, he's really good looking.

- yes, i know. (groans) muscle, everywhere. yes, i would absolutely wannalook like cristiano ronaldo. he's a greek god. okay, here's my belly. (grunts) - oh, okay. - now i just gotta staylike this for an hour.

being in good physicalshape is so attractive to me because it's the oppositeof this horrible period of time in my life when i was injured. - we need people to believe that i'm sexy. - we have to make you a belieber. - i'm recreating a justinbeiber photo today. he's hot, bieber's hot. i assume we were born withsomewhat similar assets. he was a small-ish guy, very skinny.

you know, to his credit,he worked out a lot. but, this photo got a lot of heat because it was photoshoppedpretty heavily. i dunno who decided, butthey made bieber more ripped and they made his bulge bigger. they gave him a bigger dick. - [yuichi] you went from a four to like a seven and a half now. - i was at a four?

come on, man. - getting makeup professionally done only confirms my greatest fearthat i have a big fat face. so i'm recreating themagic mike xxl poster. channing tatum, front and center. triple threat. really good looking, can model, can act, can dance. films like magic mike series,it is part of this enjoyment of the perfect male physique.

every guy wants abs, butthey're just so hard to get. first you have to eat a certainway, then you can't drink. - [yuichi] do you drink beer? - i drink everything. i'm of the opinion thatthese things are attainable if you have the time and the money and the team to constantly work out and get that eight pack abs. it's just, no one's that rich

or has that much timeexcept for celebrities and actors and models. it's not our job to look that good. - let's take some photos. masculine, masculine,masculine, masculine. - [macey] i want you to walk into it. so first one, so try to makeit look a little more natural. - i don't think i've ever looked at myself and then like, fuck yeah,boy you are hot as fuck.

i feel like i'm not masculine enough. although i was told that ilooked good in the tank top which is great cause i'mterrified of wearing a tank top because a tank top shows your arms off and if you don't haveany arms to show off, then you're just like, hey, look at me, i'm out of shape. look at the gangly noodle man. - less sad, you look really sad.

now you look scared. - we're gonna have to, maybe define the musclesa little bit more, make him look more rugged. good, good, that looks great. - yeah. asian channing tatum. i just know that there's so much about me that is not up to par. - [macey] that was really close.

- this is tough. whether people think youlook good or you don't, like, anyone can haveproblems with how they look. hopefully we have at leastone that looks kind of like the channing tatum photo. - so when we send this to the re-toucher, they're probably gonnahave to stitch his body from different framesand put them together. - so he wasn't actually jumping?

- he's also a natural thruster. - yeah. yeah. yeah. right now, we're comparingourselves to this image of someone who's likebeautifully sculpted. that's not the most healthy thing to do. - [macey] just like be cristiano. - hey, i look pretty good. amazing what makeup andlighting can do for you. this is the way his body looks,

not because he's an underwear model, but because he is aprofessional sports player. - [macey] kind of looks like he's looking at something inthe distance. like sexily. - like he's better than it? - [macey] like he's better than it. - like he also wants it it's hard to do all this butalso have a neutral face. i might feel dismayed that i am not that,

but seeing the fantasy ofthat might be really exciting. i need positive reinforcement. - you look great. - okay. - that would be prettyimpossible for anyone, actually, to be as perfect as cristiano. props to ned. - i'll put the photo next to the place where i'm doing push ups.

- [macey] you look good, kid. - [ned] and that's before photoshop. - i feel like i'm definitely killing it and have no self doubts about this moment. i'll tell you growingup, i never felt hot. i felt like a nerd. - [voiceover] you look huggable. i feel like bieber's supposed to look fuck-able, not huggable.

- [macey] so try to look more fuck-able. - okay, that's it? i'm sorry.- [macey] why're you laughing? - it's harder than i thought it would be. hopefully, i think thatit's alien and weird and i'm like, nah, fuckthat, my body's beautiful, i should love me, but i might prefer it. i might prefer it. how much work do youthink the photoshop artist

is gonna have to do it tomake me look like that? - if bieber's wasn't enough,they're definitely gonna have to do something to yours.- [zach] yeah. - his bulge probably hasto be a little bigger. (rock music) - now we have the photoshopped results, so we're gonna check them out. - i have this fear ofseeing the final photo and being crushed and knowing

that i can never achieve that ideal. i think i look awful. i hate this photo. i look like a surprised baby. i think a lot of guys usehumor as a coping mechanism. if i don't laugh at this photo, then the only other optionis to feel bad about it. you haven't seen it? okay.

(laughs) oh my god. i look like an action figure. everything that i'm insecure about has been erased in this photo. looking at this photo now, i feel like i should look like this. like should i not be okay with my body? should i be striving for this?

when i think of my attractiveness, i think about my personality. but as guys, you don't oftenthink of your body as sexual. - i think a lot of men out there, especially straight men, don'tnecessarily confront that as openly as lgbt men, but for me, having to always constantlydeal with my relationship with my body and navigate that, this'll be really, really eye-opening.

huh. i was just struck witha really great epiphany. i've always wanted to look like this, but seeing this now in front of me makes me realize i'll alwayshave a problem with my body cause i just thought thatmy stomach still looks fat. it really shows how me beingso hypercritical of myself won't translate intobeing more self-confident. if you have a problem with how you look,

that's a way deeper issue thanjust changing your outsides. - i'm excited to see it. i wanna see how i look, you know, all swole and sexy, like mr. krasinski. but i'm also afraid that maybe it will make me feel worse about myself. let's see what a perfectkeith would look like. oh, man, look at those arms, those arms are huge.

man, i look strong as fuck. this is terrifying. i don't like that at all. no one wants to be friends with this guy. this guy looks like a jerk. this is brad. they put muscles on my shadow. my shadow could beat me up. while i lament that my body's not better,

i don't know if i reallywanna look like that. maybe i like my softbody more than i thought. - having good muscles means that you're also healthy and strong. that is what i want to be as a man. healthy so that i canprovide for my family, so that i can carry children up stairs. oh, damn. i look like a god among men.

there's muscle there that i do not have. cristiano ronaldo is so rare, he's like 0.01% of thepopulation that looks like that. if i wanted to look likethis and have my job and, like, spend time with family, there's just not enough hours in the day. you're just seeking to attain something that you can never get. earlier i said that the stronger you are,

the more healthy you are. there's a lot of other aspects to health that strength doesn't encompass. if i did all the things i would need to do to have this sort of body, idon't think i would be healthy. - i will always haveissues with how i look. but maybe i can lessen those issues by focusing on things that really matter. people aren't gonna just remember you

because you have six pack abs. they're gonna remember youbecause you're a good person. - i'm happy with my life. why is one photo making me think that i'm not happy with my life? i'm totally fine with who i am. improve yourself because you want to, and because you enjoy it, not because you're tryingto achieve an ideal

that someone has told you you should fit. - lots of people out there think that like, if you're a guy, you should just, you should work hard and be strong, and if you're unhappy withyour body, you change it. it's like, if you'reunhappy with your body, maybe you should justlearn to love yourself for more than just your body. - i call these lines penis cleavage.

so my dick cleavage looks great. - [macey] one, two, three. - yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah.

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4 beauty of china

this is the modern face of china. the wholenation looks to shanghai for a vision of their future - modern, rich, and luxurious. the oriental superpower is undergoing a radicaltransformation. the economic miracle has fundamentally changed the country; china is becoming a consumersociety. and according to chinese sociologists, the beauty craze is its most striking effect. a glance at this chemist leaves no doubt aboutwhat's desirable in modern china: white skin is chic. whitening beauty creams outnumbernon-whitening varieties everywhere you look. with the opening up to capitalism there camea flood of foreign films, books, magazines. this made a huge impact. it changed our ideasand values.

this is why many young women want to looklike western celebrities. 30 years ago this would have been unthinkable. no one couldafford cosmetic surgery. no clinics offered cosmetic surgery for reasons other than accidents. so just what should a woman in china looklike? what now counts as desirable? and why have these ideals of beauty changed? in aformer factory on the outskirts of beijing, photographer zheng chen believes he has someof the answers to these questions. this is a woman from the tang dynasty. underthe emperor, being curvy was considered beautiful. a wide face, long eyebrows, small mouth... until recently, communist ideals valued naturalbeauty. women didn't use make up. the natural,

realistic look was 'in'. today other things are considered beautiful.big eyes, small mouth, high nasal bridge, pointy chin and of course, one's meant tobe skinny. unusually tall with white skin and an ovalface, model ai xiao qi has more than a hint of a western appearance; and she makes goodmoney on it. at just 19, she is already a well-known model. but she's still not totallyhappy. i want to look even more western. my job demandsthis. especially when you're a model, when you're standing in front of cameras, yourface must have a strong profile. cheng zhen does what he can to help out: computersoftware allows him to pick up where nature

has left off. i make the skin cleaner, then change the faceshape, i make it smaller and longer. this makes people look younger and cuter. then i take care of the eyes and nose, andother details. according to xiao qi, cosmetic surgery isout of the question... at least for the time being. asian models with western faces adorn theshowrooms of european luxury goods stores throughout shanghai. do you like this woman, her mouth, her face?do you think she looks good?

i like her. she's sexy. but why? she's very pretty, she's almost ideal... her face shape is very three-dimensional.especially her cheekbones and pointy chin. what do you think is so beautiful about europeanfacial features? the european face is three-dimensional. theeyes have got a good shape, a high nasal bridge. european women also have full lips. us chinese on the other hand have very flatfaces. it doesn't look good in pictures. that's why many chinese women would prefer to lookmore european.

these four friends initially claim they wouldn'tgo under the knife for the sake of beauty. but they're not being completely honest. do you like my new chin? yes, very pretty. the surgery did you good. another girl from the group has recently hadan eye surgery. she also keeps quiet about it. somehow, they find it all a little embarrassing. the girls are typical of a new affluent, young they have a good handle on the latest tastes in cosmetic beauty. small face, big eyes, high nasal bridge, whiteskin. that's pretty.

i would look better with a smaller face. butwomen are never satisfied. a good appearance helps at interviews. butultimately your achievements matter most at work. but apparently, this isn't always the case.this recording clearly suggests cosmetic beauty can seriously help your employment prospects. what looks like a fashion show is in facta serious application process, organised by an official employment agency. beauty promises success to women in china,both personally and professionally. i went to the states. i studied at colombiauniversity in new york...

this wealthy bachelor is in search of a beautifuldream wife, and he's come to the right place. this marriage market has been organised byan exclusive dating agency, designed for rich men to meet beautiful young women. in china,as in the west, financial concerns often come to the fore when it comes to choosing a partner. a recent study questioned tens of thousandsof couples and singles from the across the country. 4 out of 10 women will only marrya man who earns at least 1,000 euro a month. 7 out of 10 insist he must own a flat. ms fei manages the peking office of a nationwidemarriage agency. only the cleverest and prettiest women stand a chance here, and many applicantsare rejected. in contrast, male customers

must meet only one condition: they must haveplenty of money we are very exclusive here. the men who comehere must have an excellent financial base. 10 million yuan is the minimum requirement. once they've signed up, the male clients ofthis exclusive and expensive agency expect to be able to 'order' a dream wife. this customer for example is 55 years oldand wants a woman aged between 27 and 35. he has clear aesthetic expectations. her faceshould be oval and have pretty facial features, such as young skin colour. he wants her tohave voluptuous breasts, and she should be between 5'4 and 5'6.

not many are able fulfil such high expectations.the average height of chinese women is just below 5'2" tall. this is why some opt fordrastic measures. in this operating theatre, one of the mostextreme cosmetic procedures imaginable is being undertaken. this treatment has in factbeen banned in china, but some surgeries will still perform the operation for a five-figurepayment. first, the bones of the leg are sawn in two. then, holes are drilled through thecalves. long metal pins are hammered into the legs, before a brace is attached thatwill stretch the legs as the bones grow back. due to the high risks involved, leg extensionsare illegal in china; the procedure may lead to muscular atrophy, nerve damage and arthritis.nevertheless the demand for these risky cosmetic

treatments remains high - some clinics areperforming as many as 300 procedures a year. leg extensions may seem drastic, but theyaren't the only cosmetic procedure to come with risks. the victims of the beauty craze are well documentedon some chinese websites. wang bei was an up and coming pop star. shewanted to narrow her jawbone. she died during this routine surgery, aged 24. this is anextreme case, but there are many things that can go wrong in china's beauty clinics. accordingto some estimates, 200,000 faces are being deformed every year. this woman is one of the many victims - evenif it is barely visible today. qi lixia comes

from a village hundreds of kilometers awayfrom beijing. 4 years ago, the tour guide decided to have nose surgery. after the firstsurgery failed, deforming her nose, she needed three further, painful interventions to correctthe botched job. when i complained after the surgery, the doctorstried to re-assure me. they said the nose looked good. but it was completely deformed. she refuses to share pictures from that period.instead, she will only show photos of her face after the first corrective surgery. qilixia spent 3000 euros to make her nose look natural again. that's as much as an annualsalary in china, and she had to pay for it all by herself. any suggestion of compensationwas firmly rebuffed by her surgeons.

lawyer zhang gang represents many cosmeticsurgery victims, and says qi lixia's case is not unusual. many go to private beauty salons and clinicswithout a medical license. the relevant documents are missing, there's no treatment contract,no official accounts. no medical records. nothing. when something goes wrong, when theresult isn't good, it's almost impossible to demand your rights. such warnings generally go unheeded. cosmeticsurgery is booming. there's a 20% increase in the size of the chinese market each year.with 4 million operations and 3 billion euros in sales last year, the chinese cosmetic surgerymarket is now second in size only to the us.

china has bid socialism farewell long ago.china is like an apple - red from the outside only. in china, capitalism is more brutalthan in the west. this discussion doesn't concern qi lixia.she's now happy with her appearance. her fear and pain seem to be forgotten. she tells usshe'd be happy to have further operations. many customers want to have a good-lookingtour guide. looking good helps me in my job. before my colleagues were in a better situationcontract-wise. now this has changed. the beauty industry is big business. and as itbecomes more accepted as the norm in china, the message to young girls is clear: it iswhat's on the outside that counts.

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4 beauty miami

it is one of the rarest gems in the world, it will go to the highest bidder at a jewelry auction in geneva. eventually, estie lauder, to beauty powerhouses with incredible power, and this is for then 100 -- or than 100 years, and both staying up with

the times, cbs fours -- cbs4 unpeeled that secret. it is one of 70 major brands of fashion, beauty, and spirits division. or, the louis vuitton. these are the folks behind the big brands. they are into categories, fashion and cosmetics.

it all began with a man and his best friend. in the early 1950s, the founder and designer, started the brand, and it was really about aristocratic elegance, and the style. on this day, they launched their lip line.

aside from the stylish packaging, when they can't keep off of the shelf, it goes on more stained feeling smooth and natural on the lips. this is something, that is almost impossible to keep in stock. over at neiman marcus another beauty powerhouse,

estie lauder, the stylus image director. she started 1946, and she had the incredible sense of drive, passion, and dreams. and, she really wanted to create a beauty brand. through the years, other brands were created like

clinique, and origins. and they brought in michael kors to the brand. i would always challenge but, also thinking outside of the box. she has recently launched her own brand, keeping the family name on top of the

business that has meant so much to so many. i think if you have a great brand, you can market it to a consumer. you have a brand that was not only luxurious, but just as relevant if not more relevant than today.

that is extraordinary. there are a handful of brands that can claim to have the. they are timeless beauty brands that continue to develop

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4 beauty md glendale az

*thundery noises* *four chords played* recognize this? yeah, that's "don't stop believing" by journey --and the cast of glee! yeah there's a few more songs with the same chords check it out: my life is brilliant my love is pure

i saw an angel of that i'm sure people killin' people dyin' children hurt and you hear them cryin' can you practice what you preach? would you turn the other cheek forever young i wanna be forever young i won't hesitate

no more, no more it cannot wait i'm your..... lipstick stains... on the front lobe of my left side brains i knew i wouldn't forget you if i could, then i would. i'd go wherever you will go. (and) can you feel the love tonight?

nobody wants to see us together, but it don't matter, no cause i can't live oh country road, take me home to the place where i belong i'm your biggest fan, i'll follow you until you love me. papa- paparazzi well i can't live,

with or without you. pictures of you. pictures of me. hung upon your wall for the world to see and she will be loved yeah she will be loved. *coughs* when i find myself in times of trouble

mother mary comes to me no woman no cry. (yeah momma this surely is a dream) i come from a land down under red, white and blue, funny things you do america, america this is you they say that

taylor was a good girl never wanna be late. complain, express ideas in her brain i need some love like i've never needed love before i'm gonna make love to your baby. take on me (when i come around) take me on (when i come around) i'll be gone

in a day or two! (save tonight) it's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you (and fight the break of dawn) (come tomorrow) there's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do (if i were a boy) here i am, once again i'm torn into pieces. can't deny it, can't pretend, just (i think i would understand) thought you were the one in my head

i see you all over me you fulfill my fantasy (in my head) despite all my rage i'm still just a rat in a cage. what if god was one of us? tell me why'd you have to go make things so complicated see the way you're acting like somebody i know she's playing with me well that's okay cause i got no self esteem

with a thousand eyes and a good disguise hit 'em right between the eyes, hit 'em right between the eyes you're so beautiful so damn beautiful it's too late to 'pologise too late just gonna stand there and watch me burn that's alright because i like the way it hurts

it's my life it's now or never i ain't gonna live forever can't read my- can't read my no he can't read my poker face (come on barbie, let's go party) how long- how long will i slide? (separate my) double rainbow all the way across the sky yeah yeah so intense

enjoy yourself take only what you need from it. a family of trees wanting time to say goodbye (veduto e vissuto cante) should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind. i'm more than a bird! i'm more than a plane! i'm a birdplane. a motherfuckin' birdplane

doesn't that sound familiar? doesn't that hit too close to home? doesn't that make you shiver; the way that things have gone? and doesn't that seem peculiar? 'cause everyone wants a little more. it's something i do remember; to never go this far that's all it takes to be a star

thanks for watching the new version of four chords we've got a new album out: animal vehicle. check it out as well as more videos to see here here. various places. subscribe to our youtube channel visit us on facebook follow us on twitter come and see us live if we're in your town. that's benny

*four chords played*

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4 beauty group

hey guys. it's bex. i know i haven't seenyou for a while but i've been working really hard on a new television show that i knowyou're going to love and i wanted to give you something special to say thank you fora wonderful year and to leave you feeling awesome in 2012. i have a new series for's called you have four minutes for meditation. [music] i want you to take just four minutes everyday for yourself in a quiet spot to rejuvenate and to make sure that you feel awesome. healthand fitness isn't all about moving around and working up a sweat. a lot of it is justtaking the time to be kind to yourself. so we're going to start today with a shortfour-minute meditation on a thought that i

love. every time i'm going to give you a newintention and let me know how you like it and i will just keep doing them, maybe in2013, too. so let's get blissed in. setting our timer for four one-minute intervals. let'sbegin. i want you to find a spot on the floor orwherever you are that you're comfortable and you can cross your legs like me or you cango in to full lotus or you can just have one leg in front of the other, whatever is easyand comfortable for you. place your hands on your thighs or your kneesor if you want to feel a little more energized, go ahead and turn your palms up to receivethe energy in the room. next i'm going to ask you to close your eyes.really, close your eyes with me.

start to bring attention to your breath. don'ttry to change it. so if you're breathing a little fast or a little slow, that's ok. we'rejust trying to acknowledge that our breath is there. of course it is. we're alive. isn'tthat an awesome thing? one minute down. now our eyes are closed toblock out the distractions around us. there might be some background noise that happenson this video. there might be something going on around you but i want you to try very hardto focus on your breath, but not too hard because we want this to be easy. visualizing something might help. maybe aflame on a candle. maybe an image of your favorite place. but just continue to focuson your inhales and exhales and go easy on

yourself if you get a little distracted. the intention that i want us to start withis going to be about the physical. i've spent years teaching you how to get the perfectbutt or stronger legs or awesome biceps. so it's ok to work on our physical selves buttoday, i want you to think one thought. i want you to imagine yourself as beautiful,as the person who loves you most thinks that you are. we often hear that it doesn't matter whatanyone else thinks about you. it's what you think about yourself but sometimes we're veryhard on ourselves. so let's just take a cue from the people who love us most, who appreciateus, who respect us, who look at us everyday

and think that we're wonderful and imagineourselves to truly be those people because we are. we are loved and appreciated and wonderful. continue with that intention while you takeyour final deep inhales and exhales, bringing more purpose to your breath. following thatbreath from your nose to your seat and back up again in a continuous, beautiful, easyloop. take one last inhale to open your eyes andbring energy back to your body and that's it. that's all it takes, four minutes everysingle day to be kind to yourself and it just stopped beeping. to be kind to yourself andrelax. it's all right. everything is awesome and that is truly all the time you need tobring a little bit of happiness into your

life. let me know how this went. let me know howyou liked it and come back in a couple of days because i'm going to try and do as manyof these as possible before the new year. love you guys always. see you around.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

4 beauty ban hang fake

five years ago i joined dutyright in this police station, sir. after that manysub-inspectors came and left. but you're the first si who wantsto know something about this case. and on the first day of your duty. it's a good thing, but i wouldlike to give you an advise, sir. you must work slowly here. this is a very dangerous area, sir. and the case you're talkingabout doesn't even have a file yet. this case is just a rumor, sir.

even i heard it as hearsay. it's okay. sometimes rumorsare interesting. tell me. this incident occurred 8 years ago. pigeon competitions area common thing around here. and this murder was the reasonof one such competition, sir. pigeon competition? what's that? i am sure you didn't hear about it. but this competition isa common thing in this city. this has been going on for many years.

there are two typesof pigeon competition, sir. one is the race to get home. in this, every competitorpitches in 5- 10 pigeons. one day before the race,these competitors.. ..arrive at the raceclub with their pigeons. every pigeon is tagged. a secret coded ring istied to the pigeon's feet. later all these pigeonsare locked in a box.. ..and transported faraway in a truck or a train.

owing to the distance of every race,different cities are chosen. like chennai, delhi, bhopal..etcetera. then these cages are linedup..and they are all opened together. no matter how far these pigeons are,but they fly back to their masters. and one that reachesfirst is the winner. isn't that amazing, sir? this competition isorganized very honestly. there's no gambling involved,but you do tend to make enemies. and enmity was thecause of that murder.

even today people talk aboutclosed doors about this murder. who committed that murder? a well known don of this place,kol velu. maybe you heard his name. he rules the entire city. he smuggles red sandalwood. he's been a fan of thiscompetition for many years. the murderer is from his gang. a 22 year old young man,who wasn't even a gangster back then.

he used to raise pigeons. he used to look afterkol velu's pigeons. one night some membersof the other gang barged in.. ..and slit the throatof one his favorite pigeon. what then?he attacked them with a knife. goons which the entirecity was scared of. what are you doing? where are you going? where are you running? stop.

this way, an ordinary boy who used toraise pigeons turned into a criminal. and in the last years he's becomeso big, that we can't even touch him. what did you say his name was? maari! ã¬maari.ã® kol velu has a hold on many areas. and he's given oneof his areas to maari. on the 1st of every month,velu gets his cut. velu's main businessis smuggling red sandalwood.

this is a very big illegalbusiness which is carried out.. the southernregion of our country. one can earn millions byselling red sandalwood abroad. there are many cases registeredagainst velu. and he has many enemies. that's why he never comes forward. he makes maari doall his illegal business. there's another member in velu's gang.pappu panchi. he wants to be a partnerin velu's business as well. but velu's favorite is maari.

velu never interferes in maari's area. maari never giveshim a chance to complain. out the money, or else i willbreak down your shop like last week. see this,he's looting me in broad daylight. is there no one who can do justice? he's been standing outhere under the hot sun... ..and asking youfor money so politely. can't you give him the money politely? and you call yourself a goon.

what are you beingso polite with him for? thrash him.- he's a goon. whenever he's angry,everyone around him run away. but there's one thing. whenever he's with his pigeons,he's completely different. soft-hearted. bird-lover. no one cansay that he's the same gangster. velu was running thiscompetition for many years. now he's handed it over to maari.

these goons are completely honestwhen it comes to pigeon competition. this competition is held underthe supervision of senior racers. and if anyone's caught cheating, thenmawaari turns into a gangster again. do the people in his area like him? not at all.they don't like him at all. he's just got some useless friends. everyone else isgrown tired of him, sir. he's a hoodlum. he scares peoplejust for the fun of it.

he troubles them in different ways. once he went for a haircut. he was going to sit onthe seat before it was his turn. a customer that was waiting for histurn stopped him and sat on the seat. what more. he got off that seat only aftergetting all his hair shaved off. and just last week..he gotdrunk he went to a tv showroom.. watch a match.- watch now, he'll hit a six. one ball three run,how is it possible.

it was a india-pakistan match,and unfortunately for the shopkeeper.. ..india lost that match.- ..and that's out. and pakistan has won the world cup. very interesting matchand wonderful performance. shoaib akhtar hasled the entire team.. who is the owner of shop? come out! india lost in all the televisions, theycould have won on one of them. - no. this is all your fault. give me the bat.

my tv..he broke all of it. bloody tv. not just elders,he doesn't spare kids either. what do you mean by that? that's how you recover money,understand. hey..come here. - what? get lost. he even calls robert, a guy that roamsaround with him.. 'punching bag'. whenever maari gets angry,he sends someone to call robert.

and he calms down onlyafter thrashing robert. why is cold drink so expensive?tell me. - ask kalia. why is it so hot? why is it so hot?why did you wake me up so early? couldn't you let me sleep?acting too smart. - you asked me to. how dare you answer dare you? couldn't you wake me up on time?why did you wake me up late? you fool. we lost this match because of anushka. tell him to return the ticket.. there's another guythat roams around him.

his name is shanivaar. - shanivaar?what kind of a name is that? drinking on a saturdayis compulsory for me. so you don't drink on other days.- who said that? what's to say? that's not it. you're crazy. it's more important todrink on the rest of the days. then why is it compulsoryto drink on saturday? drinking on saturdayis my birth right. scratching your brain, he's confused.

shanivaar selects fewpeople from his area.. ..and then makes themdance in front of maari. doesn't make a differencewhether anyone can dance or not. good morning ladies and gentlemen.- morning? brother, whenever you wake up,its morning. is this a new one?- i just made that up. i am very happy to see you all. today night special program by mr.maari and team. so we proudly present thegame 'make us laugh or die'.

what kind of a name is that?'make us laugh or die'. the dancer will dance, and if maaridoesn't laugh then dancer will die. do it properly. how is it? there's no punch in his sway,beat him. that's he'sswaying to the beat. make boss happy.come dance look over the boss.- that's enough, next one. come on. - come on, dance.

hey slow-motion. are you meena kumari. dance like katrina. well done. you should take a coursebefore dancing in front of boss. this is what happens here.but there's nothing we can do. people are scared of him. even yesterday therewas a tournament held here.. ..and like always maari won it. the police can do nothing in his area. today is velu bhai's happy birthday.

if our show is a flop,i'll make you dance. i've arranged for a specialitem for the boss. - show me. what is this scrap? it's really nice. - show me. coming out..out. who is he? - his name is dilruba. dil what? - ruba.. dilruba. ruba.. how will he make him laugh?- by shaking his waist.

boss, he plays a songand sways his waist. - correct. show me what you got.- hey, i need some instruments. give him instruments. hey.. wait, wait. we don't have any drums or trumpet,show us what you can do without them. okay, i'll dance.- the boss should get impressed. what is this getup? cap, goggles..jacket. get rid of this, go spruce him up.

let's go change your garb. - hey..i am delicate. we should ignore themand concentrate on our duty. by the way,where are we going now, sir? we're going in maari's area. - sir. i've been tipped that there's going.. be illegal bettingin the pigeon competition. i'll show him realpower of the police. but sir, without his permission..howcan we go in his area? - why? are we the police or is he?start the jeep.

yes, it'll be done. weren't you banned fromthe pigeon race this year? what are you doing here?get lost. i came to see the i banned from seeing the race too? get lost. - come on. look..what a amazing maneuver. old man, wasn't that amazing.- superb. what's that? he's landing so soon.didn't you feed him properly? who's that lady? she's drivingaway our pigeons. is she crazy?

i don't even know her.what are you saying, sir? hey madam,we're having a tournament here. go dry your clothes somewhere else. hey..she's his wife. - no. he's taken his wife's help. you stooped so low to win. - no. who hits on his wifeafter the marriage? is she his wife? - i am sure she is. old man, write it down he cheated.

how dare you make yourwife cheat..- i didn't cheat. what are they doing here? spoil the fun, like always.what else. where's maari? look at that, first theybarged in here without permission.. ..and no respect whiletaking maari's name either. i was informed that there'sillegal betting going on here. betting here? someone's fooled him. we only make pigeons fly.

and we enjoy watching them fly. we don't bet here. yes. holding such competitions withoutpolice permission isn't allowed. stop it right now and call maari. and you, disperse this crowd. what's going on there?- move back. did they come to askus for protection? - no, boss. then what's the police doing here? the police will bewherever the hooligans are.

hooligans? we calmly hold competitions of thesepigeons and you call this hooliganism. we do it for our honor,and not for betting. i think one of my enemywrongly informed you. those who do illegalthings have enemies. go away, sir. i am only politeto police officers once. such threats don't affect me. i have evidence..thatwill get you behind bars.

evidence. evidence. evidence. evidence. hey..monkey face, come here. come on, come on.. come quickly. - come on. so..remember what i didto you last year when you cheated. this year i put a ban on your entry. but why did you have to falsely makea complaint about me to the police? naughty.

you know there's nothing illegal here. sir, he's my friend..iknow him really well. say it..tell sir.. tell him. -what are you doing? are you scared? won't you tell him? don't you have a tongue?- hey.. hey! sir, control..sir. ask him does anythingillegal happen here.

come, sir, let's go. come on. who is he?- he's the area's new sub inspector. if you rebel against me again.. i will kill you. 'i am only politeto police officers once.' 'hey..' sir. - go. don't take this so seriously.what else can we do?

he's well connected. we'll adjust a little, sir. stop. - not just you,other police officers adjust too. i am not like theother police officers. he's committed a murder, and ifi can't put him behind bars for it.. ..then what's the point of my uniform? yes, right. get lost.but what else can we do? rumors originate from the truth. someone told you about this,and someone else told him.

if we start linking these rumors.. ..then we'll definitely findthe truth at the end of the line. we'll start on this from tomorrow. and our search will end on maari. mummy. said you'll get me new school bag. i don't have enough money torun the house, and you want a new bag. use the old bag for some days. my bag's torn, mother.everyone at school teases me. when you return inthe evening i will sew it.

you're always demanding something. if i don't get a new bag tomorrow,i won't go to school. you can go if you want,don't go if you don't want to. i don't care. mummy, mummy,please buy me a new bag. please, mom.- hey, loudspeaker kavita. i am in a bad moon, don't bother me. see that..she's blaming me instead. she ruined my sleep with heryelling and you're in a bad mood.

you've such a hoarse voice. mummy. mummy..soundslike you swallowed a frog. mom, why don't you say somethingto him. he's always teasing me. what? he's got a habit ofteasing everyone. don't you know? you've been seeing it sinceyou were a kid. go to school. this has become adaily habit with you. as soon as you wake up,you start troubling her. you're no less're doing the same thing. poor thing's only asking for a bag.why don't you give it to her?

i see..who will pay for it? if your husband doesn't drinkfor two days, you'll have the money. if you're so concerned,then why don't you pay for it! i would have if you had married missed that chance. shameless. maari, did you know that anew tenant is coming in room no. 8? no, no one told me anything. meaning they entered inour area without permission. bloody painters,stop painting and stay where you are.

no painting here without permission,understand. don't we have any respect here?madam, go out. it's a real statue.- why are you standing there idle? hang this clock on the wall.- okay, aunty. what? aunty said to hang this on the wall.. why don't you goinside and make tea too. have you lost your mind? did you comehere to hang clothes or scare them? you..

what did you do?why did you break the clock? aunty, you humiliated usby entering without permission. and now you're scaring us. who are you guys?why are you making a racket? smarty, you need maari's permissionto stay in this area. understand. i you're trying to hustle us. no, i was being funny,this is called hustling. yes, this is hustling.- what are you doing? stop. our broker never toldus anything about it.

he said that he did. - what? no, sir.when did you tell us? i didn't tell you two. - then? i told her. how dare you assault a man?- hey maari bro, she is lady. how dare you touch another man? if you weren't a woman,i would've broken your teeth. look, please don't do that. justyesterday she filled cement in her teeth. then she should brush twice. it's not my fault.we're just doing our duty. - exactly.

hasina, did the brokertell you? - yes. then why didn't you tell me?- mom, why should we pay these goons. tomorrow when i open a boutique,they will ask for money again. so mother-daughter aregoing to open a beauty parlor. you bumpkin, it's a boutique. mom, you think theyknow the difference. listen to me. pointing fingers at me. put it down. this is my home.i'll do as i please, understand.

madam, whether you opena beauty shop or a boutique.. ..and you can hire him as well. - yes. you can do anything you want. but who's going togive you protection for it. so just give me my cut,and lifetime protection guaranteed. protection? protection from whom? and what if i don't?- anything is possible. that glass could shatter. my dowry. - see.

that cupboard can fall down and break.- daughter's dowry. it's too heavy, maari.say something lighter. i see.. that tv can fall down and shatter too.- no, no, not the tv. today is the climaxof my favorite series. listen, give themwhat they want. - here. my tv. this is for the home,now for the butki. boutique. - whatever. double the amount for a english shop.

we don't have money now.give us some time and we'll pay up. fine, we give you time. look, i'll go to the police. -we'll drop you at the police station. we've to collect money from them too. she is very funny. boss, the way you were looking atthat girl, felt like you're in love. what love? first timei wanted to slap a girl hard. but i spared herbecause i respect girls. but boss, i've seen in movies that..

..the wind blows and then the heroineabuses the hero in slow motion. then she smiles. and then thehero falls in love with the heroine. how many times have i toldyou not to watch such films? i would rather fallsick then fall in love. then my path's clear. - what? the road's clear, no traffic ahead. that girl is too smart,keep her in control. left, left, left..carefully.raise it a bit more. perfect. - that's fine.

isn't it nice? - yes. nice. look, mom - where are you hiding? what are you doing? - show yourself. punch! careful..give me a hand.up, up.. what are you doing?higher. how much higher?this looks fine. hello, why are you putting that uphere? - we put it up here every year.

this is our lucky spot. if you put it up here,how will we go inside? you can crawl inside on your knees. don't make me say such thingsin front of the ladies. get lost. what?why are you staring at me? let's go, dear.- like it. i did, boss. i don't think she did. ugly krk.- what was i saying?

higher..still higher. listen everyone.. next say, i'll jump and die. no, this is my style. the pigeon competition is overand now..for the prize distribution. winners should quietlycollect their reward. -yes. oh yes, one importantannouncement. - what? lot of people take partin the competition thinking.. ..they will win third or fourth prize.

but we've broughtold utensils for them. medals. - whatever it is, distributeit amongst these poor people. maari is coming, clap. now maari will felicitatethe old players and judges. there he goes. clap. and like every year, maari'spigeons have defeated other pigeons.. ..and made maari win first prize. everyone clap and smile, becauseanyone's picture can come in the papers. we give such expensiveinjections to our pigeons.

so why do maari'spigeons win every time? keep clapping. - there's novalue of our pigeons in the market. you know, his pigeons are indemand in delhi and kolkata as well. everything will change from tomorrow. and now for the poor people.. ..which goes to pappu panchi,like always. you go get it. you're pappu panchi, aren't you?you come and get it. - coming, coming. here..put it around his neck. - yes.

clap, clap. enough..that's enough. stop. this year pappu panchi wantsto organize the pigeon competition. you're the benefactor of this place.if you say yes.. it's not easy to organizesuch a competition. if anything goes wrong,then maari will get a bad name. nothing will go wrongin the competition. we'll take special care.

what's the guaranteethat you won't cheat. you're getting it wrong. you will be the winner, we'llbe happy hosting the competition.. ..and this way the value of ourpigeons will increase in the market. once i had a reputation as well,but now people buy only your pigeons. i am only asking for a small favor. we've no dearth of menand money for the organization. whatever we earn from the entry fee,we'll give you half the share. you can take part too..noneed to give entry fees.

listen..he's got such a big heart.- sorry, maari. i didn't mean it. this isn't about hostingthe tournament or making money. what's important is to upholdthe chastity of the tournament. i won't give you an opportunityto complain. trust me once. maari, we should give him one chance. thanks, maari.- our pigeons won't take part. but why is that, maari? if you hold a competition and we win,then you'll be humiliated. no, maari. if your pigeons will,we'll feel proud.

when did i tell you about any murder?are you drunk? hey, you told me aboutit at this very spot. have you lost your mind? you're talking nonsenseabout him here. sir, i just blurted something. that tea-seller selva told me this. no, sir. i really don't know anything. if you hadn't dropped the glass,i would've believed you. now tell me the truth.

some people say therewas no murder committed. and some say it did happen, sir. who are those people? it's muthu, sir. he lives in budhnu. muthu who, that drunkard. one murder did take place, sir. 8 years ago a murder wascommitted during the gangwar. that's all i know. we couldn't find any information.

by the way, there's a man called anbu. he and his son are pickpockets. anbu is an old player.but his son is a novice. he was caught last weekpicking someone pocket. there's a case registered against him,and he's also scared about it. this fir is goodenough to make him talk. 8 years ago, maari murdered someone. what do you guys know about it? about maari?

no, sir. we know nothing about him. someone.. maybe you're mistaken, sir. do one thing,put his son behind bars. no, sir. don't do that.- there's a case against you. father, why don'tyou tell them the truth? you want to know about maari, right.- be quiet. why? why should i keep quiet?what will he do to us? sir, you can ask anything you want.

tell us onewill get a whiff of it. tell us. back then velu'sgang was not in power. there was a gangster pandi. he was the biggest gangster. velu and pandi never got along. one day those two hadan argument over something. it's said that maari stabbedpandi in a fit of rage. after that the gangwar kept rising. slowly..pandi's gangwas completely wiped out.

after that day the influence of velu'sgang in that area kept increasing. do you know anyone whosaw this murder? - no, sir. there's no one in my knowledgewho would be the witness to this case. there was no case registeredwith the police either. and as soon as velu came into power,he made the file disappear. how's that possible? such a powerful man was murdered,and no case was registered. maari became a biggangster after that murder. the entire area is scared of him.

but no one knows whokilled pandi and how. how would anyone know?what never happened can never be true. think about it yourself, sir. if a goon kills a gangster,then he becomes the hero. sir, why would hehide such a big thing? the truth is nothinglike this ever happened, sir. you're only wastingyour time with this case. o beautiful lady, welcome, came personally. you're here to meet also brought your mother along.

look maari,the beauty from butki is here. hello, sir. we didn't know about youthat's why we behaved that way. sir, we're ready topay your protection money. just give us some time. earlier we livedin a rich neighborhood. but we suffered heavylosses in business.. ..and so our condition is a bit tight. our condition is tightevery night, right?

look at yourself, who would understandour condition better than you. we're here to apologiesfor the other day. looking at your daughter doesn'tlook like she's here to say sorry. she's standing there like a statue.- haseena, say sorry. sorry. i didn't know who you are,that's why i argued with you. now you know who he is. how did you talk to him?- with manners. without manners?

yes. without manners?- like a princess. a princess. you were behaving likeyou had a crown on your head. you're absolutely right,like a crown on my head. stop it..don't stare so much,your eyeballs will pop out. think about it.she'll look like a witch. say sorry. i forgive you, go. maari forgives you, go.

sir, is it okay if we givethe rest of the money later? no need. thank you, sir. see, dear. everyone'sright about him having a big heart. you must make me a partnerin your business instead. what? - unexpected. make me a partner in your business. i'll recover the remainingmoney from there. okay. move. what was he blabbering? what partner?

isn't that good news? now thatshop is no longer yours, its ours. welcome to family. i threatened the priestto give me an auspicious time.. ..and from now on we're partners,okay. shake hands. we're equal partners in her business,so to say. but that's just for saying. shouldn't our picturebe seen on the poster as well. do something, boss. - change it. do i look like katrina?

maaki sawant. boss, how's this? - this one. unique. nice. first the neck. maari, customers are here. please..- customers are here, go get coffee.. black coffee - later..but.. clothes. - come back next year. go. let's go. - go. the milk will boil fast.

this one's nice, right.- how do you like this cloth? madam, we've it madam, it's the same. it's really airy, like open terrace.- we don't want. stop. - didn't like it? its okay, madam.i really like it. oh, god! who will be the judgeto judge our pigeons? who else can it be in maari's area?it'll be our old judge. take care. - don't worry.

hold the bird carefully. should i tell him aboutthe pigeons you lost? he's threatening me. are pigeons here? - mr.maari. take his name with respect. who are you? pappu sent me. the old judge's gone somewhere else. and he's sent me in his place.- why didn't he send the old judge? we must tell pappu panchi about this.

what's this? another competition? yes..pappu panchi is organizingthis one. - who? pappu panchi? is maari out of the game? my son..what a maneuver. bravo my boy. shani, look what he is writing? this somersault was not right. how can you say that it was not right? i have trained in olympic i am saying that it was not right.

his somersault was absolutely right. do you think i am blind? i cannot see. i am giving you last warning. if the next somersaultis not correct then you are out. will you out our team? chani. wow! great. now ask him to see. no, no.who has trained him? it is neither of kari nor is out.

how come he is out? from the last three yearsit is wining the competition. so what? but this yearit is not performing well. it is out, whatever is wrong is wrong. hey, if anyone is wronghere then it is you. speak carefully.- sorry. there is no place forfighting in this competition. i think all are useless here. do you know how to train pigeons?

or you have tamed them as a hobby. oh, so that is the case. just wait.for some time take those pigeons out. tell me that among these whichflies lower and which flies higher. what are you asking?- you just answer the question. this one is hawai gota khor. the way you were lookingat the pigeons i came to know that. you are a fraud. none of them are hawai gota khor.

exactly. i had a doubt whenhe came in place of the old judge. you will out our pigeonsand call our men cheat. and you think you willgo back alive from here. look at our product.experience of 20 years. we caught your, i did not mean that. sometime ago you said something. you said somethingabout taming the pigeons. no, i did not say anything. i heard it. tell me what did you say?

i had said that if the pigeondoes not do somersault properly.. ..then he will be out. did he say this?- he must have said this. do you think i am deaf? tell him to say it correctly. speak, idiot. say what you said at that time. i had said that everyone is uselesshere. i did not know about you. why did you speak if you did not know?

according to you my pigeonscannot do somersault. you had said this. tell me how somersault is done. they fly in air and then turn. it is difficult to explain this way. if you cannot explainthen do it and show. maari. how was this somersault?- superb. anyone who will go against me..

..will be chopped off. what was the need to come tobillu bhai for such a small matter? it must be a small matter for you.what if someone touches your men? no one can dare to touch my men. we did it wrong. if there was no referee.. ..then we should not havesent an inexperienced person there. there was dearth of judges. it was his plan to out our pigeons.

hey, let me talk. tell me. look, you should nothave raised hand on him. either you should have sorted it amongyourself or would have come to me. billu bhai, compromise for what? tell him, what did you say? what did you say? by mistake said that theydo not know how to tame pigeons. billu brother, pigeons is my life sowill i keep quiet listening to this. will you remain quiet afterlistening to these bitter talks?

if it was i then iwould have chopped him off. still if you think i am at faultthen you can give me any punishment. brother, from today onwardshe will not do competition. hey, i am sittinghere to take decision. you both are at fault in this. the problem has startedbecause of this competition. from today this workwill be done by mani. come on shake your hands. and after leaving fromhere concentrate on your work.

no brother.- do quietly whatever i have said. shake hands. just spit on it. you wasted your timefor this useless fellow. he will never change. - what? just wash your hands.come on letã­s go. brother.- what is it? for last many days i wantedto say something to you. what did you want to say?

nowadays the demand forlalchandan has increased. i have found a partywho wants to buy it. if in this business i join you. pappu, you could notmanage the competitions well.. ..and you want todo such a big business. do the work that you are doing.understood. i will manage this work. hello.- hi. come in.- thank you.

please come in. i saw your designson your facebook page. they have a personal touch in them. we do not find suchdesigns in big shops. thank you. thank you so much. we will buy dresses formehendi and reception from here. as you think is right. i am okay. madam, i want to give myfriends the sarees with same design. that too you design.

sure madam. you will get as you want. look at its fabric. it is very.- have you trapped a new customer? here he comes again. hi, i am maari.- hello. we both are business partners. hello sir. my name is hansmukh. then smile properly. i too am a partnerin fatherã­s business. jewellery shop.- he is gone now.

is that the case? very nice. we want the best clothes. you have come at the right place. the marriage is on 23rdand mehendi function on 22nd. hey, you are marrying this girl.. ..and you are bothered aboutthe function of a girl named mehendi. shall i knock you down?- no, you understood wrong. i am talking about themehendi which is put on hands. hey, apologize to him.- sorry brother.

he is keeping a separatefunction for mehendi. but we cannot afford the expensesof court marriage. isnã­t it? has.. what is it? i thought i had to laugh. i was calling hasina.- sorry brother. hasina, have you fixed the rate? no, we are still selecting the design. let it go on and i will fix the rate.

thank you. so here.- has, hasina. i had told you thati will fix the rate. donã­t you have mannersto ask the partner? maari.- take this, madam. this is too much, sir. madam, this is a specialshop so the rate is also special. is this the budget ofclothes or of entire country? hey.- mother.

listen, stupid fellow. you are going toget married only once.. ..then why are you beingstingy in buying clothes. okay, we will leave nowand will confirm on the phone. okay sir, we will call. sit down.- didnã­t you hear what brother said? sit down. you will have to buy clothesfrom here and at this rate. 50% advance and rest 50% on you agree?

sister, your brotherhas come down to hooliganism. maari..- do you think i am rowdy? no.- but i am rowdy. i have some respect. i am giving you money, sir.- okay, give. partner,this is called doing business. such a big company willnot run on small money. by evening i should get my share. are you going tomarry this meena kumari? at the time of farewellhe is going to cry more than you.

do not cry like this. keep quiet.- come on. coming, brother.i was just consoling the groom. i am so sorry. i did not know that..- what is happening? i am really sorry. you.. sir, in last two days i haveseen so many death certificates that.. even in dreamsi see dead bodies. all deaths are registeredin police records. under such circumstancesit is not possible.. find a deathon which we can doubt.

i have checked each record. there is no mentionof maari in any case. no such murder took place, sir.letã­s close this matter here. stop, stop here. hasina baby, come out.look who has come to meet you? what drama are you doing? what is it?- are you mad? so partner,why has my share not reached me yet? those people cancelled their order.

hey, he cancelled the order. how dare he?let me go and set her groom right. there is no need to go there.- why is there no need? will we let him go anywhereelse after cancelling the order? they have not gone anywhere else.- then where have they gone? they cancelled the marriage.- why so? when you threatened him thenhe started crying like a child. and seeing this thatgirl refused to marry. divorce before marriage.

good. what was going to happen aftermarriage happened before marriage? hey, you should never get involvedin the matter of love and girl. nobody knows whenshe would ditch anyone. after hearing thisi am getting goose bumps. stop laughing. with great difficulty i hadarranged a loan for these materials. if i would have got this order.. ..then i would havebeen able to repay the loan. hey, repay the loan fromthe advance given by jewellery shop.

i gave that money back to them.- why? i will not earn money by wrong means. truthful woman. if you are going to runthe company in this way.. ..then we will notbe able to earn anything. i have lots of worry about your loan. i am leaving. bye. brother, look.- what happened? madam has started crying.

i swear on my motheri have not done anything. even i have not done anything. you should not havereturned the money. who have you taken loan from? father arranged thisloan with great difficulty. from some pappu panchi. hey, she has taken loanfrom some pappu panchi. very bad. canã­t do anything.- i am sorry we canã­t do anything. come on sit. come.

who are you all?- we have come to buy clothes. get a side. hey, come on start the work. come on put it in the car.- stop it that is my dress. come on hurry up. quickly remove it. sir, my father is not at home. no problem.i have not come here with a proposal. sir, please do not do all this.- we are not doing anything. we are just closing yourshop and opening our shop.

sir, i will repay your loan.let the business settle down. it is our honesty that we arejust touching the things of the shop. do you understand?- hey, we do not have the entire day. sir, please sir. i have put in a lot of effort.i request you. please. hey, look what is happening outside. break it nicely. come on break it. hey, what are you doing?- hey, break the rear one.

hey. maari, do you rememberwhat billu brother had said? pappu, we are doingwhat billu brother had said. you touched our propertyso we broke your property. same to same brother. this shop belongs to us also.what madam? you did not him about our partnership. hey, pappu i will not spare you.- hey, she had taken loan from us. donã­t interfere in this matter.- it is your mistake.

did you take permission frombrother before giving her the loan? you have just come for the repayment. calm down.- he is right. we did not know that it is his shop. hey, white shirt.donã­t try to act smart by coming here. billu brother hadasked us not to fight. so that is why wejust damaged your car. otherwise i would havehit you on your head. now go away from here.- hey.

lower the volume. bloody idiot. just because of a girlyou are starting enmity with us. even you take money from her.what about that? this girl belongs to our area. we may take money from heror break her shop it is our wish. go away from here with your men.understood. maari, the matter will not end here. okay, so it finishes now.- hey!

go now the picture is over. go, go. bloody idiot.- maari. thanks a lot. now you understood this protection. hey donã­t hold this pigeon together. keep seperate.- he told me keep together. are you going tosettle them in a family? what is the problem in looking at them?- hello. why have you come?

yesterday after youwent they had called. they were saying thatthey do not need money now. i could not believe.that is why i came here to say thanks. okay, okay go. till now i thought thatyou only trouble people here. you scare them. but now i know that peopleare safe because you are here. they are not scared of anything. you are not thatbad as i used to think.

you are right. absolutely right. i am worst than what you think. that..- donã­t smile on every matter. go away from here. hey, she is a girl so behave nicely. you are feeling pity on her. what is it? now she is saying thanks.. ..but tomorrow if we go and ask for ourshare and she refuses then will it do. tell me.

i will work for you. i will repay your moneywith whatever salary i will get. hey, have you gone mad? will you do job for aperson like me who is a goon. first set your dupatta right. you do business of sellingclothes so canã­t you wear it properly. people are right that youbehave respectfully with women. that is why i came here to thank you. she just cannot keep quiet.- maari, think from heart.

these pigeons are fed up of our faces. if she comes then allof them will start fluttering. hey, keep quiet. brother, he is right.she is a girl. keep her on work. because of her our sinswill also be washed away. what sin have we done? you must have sinned.go and do your work. this maari will notlet my line to be cleared. tell me one thing.

suddenly, why are youshowing so much interest in me? not suddenly. but i am interestedin you from the time.. ..i saw you flying pigeons. when you used to win the race thenhow lovingly you used to catch them. you looked very innocent.i just liked that. i saw the face thatyou hide from the world. that is why. i will come from tomorrow morning.bye.

brother, which faceof yours we have not seen. the one which i will show you now. brother maari, earlier i had a doubt.. ..but now it is confirmedthat the girl loves you. hey, she looks likea heroine and i am just.. even you are no less than a hero. that is there but ihave troubled her a lot. why will she get attracted to me? maari, try to understandthe depth of the situation.

if you want to woo a girl thenthe first step is to torture her. in the first step you torturedher so much that you passed. nowadays girls like roughand tough boys like us. she may not like us at first sight.. will do in the next meeting. hey, will the girlsee me for the second time. hey! suppose that girl likes me. so it is not compulsorythat i also like her. she is not of my type. let it go

really, this matter will not go ahead. brother, your pair is made in china. that is called madefor each other, stupid. hey, even you are matricfail and will teach me english. hey, only i can hit him. i am sorry brother.i think that girl is perfect for you. she is so beautiful like a mermaid. her mind and body is so beautiful. i love her so much..

..but even god isnot helping me maari. this dialogue is from which movie.- from om shanti om. but come to the point, brother. yes brother maari,people of the area stare at her. and leaving all of us she sees you. you are lucky. just give it a try. what confusion?am i a right person for her? yes, you are not. we know this thing butthat crazy girl does not know.

i think you will be beaten today. this is not happeningfor the first time. so many girls havespoiled their life.. getting involved with wrong men. you will become topper of that list. hey!- look brother. she might get a handsomehusband than me. but where will she find a man asbig hearted as you are, brother maari. he is saying the truth, brother.

today because of that girl you havefound a good opportunity to pull my leg. pull my leg as much as you want. how should i explain you? we are safe among men. we can do whatever we wish to.we feel totally happy and free. but as soon as the girl enters.. ..the fun is gone andeverything goes wrong. we cannot get along. it will perfectly match.maari. hasina.

hasina. maari. it will be a good pair.- stop talking nonsense. you meet that girland say i love you to her. what if anything goes wrong?- then it is maariã­s problem. hey, leave. should i specially tell it to you? whom is he telling? we.. yes, even you leave.go. even you leave. then what was thefun of getting us along?

hi. hey, it is the same last you wore it. it is fitting perfectly. do you know you are lookingvery handsome in this? hey, you have started liking me. so, even i have started liking you. first time i saw youi felt like slapping you. but after the way youtook care of my pigeons.. ..i love you. did i say something wrong?

this is said in english. i love you. i love you. i love you. i am so sorry. i thinkthere is some misunderstanding. i like you but notfrom that point of view. if i have given you somewrong hint then i am sorry. so you do not love me.okay fine. matter ends here. this is what i was telling bothof them but those fools confused me. and forced me to say this. so no problem.let us both do our own work.

wait, wait..- what? ..please do not understand me wrong. it is not that i donã­t like you. that means you like me. yes, i like you.- then i love you. come on letã­s sing a song. not like that.i like you the way we do to humans. obviously you will like humans as.. ..animals are not seenfrom that point of view.

but i hardly know anything about you. what do you do? how is your life? what do i do? how is my life? after getting up in themorning i spend time with pigeons. after that i go to mill ownerand do whatever work he asks me to do. in the evening i go outwith my friends and have fun. at night i drink andthen go off to sleep. i sleep soundly. and then..

this is my daily routine.- hey, i did not ask that. how do i explain it to him? you are nice man but you are a goon. so?- i should be scared of you. my parentsã­ will never givepermission for this marriage. then we will kill them.- what? no, no give me some time. i will think and then let you know.- there is no need to think. i think i am confusing you a lot.

i will leave.donã­t take so much tension. okay bye. what happened and what we had thought. faithless.. in your love.- faithless. what a pain? maari, something wrong. is your stomach upset?- that is fine.. ..but why that girl doesnã­t like you. hey, what do i know?- brother, did you say it correctly? hey, i told her by saying i love you,i love you. you should not have said it like this.- not this way?

i love you.. you should have spoken musically. why one thing has bedivided into three parts? they are three different words,brother. hey, that means i loveyou is not a single word. they are three words, brother.- isnã­t it one word? i am telling you that..- hey, you should have told me earlier. why didnã­t you tell me earlier? hey, did you call this girl here?

she wants to talk to you. you must have come to be my come and sit. come and sit here. you all is time for you all to go. come and sit here. sit.- come on letã­s go. here, drink this.- i donã­t drink. she will not drink local made. she must be drinkingin five star hotels. i wanted to talk somethingpersonal with you.

talk. i did not mean to saythat i donã­t like you. i had just asked for sometime so that i can know you better. what do you want to know? who are you?since when are you living this life? what do you mean byasking this kind of life? what do you mean by this kind?- i mean everyone is scared of you. even i am scared of you. hey, do you think i am a mean fellow?

i may be wicked but i am a man. i have never touched any lady.- i did not mean that. i have that much faith on you. but there must be some reason behind.. ..the fact that peopleare so scared of you. beating, murder.. murder? nothing like that. murder.. cannot call that murder. it was not murder butsomething like murder. you can call it a kind of murder. there was a gangsterby the name pandi. he was a big was impossible to reach him. one day out of angeri poked knife in him. come on.. but that time he did notdie so it was not a murder. but after two days he was killedand i was held responsible for that.

we cannot get along well.go home and think coolly. if it is okay it isokay otherwise good bye. whatever thinking hasto be done you have to do it. donã­t trouble me. go away from here. go. get out, get out.. what has happened.. hey policeman, why have youcome here early in the morning? we have arrest warrant for maari. hey, how can youarrest warrant for him?

keep quiet, he will listen.- do you think i am scared? donã­t shout otherwisei will shoot you. sir, officer has come toarrest you as he has arrest warrant. which officer? hey, wake me up as iam seeing a very bad dream. get up quickly.we have come to arrest you. arrest, for what? not murder but something like murder. you can call it a murder.

absolutely big was impossible to reach to him. one day out of angeri poked knife into him. so you insulted me by having doubt. this the way you do business. i cannot tolerate it more.i will go to the police. listen to donã­t get involved in this matter. donã­t teach me all that.i want to meet si and thatã­s it. what is the matter? nothing sir. it is a very petty case.

sir, i want to file a caseagainst maari for hooliganism. please write a fir. i am ready to be witness in the court. i value your courage. i would file your firbut he will easily escape. and after that hewill trouble you more. we will have to traphim in a bigger case. i will do as you say. after a lot of search..

..i have found a closedfile which was very interesting. a murder was attempted on pandi. the appearance and age ofthe murderer fit well on maari. but this is not enough. we need some solid proofto get maari punished. how can i help? how will you repay my money?- i will work for you. seeing him i feel likesaying something else. it is hangover, brother.

hold him, hold him..- be careful brother. have i ever got hangover? pick this up. because of that girl i have tosee the face of these gloomy people. it was an absolutely nice plan.very good. all my life i was a rowdy. i broke the limbs of peopleand also head of some people. but no one could harm me. but for the firsttime i fell in love..

..and they are putting me behind bars. this is called luck. fall in love, maari.tell her that you love her. say i love you to her. and now i am finished. now what are you looking whatever you came here to do. i agree that the plan was hisbut how did the girl agree easily. the world has gone quite ahead buthow could we be left behind. - sir.. hey, wait.

are my hair fine?- comb them a little. which side?- left, left.. okay?- perfect. hey, why are you bursting crackers? is someone gettingmarried in the colony? it is not anyoneã­s marriage.. ..but the entire colonyis celebrating on your arrest. so much celebration donot take place during ganesha.. ..immersion as much itis happening on my arrest.

so, you have torn this also. hey, manage business wellnow that i am not there. understood. and if a girl says i loveyou then take a u turn and leave. what will i do if you go? i will miss you somuch so what will i do. now you say.- we do not have anyone except you. i am not seems to be over acting. your brother-in-law staysin madurai so visit him for few days. so you have won, sir.

you took help of a womanbut a victory is a victory. the first time when youcame to our area without.. ..permission i shouldhave kept an eye on you. where is that cheater girl? she must be enjoyingseeing me like this. madam, i have to believethat you are top class actor. by your sweet talks you destroyed me. he really insulted me.- and did not give cello tape. come on sit in the car.

i just make a statementwith love only once. hey, this is my dialogue. you say it. your goodtime is going on so you say it. say it. be happy all of you. till i come back. isnã­t there ac here? after six months. hey, brother has come.look maari has come.

hey, how are you all?are you fine, uncle? were you eating doublewhile missing me? you have become so fat. are you fine?- yes brother. and other matters? you are looking slim, brother. was i fat like you?- letã­s drink tea. buntya, four cups of tea with cream.- so uncle, what is new? is everyone livingpeacefully in our area?

no brother. after you leftthe condition has become worst. why? what happened? because brother billuwas also put behind bars. what are you saying? we were feeling verybored after you went to jail. that is why we bothhad gone out for some days. when we came back themap of the area had changed. then i understood that he wasnot making target without any reason. that was his plan.- brother..

stupid, idiot, they arrestedmaari and you are telling me now. were you sleeping afterdrinking at that time? hey, take the car out.we will have to release him from jail. sir, the case of smugglinghas been filed against you. sir, is the allegationput on you true? we have got information that illegal.. of redsandalwood is going on here. they are officersof revenue department. and they have comewith a search warrant.

hey, do you knowwhom are you talking to? keep people are standing in front. how did the media comebefore the search is complete? i donã­t know sir. maybe someone hasleaked the information. sir, start the search. after seeing thearrest of billu on tv.. ..his men and ministersturned away from him. no one came ahead for his bail.

take him. just because the hooliganismof the area was finished. arjunã­s position andrespect was on a high. everyone was happy. people had started respectingarjun a lot, brother. one night arjun came in the area. he had made some plan. you must have seen news ofarrest of smugglers of red sandalwood. forest department has takena decision to legally sell that wood.

they need many workers for this work. i felt this is agood opportunity for.. ..unemployed people ofthis area to get employment. those who are willing towork can get their names written. arjun sir is saying for our benefit. come on get your names written. the work has come to you,so go and get your name written. why are you standing?go and get your name written. come on, letã­s get our names written.- leave it.

i do not have faith on policemen. there are two types of woods here. red sandalwood and normal teakwood. you have to fill each truck withsome red sandalwood and some teakwood. this is your job. people worked here day andnight without asking any questions. for 3-4 days thiswent on continuously. but one day arjun didnot reach the godown.. ..and that night some governmentofficial raided the godown.

seal the entire areaand confiscate the material. arrest all of themand no one should escape. sir, government work is going on here. i know very well what government.. is going onin the middle of the night. sir, there is some misunderstanding. you can ask inspector arjun. he has put us on work. as soon as we came to knowabout the godown we went to him.

he has given permission of the raid.come on now. take them all. you get to work. go inside. vegetable is not good. why is he coming running?- hey wait. why are you running? police raided the godown where..- yes. of red sandalwoodwas going on and arrested everyone. arjun sir had given that work.did you talk to him?

i am coming from police station. there i came to knowthat he has gone on leave. from that day not only the attitude ofsi changed but also of pappu panchi. hey, listen to me carefully. from today every shop ofthis market is under pappu bhai. everyoneã­s weekly paymentshould reach us regularly. otherwise you willnot be able to work here. maari has gone so nowyou want weekly payment. nobody here gives bribe anymore!

do you have any idea whatwill happen if arjun sir finds out? you are correct! if arjun finds out,he won't spare anyone! hey, does anyone else have any doubts? nobody will take maari'sname in this area after today! whatever i say willbe the law from now on! and that day i found out.. ..that arjun and pappupanchi had come together. sir, you said thiswas a government job..

..but the police saysyou're smuggling things. yes madam.i sent them to smuggle things. pappu and i planned all of this. if i told everyone about it beforehand,would you have agreed to it? we were doing it for the first time,somebody leaked this information. and that is why there was a raid. sir if you speak as their witnessand tell the court they are innocent.. ..they can be bailed out sooner. why not? they'll getbail and i'll end up in jail!

go away from here. -sir. i helped you becausei thought you were a good man. how can you get influencedby them and do this? i didn't come under their influence! this was all planned by me! do you know why we putvelu and maari into jail? so that we could take their places! and i told you to reopenmaari's case for only this reason. you are no longer usefulto us since maari is in jail now.

now stop asking stupidquestions and go away! no, i won't sit quietly! what will you do? what will you do? sir this is wrong! arnold, make them go away! sir! - didn't you hear me? we should help them,they have no other way out. arnold, do as i say!kick them out of here! they had been planningto kick you and velu..

..out of this area, maari. so that they could controlthe smuggling of sandalwood! and to become the king of this area! the role of handling the pigeonraces is with pappu panchi now. there is no place for sincerityand kindness anymore over there. now everything happens accordingto their convenience now. a lot of bird lovers have startedstaying away from such contests. brother velu sent a messagefor you after finding out.. ..that you were out of jail.

he wants you to leave thisarea so that you can stay safe. ok. - so we should leave this area? what else can we do? if brother velu wants this,who are we to argue with him? bring in all my pigeons from there. and all my things as well! hey punching bag didn't you hear him? go and get everything ready,i will send in a tempo. where are they going with alltheir things? - let's go ask them.

robert, where are you going? maari is out of jail, right?where is he now? can't you see,we are going away from here! maari won't come back either,are you happy now? we have to leavebecause of your greed! hey robert, we are tensed as well. this was had to happen,go on and trust the police now! we will carry out ourbusiness someplace else. your shops will shut down,just wait and watch.

let's go. hey, look at them.where are they running away? hey scared crow goand call your maari! how will he come out? he canno longer show his face to anyone. you betrayed maari.. didn't win any olympic medal!now go away! hey, you think you're me what you can do! don't hit me. - hit him! he thinks he is tough!

stay away from me! maari used to beat you up every day! and you used to get beat up quietly.- yes, hit him! today i'll beat you upand you'll get beat up quietly. let it go, he's going away. get to one side. hit him. - don't touch me. if maari finds out,he'll beat up everyone. "maari.."

let's go. - now that maari is here,you're running away. i am telling you, don't touch me! you thought too much of yourself,didn't you! what happened? lost all the attitude? go straight to thepolice and tell them.. ..maari will stay here now! he may have control over this area.. ..but maari is always out of control. only i have the right to beat him up.

if anyone goes against me.. ..i will kill them. are you here to meet maari? he's not here.go away from here. go away! we will leave onlyafter meeting maari. nobody respects me!- maari! we have been in a lotof trouble since you left. that policeman arrestedour men in a fake case. he also increasedthe bribe by three times.

what will one do?- we will die out of starvation. we were scared for so long.. ..we are finally strongernow that you are back. do you remember.. were the ones whocelebrated the most on my arrest! and this one took offhis pants and started dancing. you wanted to trust the policemen,didn't you? now suffer! now go away from here. - go away.

go away! come on, come on! do you even have a brain?he was leaving peacefully. you screwed with himand made him stay over here. how does it botherus even if he stays? we will get rid of him atthe right time in the right place. go and see if thosepigeons are alright or not. i will take a look at theyounger pigeon in the morning. ok brother. - we'll starttraining them from tomorrow.

we hardly have any time left. hey, are you here to betray us again? i came to apologise to maari. i'm sorry. i did what i felt wasright in that situation. i thought it was your fault. if i knew the truth,i would've never done this. i never knew so much would happen. i know you must be hurt.

you must have felt bad,but the situation was such. so i'm really sorry. maari, don't get fooled. i am saying sorry to you.. ..if you don't want toforgive me at least be mad at me. ok i forgive you. now go. come on, you're forgiven,you heard him, right. we are anyways unable toget drunk, now go away. do you know why maariattacked that man?

because that mankilled maari's pigeon! you place your handon your heart and tell us.. ..should we have spared that man? maari shouldn't have been mad at him? why do you pesterthe villagers so much? can't you be as kind with humansas you are towards the pigeons? why should we be kind? for what? did they do the rightthing with maari? when maari was a child,why weren't they kind to him then?

they didn't show any kindnesswhen we had nowhere to go. he did everything on his own. only these pigeons had his back then. they were his companions. maari would've died ifit wasn't for these pigeons. maari always tells us.. ..we can trust the pigeonsbut we can never trust human beings. and you proved him right. i did what i feltwas right at that time.

you shouldn't be talkingabout right or wrong. i agree we aren't good people,but we never betrayed anyone. what do you think, we'll forgeteverything if you ask for forgiveness? listen to me, maari hates you.. ..after what you did to him. don't show us your face. don't talk to her, come on now. and now she wants to apologise! what happened to you now?

either tell me your problemor go away from here. i had to pay my school feesright after you went to jail.. ..and we couldn't pay it. that's when the school staff told me.. ..that you used to pay my school fees. i didn't pay for your fees. don't you lie,you used to pay for my school fees. don't you worry, i won't tell anyone. are you mad?i told you i didn't do it.

i don't care if you go toschool or not. now go away from here! that policeman put you intojail for a false case, right? he hit you a lot, right? it must've hurt. poor man! it didn't hurt that much, now go away. i was talking aboutthe inspector, not you. he won't surviveif you caught him once. go and sleep now.

you're stubborn! the competition will start next week. our pigeons are absolutely ready! after that our nexttarget will be arjun! my hands have anywaysbeen itching for a long time. it must be an allergy. - shut up! we have to teach arjunand pappu panchi a lesson. he's a policeman,we can't do anything in a hurry. let's calm down and thinkof something. - oh intelligent!

there is nothing to do,i get bore all day. i want to do a job! god did he lose hisbrains after going to jail? what will you do?you can't even read or write! remember we used to breakpeople's bones earlier? we used to get people to leavetheir houses and collect bribes. that's not called a job! right since i've been back from jail.. ..i've been noticingthat you're talking a lot.

no brother. - but tell uswhat do you exactly want to do? i'll do any job! - any? i just said any! then i can get you a job ofa painter at murgan painter's shop. painting is the job of an artist,not mine. beating up people isalso a form of painting. there is a difference between the two,why don't you understand that? there is a mechanic in my area, manny. should we make him go awayand open our garage in that area?

making him run away isn't a big deal.. ..but if we have any doubts,how will we call him back? you're saying no for every job! hey, you're telling me aboutonly those jobs that i can't do! do you remember sister rani? we had picked up her autobecause she couldn't pay us. we still have that auto.- hey, that's a good idea. so we'll dismantle the auto andsell the parts in the market? - no! we'll drive that auto!

talking won't take that auto anywhere,we'll have to actually drive it. come here, near me. i can hear from there.- no, come here, come and sit. sit down. - brother. sit down. what were you saying? i meant the auto.- speak up, a little louder! that auto.. - no i mean. is it? okay. i will drive the autofrom tomorrow onwards.

all the best for your job! hey, sit inside. what will we do?- i told you to sit inside. sit inside! you come as well! now what this new drama all about? brother! - brother! brother there's an aunty in front.please be careful! hey listen, do you wantto go in an auto. - yes, no!

where will you go?- i'm going to the bombay central. you can't go to bombaycentral by an auto? no, no, i'll go by the bus. - come on! no, no! - what willyou do if you go by bus? no! come on inside. we have reached. come on, pay the rent! what are you counting?i'll see for myself.

i had to buy underwear,at least leave some money with me. take his wallet as well. come on leave. ã± brother stop! what are you doing here eating food,come on we'll get you some fresh air. come on, sit down uncle. do you want an auto?- are you selling one or what? oh come on sit. - i have a bike sir. come on, sit inside. hey. - put me down.

come on sit here. - please let me go. brother wait, wait! sit in that auto.- what are you doing? my vegetable fell down! drive brother drive! maari they refused to enter our names. you go and talk to them. the last date to enter is gone maari. sir told us not totake anymore entries.

we could enter after the last datebefore as well, call and ask muthuji he isn't the president anymore. you'll have to take permission fromthe new president for a late entry. he's here, you can talk to him. he is the president! maari, you're here to enter you name! last day has gone,you should've come earlier. sorry i forgot you were in jail. one minute, manager what can we do?

we can't do anything. if he requests you,only then something can happen, sir. that's correct.tell him to request me. we have to requestthat to pappu panchi. we'll try next year maari! what happened? you're scared? oh you'll lose it and you won'tbe able to do anything about it. don't forget this areais under my control now. how does that make any difference?

pappu you're using yourpigeons in the race right? yes! ok, ok! why are you laughing so much? no, no, nothing, you do your work. hey, what are you laughing at? do you see that board? i've been winningfor the past 13 years. now that i'm not thereyou can try. come on!

what do you think,your pigeons will beat my pigeons? if you have any doubts,let us enter, you can confirm. i'll give you a chance this time.consider it gift. manager, enter their names! brother, don't talk tohim - i will see how he wins. i'm giving you a chance,you can win this year! you'll lose this time.come one let's go! does he even have a brain? i don't know. you heard the president,enter our names.

we stopped maari from enteringthe race so that you can win. he knew if he made fun of you,you'd get stuck in his trap! and you'll let him enter,and that's what happened. don't take any tension,when it comes to training.. ..his pigeons are3 months behind mine. and neither does he have any money forthe medicines and food for his pigeons. we have imported the pigeons aswell as their medicines from abroad. and they are being trained well. we will win this year.

you've been trying for the past4 years, why didn't you win till now? you'll win only when youunderstand the enemy's strengths. you never used you brain when it comesto the game, or else you would've won! he may have startedtraining them late.. ..and made them drink only tap water.. ..even then his pigeonswill win because he is maari! that is why i told younot to give him an entry! what do you know about pigeons? remember one thing.. the race comescloser you'll turn nervous.. ..and then youã­ll come to me.wait and watch! give them food but don'tstare at them after that! they won't be able to digest the food. maari, did theyannounce the trial date? our pigeons are getting ready.what happened? hey, why are you hitting him? he told me not to comebut i came in anyways. you do help others withouttelling anyone right?

just like kavita,you were paying her fees.. ..without telling anyone. whose fees? that loudspeaker, kavita? he didn't tell us. - go away! you don't want the worldto see your good side. i misunderstood you in the beginning. i finally got to knowabout your good side. you are a good hearted person. you can't get rid of me,that's for sure.

no matter how many times you say no,i'll always be there to help you. you already helped me a lot. what do you want to achieveout of following a gangster like me? you seem very proud to be a gangster? it's better to be called agangster than to be called a betrayer! hey, you go and start collectingthe bribes. -yes brother. hey, don't miss out any shop. -yes. come on, fast.-you take forever to bring it. make it fast, give up everything.

greetings brother!- take out the bribe! come on go. laugh at times! did all the auto driversgive the money? - everyone did. there is a new auto driver. he started driving an auto now! did he give the money?- he refused to pay up. he refused and you agreed. hey, take out the money. give us our bribe like agood man or else we have our ways.

you go away. hey, go! you're going to pick it up? you won't be able touse that hand after that. bloody idiot! how much uncle? let it be maari, its ok. - ok? "maari!" what is this? you got scared of a man?

you should have beatenhim up right then and there. how will he know anything?we were the ones who were beaten up. what did you say?- nothing, sir, nothing. let it go this time, doesn'tmatter if we lose out on a bribe. what do you think,why do we collect bribe from people? that money isn't a huge sum for us.. ..we take small amountsfrom those poor people because.. helps us havea control over them. if even a single one of them refusesto pay up they will stop fearing us.

and that should not happen,we will take care of this tomorrow. hey, this chain used tobe heavier before i went to jail. how come it's so light? shanivaar had all the chains.- did he mess up or something? he likes food not gold! are we anything less than pure gold? brother maari, the policeman. so it's true,maari drives an auto now. i thought this area's gangsterafter being realised from jail..

..would go back to hisold ways and collect bribes. but he ended up changing his line. maari i heard you refusedto pay the bribe to pappu. you were going to run away fromhere right? that would've been better. you have absolutely no respect left,put that in your brain! if i have no respect left, thenwhy are you here for those people? are you working for them? seems like the old maari, issomewhere deep down this auto driver. why? - he should die.

drop that cigarette. i told you to drop the cigarette. brother maari.why are you hitting him? stop maari, he's a policeman.we'll get into a lot of trouble. sir we don't want a fight, let it go. why should i let it go?i am here to fight. sir, why are you hitting him?let him go. sir we're telling you to let him go. sir, don't hit him.

don't hit him. sir let him go. it's enough, sir. let him go sir. move it. - no sir! sir! - stop it, that's enough. i am the new boss over here,understood? take your pigeons and go away. or else stay quiet like a little dog.

whenever i feel like it,i'll come and beat you up. from today onwardsyou're my punching bag. give me a cigarette. the thing is.. ..if a mosquito bites a sleeping man,he doesn't become a hero. if it bites a man who is up,he'll be squished to death. i'll wait for that day. how can he just hit anyonejust because he came in a uniform? he should come withouthis uniform once.

we won't sit quietly now maari. now we need to dosomething or the other. we need to get brothervelu out of the jail. this man won't let him come out. you have to meet brother.- come on walk. i don't know anythingabout this maari. i helped him but i hadno clue he was a bad man. if i did i wouldn'thave helped him. - hey! i need all the informationrelated to him.

and i know you know everything. now speak up! if i say anything, i'll be fired. if you don't speak up now,we'll kill you. - will that do? i don't know the pathhis trucks take but i do know.. avoid the checksat the tolls he used big cars.. ..instead of trucks. and takes them from some other route! hey, looks like these menare from the customs, we are screwed.

sir, we got it sir. -what did you say? it means we got the things. -open up! jackpot. - what do you mean? we got it! give me clap. hello. - sir the pressis here at the police station. did you call them?- what did you say? press? who gave you this news? as you can see!- does this case involve any minister?

not yet. - what doesthe government say about this? we will take strict action. look our sir is here,go and talk to him. take his photo. he did a big thing. and he still isn't taking any credit. thank you once again arjun sir.- welcome. our department is thankful to you. please keep on doing such stunts.

he loves doing such things.- keep up the good work. hey, what is all this? sir why are you joking with me? you did a good job. - what did i do? these sandalwood sticks werehere when i came in the morning. and the smugglers were in the lockup. i understood you did this. that's why i calledin the revenue department. are you mad?- it will get recorded sir.

listen, i didn't do this.somebody else did. there must be some reasonfor such a big success. something seems off. - yes! he had such a perfect timingfor catching these smugglers. i had my doubts on him, what if he..- no, no! he is very sincere. - really? you're wondering howcome your warehouse.. ..consignment reachedthe police station. you don't have as muchcontrol as you think you do.

i have nothing to do with this case. i rpomise we won't spare anyone. we didn't just getyour sticks caught.. ..we also slapped yourmen and made them confess. he is ready to speak upin front of the revenue officer. imagine what will happento you if he speaks up! if you let us we'll get thepress to listen to your speech. this is the same mosquitothat was biting me when i was asleep. yes it's him.- what did i say that day?

if he bites someone who's awake,he'll be squished to death. did the soul fly away?- with the uniform! what do you want? brother velu's bail! how can that happen?there is solid proof against him. what is this officer? do we needto teach you how to do things now? put any of your men inside. or else we do havesolid proof as well. hey punching bag. - present sir.

i was just checking. somebody interview him,he did such a big thing. he cleaned up the whole area! hey! hey! come to him one by one. everyone will getan interview and a photo. keep me in your prayers, officer. come on move.- take his interview properly! you'll let velu go? don't commit such a mistake.

you were his enemybut i was his right hand. but i still betrayed him. my name would make his blood boil. that's not all sir. if velu comes out,maari will be unstoppable. what do you want?i should go to jail for you? what can i do if yourman got caught red handed? i gave you one delivery job. and you messed that up as well.look what happened.

think of something fast, if somethinghappens all of us will be in trouble. there is only one way out,velu's bail. after going to jail, thepoliticians stopped supporting him. even if he comes out.. ..he won't be able to do anythingagainst a policeman, we'll handle him. you're a policeman you'll survive,what if he target's us? that's your problem. but sir, what will happen to us? your driver got caught.

i could've put youin trouble and left. be thankful i didn't do so. don't commit the same mistake twice;i won't be able to do anything then. look how his attitude changed. he threatened us and went off. we'll have to keep an eye on him. move, move! did you get the garland? here take the flower one.

brother move aside. brother velu, welcome, come, come. this is good. father! - son! even after telling younot to go there you still did. are you ok?- yes nothing happened to me father. how did you get out of the jail? first the police released velu.. ..then inspector arjun said weall were innocent and let us all go.

we would've never comeout if it wasn't for maari. when i got the news of your bail.. ..i knew then thatyou'd get me out of there. but you wasted such strong evidence. you came out of there,what more do we want? if we go and complaint tothe revenue department about them.. ..they can will get into trouble.we can't spare them this easy. you think i'll spare the personwho put you behind bars this easily? i'll give him a special treatment.

let go of it brother,its diwali tomorrow. and you're also out of the jail.. ..we'll show themwhat real diwali is like! brother stop, stop! get out fast! brother, wait one minute! one, two, three, four!one, two, one, stop! oh one, two, one, two, one! why are you coming in between,come on!

where have you been? you should spin with me. come on.- letã­s go. come here. come on, spin now! hey, you!- how about some more? hey, you bald guy!where are you headed? look, they are up withtheir hooliganism again. donã­t talk rubbish. weã­reout of jail only because of them. get your hair shaved.

get out.- go.. go on! thank you. we could getout of jail because of you. really? stupid old man!- we didnã­t have them released.. ..but mr. vellu. these people got out along with him. come on, get out of here! get out!- get lost! i brought them to their true position.- hell. how are you, sir? - iã­m fine.

everything cool?- absolutely. thatã­s more like it! heã­s back to make our lives miserable. get to work, everyone! junior, you should start from there. he got scared.- listen to me. drive them away. - give us our bit. itã­s the holiday season.- it is for me too, isnã­t it? come on, give us the money.

hey, should i come there? sir, please give me the money.i need to go home. maari, give me the money, please. poor guy! gentlemen, you should pay up too. what are you waiting for?get out of here.. ..else, i will burst the next fire-cracker right under your ã«dhotiã­. letã­s go. come on. get in the car. maari, letã­s leave.

take only the amountthat we usually do.. ..give them the rest of it back. happy diwali.- thank you! i love you all! what is the update onthe training of our pigeons? we sent 50 out for training,but only 20 returned. what about maariã­s pigeons? there were 30 andall of them returned. what!

whatã­s so funny? do you remember whati said the other day. the closer the day of the race gets,the more youã­ll need me. how can you help us in this? what if there are no pigeons left?- donã­t even think about it. forget it.this race is a very serious matter. keep an eye on him. makesure he doesnã­t do anything stupid. mr. arjun, you have done a lot for us,but please stop now. who says i did this for you?

i wanted to hurt him. i want him to suffer. donã­t do anything without asking mr.pappu, sir. i have done what i had to. hey, who is that? maari, 10 of our pigeons got burnt. when the fire erupted,none of us were here. haseena risked her lifeto save the other pigeons. god knows what would havehappened had she not been there.

while saving these pigeons,she burnt her hands too. everything wouldã­vebeen over if not for her. all our pigeons wouldhave burnt down to ashes. maari, pigeons neverreturn to a burnt cage. they fear it. our pigeons will never return too. maari, donã­t take me wrong.. ..but we must leave this place. there is nothing left for us here.

why should we live here in suffering? mr. vellu is back andhe will handle everything. this battle will never end.they could have attacked us. why did they have toattack those innocent pigeons? i know you wonã­t listen to me,but i cannot see you upset. let us get out of here. hey, you. bring the carout and put the luggage in it. i said, go on! shani look there.

you said that pigeons neverreturn to burnt cages, right? then why did this one return? because these pigeonsconsider this as home.. ..but you guys clearly donã­t. this is our home. i told you to stay outof this matter, didnã­t i? if they find out thati caused that fire.. ..i will be banned fromthe pigeon race forever. what difference does it make?

are you out of your mind? i knew you would put us in trouble.- hey! stop shouting! you are at this positiononly because of me. what is so important about this race? youã­re making a mountainout of a molehill. you wonã­t understand. this tradition.. ..has been going onsince ancestral times. are you going tofollow his orders now? donã­t hit me. donã­t try to act smart.

mr. arjun is theone who is helping you. oh! so, now you are supporting him!you fool! you have caused me a huge loss. you have taken a huge riskby doing that to maariã­s pigeons. what risk? what can he do? he was just waitingfor an opportunity.. ..and you have given him one. he can attack at any time. iã­m not at fault in this, maari.

donã­t hit him, maari. i was silent consideringyouã­re a policeman. but because you killed my pigeons.. ..i took a vow to kill you and hence,i came here. maari, forgive me. maari, hear me out for just a minute. stop, maari. stop, maari. listen to me. i told the policeman not to do this,but he didnã­t listen.

iã­m not responsiblefor burning those cages. for all the misdeedshe has ever done.. ..iã­m willing to testify against them. hey! i donã­t even trust angels.. how do you expectme to trust the devil? did you say youã­ll testify?you want to send me to prison? i will kill him and prove in court.. ..that you killed him to seek revenge. what have you done, you scoundrel?

i asked you not to trust him! get up. letã­s go.come on. easy! careful. surround them from all sides. come on! hey.. hey, what are you doing?take him. hold him. sir, are you alright? how dare you hit him! say that again what you normally say.. ..that youã­ll chop me into pieces. i have given you a fitting response.

now you will rot in prison forever. what are you doing?this guy has helped us instead. he is the culprit. get him. hey, why are you taking me? leave me.- sir.. why are you arresting me? stop your act!we have a witness against you. one of my men is inthe revenue department. i will get the powerthat i lost, back. i just need a witness..

..who could unveil thesecrets of arjunã­s misdeeds.. ..before the police and court. sir, if you and mr. maari are by me.. ..iã­m ready to testify in court. hey, what did you say?a fitting response? that was a great was really nice. and listen up.donã­t even try to come out of prison. stay in there. youã­ll be safe there. ã«the revenue departmenthas arrested arjun..ã­

ã«..accusing him of involvementin laalchandanã­s smuggling.ã­ i just canã­t decide whetheryouã­re a good guy or a bad guy. what is there to decide?iã­m a bad guy. good people can turn bad in a second.. ..whereas the one wholook good but are truly bad.. ..are the ones to watch out for. but the people who saythat they are bad people.. ..but they are actuallygood at heart.. ..thatã­s whom one should love.

youã­re one of those. what do you mean? i mean, i had told you thati would like to know you better. now that i know you..iã­ll be very honest with you. i feel that iã­m in love with you. oh! no, maã­am. to heck with love. i donã­t know anything about love. i have my pigeons, my friends..

..and the villagers to trouble me. iã­m a very happy and jolly guy. there is one thing we can do.we can be friends, if you want. okay? bye. take a picture of us.just the two of us. you may keep this down.- put this on him. maari!- sir. this area is so calm after arjun left. to be honest,maari, the joy that we feel..

..roaming about withoutany protection.. quite evidenton everyoneã­s faces. we cannot thank you enough, maari.. ..for this joy that you have given us. heã­s trying to persuade him. the losses that i incurredwhile i was in prison.. ..the expenses for havingyou all released from jail.. ..and the protection moneythat you havenã­t paid all this time.. ..along with servicetax and cleanliness tax..

how much does that add up to be?- rs. 7 lakhs. you need to pay rs. 7 lakhs! if you donã­t pay me this amount.. ..i know how to get it from you.- what is he saying? hail the pigeons!- thatã­s how he is. yet another joke by maari!- and now his time is done. iã­m talking about something serious.. ..and you think itã­s a joke? transfer the entire amountin my account in a month..

..or i will not spare you.get out now. so, will you becomea hooligan again, maari? hey! was i ever a good man? i have always been ahooligan and i will always be.